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1 year ago
I was lucky enough to get the LE. There are only two negative things I can say about this game ...

(1) they could of done so much better on the cabinet art - so many cool Eddie art throughout the years and this is what they come up with! since when did you see two Eddie's in the same vehicle / plane? I am shocked maiden approved the art, but it is what it is. I will say looks much better in person then the pics, so glad about that.

(2) the toys are very lame in the game. again stern thinks they put four flippers and now, wait, we need to cut back on toys to make 200% profit. If I wasn't such a die hard maiden fan and this is a dream theme for me then I would of just got a pro. The extra money is not worth getting the LE or even premium. Stern will just make a vault in 2 years or a spin off like "number of the beast" edition :-)

Now for the positives ...

- Awesome playfield layout: finally something a bit different then standard fan layout!
- Music is great of course: I would of picked a few different songs, but I guess they were looking at non-metal folks playing this game.
- Animations are very well done in my opinion. I am actually surprised at some who complain about the animations in this game, including SDTM guys. Really?? I am actually amazed at how they made Eddie come alive - great job IMO. It beats the annoying animations in Aerosmith or the lame movie clips from GOTG and Star Wars. If I wanted to see clips from a movie I can watch the entire movie - no effort in my opinion when it comes to taking clips from movies. Look at the difference when Stern uses dots in or lame clips from movies (i.e. spiderman or GOT) - easy way out.
- Rules: very well implemented. I can't say anything negative about the rules at all ... makes you take risks and just different then other games. Remind me a bit like the 90s Williams/Bally games.
1 year ago
I played the pro at Allentown and loved it. Ended up getting an LE. I love everything about this game - very fun, just different then most recent stern pins. I do think they could of put more toys into this game, especially for the money these games cost.
1 year ago
I have played this game many times and aside from being a boring game, in a large collection it is OK. I would not pay anything near the price some are asking for this game.
1 year ago
I sold this game some time ago and miss it. I love the art package, the theme is great and very fun game.
1 year ago
Game is OK but doesn't belong in the top 50... Stern has done cheap job on using movie clips within the animations that make that look very bad. Rules, suck ... you have to finish game on a single ball (I hate that). Flow of the game is fun, but not recommended for home collection unless you have a large collection.
1 year ago
It can possibly be Steve Richie's worse game yet. I rather get a roller games :-)

Feels like there is nothing to this game and stern felt as they can just put movie clips on an LCD and be done with it. Sorry, but I have seen all of the star wars movies so I don't give a crap about the clips ... put some thoughts into play field design, ramps, toys, etc.

Sega star wars much better at half the price.
1 year ago
I had the opportunity to borrow this game from a friend and have in my collection for a few months. I think the game is way overrated and in my opinion very lame shots, too repetitive and they could of done more in a wide body game. I don't like JJP games, but this is actually the best one they made so far (IMO). The electronics in the machine is the worse design and couldn't keep in running for over a week before another light board needed to be replaced ... it was very frustrating. The good news is that their support is very good, but the bad news is you will need to pay for any board replacements now. So if you buy one of the early production ones, make sure to check with JJP - provide s/n and get some details on how many boards have been replaced on the game.
1 year ago
I had this game in my collection for about 3 months and as it looks great, art and good theme the game is boring! so repetitive, I could not wait until I sell it. I am not a good pinball player and got to the wizard mode every time ... the game is ok to have if you have a huge collection of pins and play it once in a while. Way over priced these days and surprised it is not lower on the charts.
1 year ago
I've had this game in my collection for years and for sure a keeper. Great game, flow, layout and humor.
1 year ago
I wen't to play this game over the weekend at pinball gallery and see what all the great ratings is about as I had absolutely no interest in getting this game or any spooky games. I am so shocked at the rating of this game - that now I know the rating on pinside is completely bogus. This game is one of the worse games I have played EVER - is it because these pinball manufacturers are fooling everyone by putting in an LCD screen and pretty much taking out the play field toys, etc. Similar to what Stern had done since Ghostbusters. If this game had a negative score I would be giving it ... I usually stand down and don't speak up about the ridiculous ratings on pinside. But this game with NO RAMPS should not be in the top 100 games, sorry.
1 year ago
I first played this game at the Texas Pinball Show in 2017. Loved it compared any of the new titles at that time like Dialed In, Aerosmith and Aliens. I knew I wanted one and finally received my game ... the game is absolutely stunning - artwork, build quality looks to be top notch. I give these guys a lot of credit for their game to be this good for their first title.

