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8 years ago
I played Pro.

ART is a 10 on the playfield translite and plastics.
Playfield layout is a 9.5
Music integrated very well. You want to hear a new song? Just start a MB or a mode!
Replay value 9.5.
Rules 9.5 STACKING, HURRY UPS, COMBOS, 4 MB. LYMAN rocks at rules.

Its fast and VERY addictive even with early code. So much to shoot for! Serious decisions. The playfield was more open then I expected which is a good thing. (Similar to AFM but not as open as AFM).

THE RIGHT RAMP IS EASILY backhandable. Much like ACDCs right ramp. The left ramp was surprisingly easy to hit also. Its in the sweet spot of the right flipper.

Loved shooting off the tip of the flipper for the Mystery/EB scoop and Fuel. The flipper layout is VERY forgiving for hack players like me. The scoop and fuel help stop the side to side drains. Shots were very satisfying.

The upper playfield is balanced between challenging shots and easy. This pin will appeal to novices and sharp shooters.

I like the Snake and Sparky callouts more then I expected. Had me laughing a bit. I wanted to FRY Sparky and the snake even more. They should tone down the Mother F... er bombs for the kids.

Minor negatives.
- Pro NEEDs LEDs in the inserts.
- The orbit up post code seems incomplete. Would rollback the way it came.
- I dont have one!

Good job Stern and Metallica design team. \m/
9 years ago
The most addicting and ball machine I have ever known. Great speed, combos, flow and I love the Canon. A home run Stern.
9 years ago
Great game with long ball times and deep rules. Love the Ring shot. Destroying the Ring mode is freakin awesome.
9 years ago
I got mine 2 weeks ago. I rate it a 9.4 for addictive fast, fun, heartpumping game play. Love the SR flow! So addictive. Rules were deeper then i expected. 12 modes and high scores. Ball control, Combos and bumping are key to this game. It's forced me to be a better player. None of my other pins interest me anymore! If your getting bored with your collection. Get one. It a good value too. Plays nothing like T2.

Avoid the middle shots ie. bell and tnt targets unless multi ball or ballsave on. Come on come on come on!! Fire the canon!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5yzumeqyUo My video.
9 years ago
This is AFM on steroids. Love it. Very deep and great build quality.
10 years ago
One of the best pins i ever played. Great playfield design. Has spinning disk like Whirlwind. Rude character like Funhouse. 3 flippers with flow shot like sttng. And the greatest shot in pinball. Hole in one rocks! Good build quality also.
10 years ago
Of all my machines i choose this one first everyday. Great theme everyone relates too. I have a Marilyn! Yo taxi. Also very easy to work on.
10 years ago
Love the missions. Love the wide body. Love cannons. Loads of features, adjustments, power saver I can go on on... Music 10. Flow 9. Does require regular maintenance on optos.