Genie is Home Finnaly

By Awfulplatypus

February 16, 2020

49 days ago

9 months ago  I published the tell of Genie and how it was an endeavour to find one and bring it home....Well i did went across the contry and pick it was a 7000km journey when all was said and done, lots of pins have brought up at the same time, Genie, Mata Hari, Fun Fest, Playboy 35th Anniversary, and Future Spa.

3 weeks of bad weather, truck breakdown and all sort of fun when you move from one coast to the next...but we all made it almost intact...

since november, i have been working like a mad man trying to fit 8 pins and 2 arcade game and a repair shop in our spare bedroom, meanwhile trying to keep the peace between my very understanding Spouse and my addiction...i included some pics so you can have an idea of what you might be facing if you let go of all break into your life and go for the passion...i did...many things i do know now i would done differently but hey live and learn right?

now my focus is to get all of them in a playable far its been a chalenge, the travel as been rough on the pins and me(by extension)..but we are getting there....Mata Hari has all the Chimes working and is 99.5% (few lights out), Fututre Spa is 99.9% working( one pesky light socket), Playboy still ned a go over and has a broken slingshot blade switch, sound is wierd and so on...Fun Fest need the most love so far...the score motor doesnt stop reseting itself..

and then there is GENIE.....ahhh the crown Jewel....its called Genie cos there is one living in it...if you rub the wrong way something else will break for you...

its started with the display not working at all... ok lets rebuild the power supply board...good display new thing ( about 2 days later ) the Coil for the drop target bank lock on solid....hummm burnt fuse ok lets see...ahhh yes the solenoid board wanted some TLC...ok rebuild it is then and ground mods too for everyone...back in business right ...ahahahah nooope! now the sound board develop a serious ground loop issue...well guess what might as well recap it and see if we can fix that too...(NOTE : do not reverse polarity on a caps)..yup i did like an idiot i didnt double check before power it nasty stuff happened...try few trick nope its a dead sound board now...GRRRRR!!! so i resolved myself to reach out to Flipp and got a sound board for the Genie...maybe it would be light, got display, got sound, got solenoid....all should be good now ....bahhahahah noooot! few rubber  band broke couple of GI just stop working all togheter in a cluster( thansk to a shorted wire)...

so here i go ordered a rubber kit for Genie....thats where im at with it now...the Genie is witty, but im stuborn ...i am in the process of building a lisys-1 board, cos you know the only thing that has not moved yet is the in order to be ready building the spare board.. that as been my life for the last 3 months..

i am getting there slowly...where is there i am not too sure anymore, Pretty baby still new a full overhaul and The Phantom of the opera is patienly awaiting a new CPR playfield.....and there is Tee'd off that has been very gracious and given me the less grief of them all...

i ajoined few pics so you can understand my journey...hope you enjoy...once again i will update upon new progress..hopefully not in 6 months

Story photos

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