Now for the game play - it is though, yes, but once I played several games on it I started to nail almost all the shots. Give this game time. Very smooth, flippers feel different then any other games I played - maybe need to be adjusted for level of strength but haven't had a chance to mess with that yet in options.

My only complaint is the audio - call-outs some what annoying, but that can be changed and improved in software.

Need to understand what the heck I am doing and will love this game.

Great job to all who were involved in the making of this game!

1 year ago
Every time I play this game I often wonder what Pat Lawler was smoking when he thought of this title. Aside from the theme, which sucks ... game play is SLOW, flippers seem weak and just an all around boring game. The JJP large display don't do much for me either. My only question is what the F is this game doing in the top 10 (at the time of writing this). Holy crap ...
2 years ago
Guys, I don't own this game and usually would NOT review a game before actually spending considerable amount of playing it. However, reading some of the bad reviews on this made me want to give my two cents.

I was going to pick this game up soon after the release because my son was really into wrestling at the time. Because of the bad reviews, I never did... to make a long story short, I just played this game over a friends the other night. I will say it was my favorite machine out of his 20 he had, including Ghostbusters, Aerosmith, GoT and KISS (among other great titles). This game is different in a good way ... I like John T designs (with the exception of GB - that flipper gap sucks). Yeah, that upper play field is used a bit too much in the game, but the shots are fun and not just your typical orbit/ramp shot.

I am looking to finally find one of these at a reasonable price to pick up.

Don't listen to those bad rating, go play an LE and judge for yourself.
2 years ago
I had the opportunity to borrow this game from a friend. At first I liked it to be honest, but man it got so repetitive, annoying call outs "crank it up!". lame game and feel like stern doesn't give much thought into designing games these days and try to rely on the LCD animations and software to make a game. If they continue down this path, my buying days of any newer pins is over :-) I rather play their older titles personally ... also for those who think American Pinball took the idea of the ball trick from Aerosmith, it's the other way around!
3 years ago
I read so many reviews about this game and glad I did not listen. I am with some of the guys that are recently catching onto this title and give it positive comments. The only good thing about the negative comments is that I was able to get one at a reasonable price. What a fun game - animations are awesome, and really look forward to installing a color DMD into this one as it will fit the theme as Simpsons does with the DMD - cartoon theme. Don't let those comments about the upper play field steer you away from this one ... it is ABSOLUTELY NOT as bad as some say it is, and doesn't even come into play as a complaint of mine at all ... I mean there is a window you can see the roll over lanes just fine, and the upper play field covers the pop bumpers - so what. I love the play on the upper play field, very cool and challenging. I also like the rules, and so much more to this then just collecting the animals. Do folks even care to give this title a change?!

I was just trying to figure out what I would change in this game looking at the negative reviews. The upper play field is a cool idea, and wouldn't change this. Honestly, the left blue ramp is more annoying and wish they would of made this transparent/blue so you can at least so the play field through it. Wish there were more call outs, but once you get to play the game it's pretty obvious so not a huge deal there.

If you're looking for something as a cartoon theme and grew up watching popeye, you really cannot go wrong. I've paid more money for the newer sterns like TRON and AVATAR LE and I hate to say this but Popeye blows them away :-)
4 years ago
I gave this game a low rating previously as I played in Vegas on only the initial release in code ... since then, I got to play it at most of my friends as well as on location. I loved the game so much that I ended up buying a premium.
4 years ago
I am basing my ratings on the LE and custom code w/ actor call outs (1.28).

This game rocks! I was skeptical of getting this one as I am not a huge fan of many of the Borg titles, including Metallica and Tron (can't stand Tron!). Borg nailed this one down with the flow, fun factor, animations, and whatever else. I honestly did not watch the series, but just started to so I have better understanding of the game, etc. The game keeps me coming back for more ... it has some unforgiving drains, like the left outlane - annoying, but I like challenging games and short ball times. Very smooth ramps and long ones too... very cool. The Woodbury shot is a nice touch to put you back in the shooter lane to pick your award that you will get if skill shot is successful.

