I dreamed of Genie

By Awfulplatypus

May 16, 2019

34 days ago

Once upon a time i used to play virtual  pinball on my Sony PSP since i coundlt afford a real one or have the place to havea real one...(being in the army and all)

one of thoses vitual games was Genie from Gotlieb... also in the crew was Tee'd Off...

the small screen was perfect for an airplane but not the best...nut hey its better then nothing...

Fast forward few years down the road of life, move up from the PSP to the mighty PS3 and the early flat screen...better yet not quite the real thing

at that time i used to play some serious comp with my daughter in law..She said to me one day "hey it would be soo cool if we could play Genie on a real machine"

And in my Child refusing to grow up mind i started to wonder....how are the difference between the the virtual game and the real one..are the physics that good or totally off? and of course how awsome it would be to go from virtual to the real thing...

.Ahhhh 9 long years I dreamed of that smooth velvety sound of Genie...each time one came for sale i was either too broke or to far to be able to do anyhting about it...until this spring...after buying the package for the PS4 pro this time, Genie came back in my life ...this time i was able to pull the trigger, wheeled and dealed, beg my best friend to meet some person in a parking lot of some wallmart on the side of the hwy2 in alberta, poor man as beeing doing my bidding for few weeks now as i went on a shopping of pins( one more ...just one more and thats it) but he manage to fetch Genie, now i have to go meet her in the far west of Canada in order to bring heer home on the east coast... the journey is not quite over yet....once setup cleaned looked over probed poke cleaned and admired, maybe one day my daughter in law will visit my old bones and we will be able to play the REAL THING toghether...

thats is my Genie Story...

to be continued...

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