Returning To The Hobby

By Astropin

November 22, 2014

7 years ago

For years I had one machine (well two technically, but one kept breaking down and I got tired of trying to fix it). Now granted the one that worked was a pretty good one....a NIB LOTR bought in 2003.

I played it a first, then less and less as time went by. Eventually months would go by where I didn't play at all. I started to get more involved in other hobbies. One day I decided to sell the broken f14 tomcat. It went fast because I listed it cheap.

That was spring of 2012. I listed it on "Mr Pinball" because I didn't even know Pinside existed! Walked back down to my basement and saw LOTR just sitting there by itself. I still liked pinball but I was tired of loooong ball times on LOTR. So I thought to myself....I can't have just one....I wonder if maybe I could do a two for one trade for my LOTR?

Started looking up the current value, found Pinside, listed my trade offer and got TONS of responses. Traded LOTR for a Getaway and WCS94....both in fantastic got some cash. AND BANG! I was back in the hobby!

Have bought/sold & traded 11 more machines since then (14 total since selling the F14). And have no plans to slow down. Going from one machine I was tired of, to two new one's really got me off and glad I did that and I've meet some fantastic people along the way. Mostly thanks to Pinside.



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9 years ago

Nice story :-) I think we're a lot of people here to be here because of/thanks to the nostalgia :-) Pinballs are great invention, let's keep them alive :-)

6 years ago

Hey Astropin!! Anyone in Houghton Lake/Prudenville do repairs on PB machines? Im new to the area and just bought my first machine a month or so ago. Glad to see some pinheads up here. Great story :)

5 years ago

I like your story. Mine is somewhat similar. I had one game, a Williams Grand Prix, for many years. Then in the late 90s got back into the hobby and bought five DMD Williams machines. I sold the Grand Prix many years ago. But missed it and just bought another one. It's at HEP being restored at the moment

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