The bicycle girl hurry up mode is cool and fun, animations are great. Make sure you get the field update kit from stern that includes a mylar and some foam pieces that go under the ramp... I got mine before even getting the game. I put this on before even playing my first game.

I also like the crossbow concept and the fact that this is not over used, like the cannon in AC/DC.

The fish tank heads are a nice touch on the premium and LE. Collecting these are fun and really like how the DMD animations tie into the game play.

My favorite mode so far is clearing the prison yard and getting multiball. It is so cool when you take out each walker with the shots made. Very well done!

I honestly cannot say many negatives if any so far on this game. Although I just got it a week ago, but I can pretty much have a good feeling on how it will last in my collection. When I got Tron I wanted to sell it the next day :-)
4 years ago
I had this machine in my collection for a very short time and just couldn't get into it. Although it's fun at first, the call outs are very "blah"... but knowing the Clint Eastwood is not very enthusiastic, I get it ... but for god sakes make the jackpots a bit more satisfying!
4 years ago
I don't care what anyone says... this game is very fun! and one of Pat Lawlors best designs... he fit a lot in this game. The only complaint is the annoying idol, but so what... I got over it and fun game, very under rated.
4 years ago
Very fun game! I never thought I will own one as I am not a golfer, but ended up playing this at a friends and really got into it. Now it is one of my favorite games. Fun flow and music, the gofers are more fun to hit that the trolls on MM. :-)
4 years ago
I had this game for about 6 months in my collection. The only thing this has going for it is the theme and the music. I just couldn't get into it and couldn't wait to remove it from my collection. There are so many better games for the money out there. I also had the pro, and just could not believe what some guys were asking for their LE! I actually had mine with mods, etc. look better then an LE.
4 years ago
Had this game in my collection for a few months and purchased NIB. I hated it, to be honest. I expected a lot more from this game. Yeah, ok... I sold before the revised software but there is only so much improvements they can do with that ... I enjoyed the light-show, and the look of the game but that is about it. The flow also reminded me of SM, which is a lot better of a game.

Update - I played this again at an arcade. I am still shocked this is rated so high. As I recall, this game is very shallow and still just cannot get into it at all.
4 years ago
I had this one in my collection for several years and love it every time I play it. This is definitely a keeper and great to have in any size collection.
4 years ago
Love this game ... very different and has me always coming back to play it. I actually had this game for a few years now but just got around to rating it. Completed LED'ing and added mirror blades ... wow, what a difference.
4 years ago
Love this game ... had it in my collection for several months and great for the whole family. Fun theme, music and animations.
4 years ago
Very fun game, had in my collection for a few months now and continued to go to a local place to play it before buying. Very under rated... a lot is going on in this one. Cool animations, and also the music is great.
5 years ago
I had this game on my list of pins I wanted to add to my collection for a while. I was just waiting for the opportunity to get a HUO one. This game has deep rules, a nice flow - unique to other games for sure. Animations are nice and love the mini playfield and lock mechanism. I just wish Stern would make games this fun and great quality as this one.
5 years ago
I had this one in my collection for a few years now and it is one of my favorites. The flow is fun and animations are great. It is one that I won't sell anytime soon.
5 years ago
I had this game in my collection for 4 years now, and it is a game that will be the last one I will sell. It has everything in a pin anyone can ask for ... I am not even into the LoTR movies, but love this game. The layout is fun, the magnet at the top of the ramp is unique how it catches the ball. I just wish that the game had a bit more toys other than the Balrog. I did make the path of the dead mod - which is a nice addition.
5 years ago
I had this game a while back and didn't realize how much I really liked it until I sold it. Luckly I found one that is HUO and buying it back. This game is a great example of how Stern used to put out games with cool toys and didn't cut back on cost. The call-outs are probably my only complaint in this one - music is good and layout is unique to other games. Dennis Nordman is a great designer that thinks out of the box when designing a machine.
6 years ago
Update April 2016 - still can't believe the guys that kill the rating on this game... I wonder if the ones rating this game so bad actually a seasoned players. Yes, the new code made this a bit better, but honestly I loved this game from the start. No flow?? that's what guys say. Really?? well, let's say it doesn't have flow, why does every game has to have flow. I sold my Tron and Star Trek LE less then 4 months of adding to my collection and would take Avengers over those two any day. I get it, the six inch ramps do make those games more playable for ones that have problems hitting ramps. Avengers actually made me a better pinball player. The key to this game is to have it setup perfect. If you play it on location, most likely the operator did not give a sh*t and not setup right. This game rocks ...

