My Foray into Pinball

My Foray into Pinball

By Atari_Daze

December 14, 2018

38 days ago

My story starts in the late 70s. As I often hit up the local arcades and quickie marts with games, I always gravitated to the pinballs, not sure why, just did. Then as arcades started to go away the only places with pinball machines were bowling allies, movie theaters and some bars, I tended to gravitate to those venues that kept working pins. I don't recall ever playing EMs so my attraction then and now has always been to SS machines. We never had much money so actually owning a pin was WAY out of the question. Then in 2013 my father in law picked up the cocktail pin Vegas by Game Plan at a garage sale for $250 I think. It was about 98% functioning, had typical cupped inserts and a few bad transistors. I would tinker with it each time we went for a visit brining parts with me I THOUGH it needed. Then one day he told my wife he would bring it down for me to finish fixing and eventually sell. Oh HAPPY DAY that I came home from work to see a pinball machine in the house! I took it slow and worked through the electrical issues, it already had a new Echo Lake MPU and needed only minor fixes on the other boards. At the time, I had not even discoved Pinside yet nor most of the suppliers. I would go on to put in new inserts, make new plastics and applied decals but did not quite delve into full blown tear apart restores until a Silverball Mania mid last year.  After that SBM, I was totally hooked on blowing apart machines and bringing them back to as good as new condition. I like to take artistic liscence and deviate from things like old school inserts for new starburst type, will often change star post colors and maybe minor touch up corrections I feel were needed. So I'm not a pureist but think I do a decent job of staying with artist intent. I've now completed a few more restores and tend to go after the machines most would say don't 'deserve' a restore based on popularity but again I think it is beacuse I CAN afford those! At present the only collection I have are the machines being restored or in queue, I hope to flip enough of them to keep re-investing until I can get my grail, TAF. 

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25 days ago
Nice write up. You have definitely hit the ground running. Not afraid to tackle anything in your way to restoration. I've enjoyed your threads on bringing these games back....especially since you are humble enough to show your mistakes so others can learn from them. Your enthusiasm in this hobby is great....need more like you.

Hopefully TAF is in your near future :)
9 days ago
Thanks for sharing your journey. I have a Silverball Mania that I am restoring. I can only wish to achieve the state of perfection of your example.

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