Update 5/16/14 - after having this one in my collection for a while now, I changed my ratings a bit. I increased my rating of this game in almost all areas. I think those who rate this game low probably played it on location, a few games and game was not leveled properly. This game is challenging and keeps you coming back for more ... yeah, OK, I admit, some of the call-outs can be lame - but everything else makes up for it .. the music is great, the rules are fun - shots are very tight, but all shots are satisfying. Has the toys that most of the new sterns lack - it has the bridge that is cool and the hulk, LOKI multiball is unique and like the hawkeye cross arrow ramp. I feel that this game has the lastability unlike other sterns out there. There is a lot to do and figure out. I think Gomez did an outstanding job on this one!

Ok, now I am convinced that the pinball enthusiasts on this site just don't give games a fair shot. Truthfully I think the owners should rate machines only, not someone who plays 1 or 2 games on a machine. I actually try not to rate any machine unless I have had hours of play on a machine to completely understand the rules and give the machine if I don't own it.

I have been the owner of the Hulk LE for several months now, I am luck to have #4… anyway, besides the point … this game deserves a slot in the top 30 at least in my opinion.


Artwork - great all around, cabinet and playfield.

Challenging - Yes, the shots are very tight on this game. But this makes it very satisfying when you do get the shots down. What I found is that this game needs to be perfectly leveled (I mean perfectly!). Once I did level this game perfect, the flow is nice and doing much better on the game.

Longevity - So far I keep coming back for more, so hopefully it will last. Let's just say that I have Spiderman Black, and TRON on each side and for the last couple of weeks I've played this one the most. Well, other then AC/DC LE, which I cannot say enough good things about ☺

Lightshow - Awesome - I love it … that's all I got to say.

Call outs/Music - becomes a bit repetitive, mainly the cheese hulk call outs … but music is great, and this is one I may even add a subwoofer to.


Flippers; Take a bit to get used to, but it seems as they had no choice but to use strong-a** coils in order to make the hawk-eye shot come around through the cross over ramp (not on the pros). I am used to it now, but passing ball from flipper to flipper is still a bit of a challenge.

Hulk Arms; Ball occasionally gets stuck under hulk's arms … just a pain, but not a huge deal.

LOKI in-lane LED's; difficult to see from the players view and this should have been designed to be more visible. I just use a small trick when I shoot up the hawk-eye ramp, and look at the left “O” to use to finish spelling LOKI. Another one is when you shoot up the Black-Widow Ramp.

Plastic figures!? - Ok, Stern … how cheap can you get? Paying $7k for a game and you couldn't even us a LOKI figure? Wow. I am already making a mod to replace some of these ridiculous plastics.

Low Scoring; I tend to like games that are high scoring, not so much as AFM, but like AC/DC is nice. Not a con for most, but for me I wish it was

6 years ago
Update 5/16/14; after having this machine in my collection for a little over a year, I feel it is good that I update the ratings. I would say that this machine is too shallow and after having it for a while, I hardly played it. The only thing good about it is the theme and music. I don't care for the layout and flow .. I got bored of this one pretty quick. I would say if it wasn't for the TRON theme, this game would not by in the top 50 games. I just sold this one and for the money I am buying back my pirates of the Caribbean (a much better game that is way underrated).

I just picked up the new run of the Tron Pro (2 D back-glass). I actually like the 2D back-glass better ... not crazy about the 3D back glass and not sure why every one raves about the fact that they have the 3D and worth more. Don't believe this for a second ... personally, in my opinion the mirror back glass is way better then the 3D ones. I also have the avatar LE and don't care much for the 3D.

The only thing I wish stern would have not done is the change in the lock down bar. I know it is stupid, but those 2 latches just have to go :-)

As for the game, I love it ... I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, but very fun game, fast and the music/speech is excellent. Look forward to getting the subwoofer and many mods for this one.
7 years ago
I just added the LE (LTBR) to my pinball collection and love this game. Cannot stop playing it ... the music, animations, game play is awesome. I've put LED's in all of my machines and still doesn't compare to this one. I am actually surprised that this machine is not up at the top 10. IMHO who ever gives this machine a low rating is either not an AC/DC fan or just simply doesn't care for Stern pins.