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3 years ago
I've put in well over 100 games now and this one just might be the GOAT (still a little early to make that call). It's not the greatest theme in the world (to me), it's not the greatest theme integration either. It also does not have the best art package.

But what it does have is one of the best (if not the best) layouts in all of pinball. Great tight shots! It can be brutal, but that's also what makes it so rewarding when you are hitting your shots. Probably not the best game for pure beginners...but I could be wife just kicked my ass the other night and she NEVER plays pinball!

It also has fantastic and very deep rules. A lot to do and it will be many years before I see it all (if ever). Which is a good thing on a home game. So many different ways to attack it. This one will last a very long time in my collection...and that is not typical for me. Many, many games only lasted a couple years...AC/DC only lasted four months.
5 years ago
I've had my Alien for a while now and it's the best pinball machine I've ever played (and I've played just about everything that's out there). It's the whole package that makes it great...theme, code, sound, video. It just all comes together to scream ALIEN (and ALIENS). 15 modes, tons of shots, four flippers! Every mode is unique...throw in the use of earned "weapons" (fired using the launch button) and it really adds to the strategy. It's not an easy game...the shots are tight and some are at odd angles...but once you figure it out this game can really flow and show some blazing speed as well. I hope Heighway makes it and keeps cranking these out because everyone who wants one should have the opportunity to own one...great game.
6 years ago
Picked up a mint condition IMVE and I will probably update this over time (I do go back and update my reviews). Right now it's still fairly new but I've been playing it a ton and have a good feel for the rules and how it plays:

I've never played a game this intense. It truly does "fight back"! Make no mistake that this is probably the most difficult DMD game ever put out. BSD might come close but I find IM more difficult. If you like a serious challenge (just to keep the ball in play) and you like speed and a great light show and music then look no further. Pure adrenaline rush.

This game does require some tweaks to the settings to make it play at its least I think it does. Set Monger to "hard"! This actually makes the game a little easier since Monger tends to pop up too often otherwise and he really gets in the way of advancing the game. Set him to hard and you'll still see him plenty, but you'll also have a better chance of getting to the achievable wizard modes - DOD & Jericho! I also prefer (personal preference) to disable the back post. This makes the "skill shot" a real skill shot....very difficult. It also allows orbit shots to always come flying back at you....which I like. You still get into the "pops" on 1) the skill shot if you make it & 2) on any center spinner shot. So it's not like you don't still incorporate the pops into the game.

It's difficult but not in that frustrating just really makes you want to try again. You get soooo close only to have it all yanked away in a split second that you swear to yourself (and at the game) that you will get it next time! Good luck with that though ;).

On another note; it's a fantastic multiplayer game! No waiting for 20 minutes while someone plays their ball (cough, LOTR cough). IM is also a great "equalizer". Newer players have a real shot at beating more advanced players on any given game....and that's really fun for them.
7 years ago
Put some decent time in on this one and had an absolute blast playing it. It's super fun when you're "on" and completely brutal when you're "off". I've never seen such speed and flow from a widebody. It feels even bigger that other widebody pins. Fantastic layout and just a ton of great shots.
7 years ago
So I was not planning on it but after reading some reviews by people I trust I took a chance and bought a GOT Pro. I'm really glad I did. Super fun game with really interesting rules, tons of speed and great flow. The art is "okay" but who cares... The gameplay is fantastic.
7 years ago
While I appreciate the art on Centaur it's not my favorite. That being said the gameplay is fantastic. I always play Centaur when I come across one. Love the shot and features in the game and considering when it was made it was definitely ahead of its peers feature wise.
7 years ago
One of my favorite Sega's......can't really put a finger on it I just enjoy playing this one.
7 years ago
Finally got some good play time in on this title. I liked it more than I thought I would. It a really fun pin and amazing for a first effort. I don't care for the theme or art so those pulled down it's overall rating but it is fun to play.
8 years ago
Now that I own it I can say that it's truly an underrated game. You can not appreciate this game after only playing it a handful of times. It takes a while to really appreciate everything it as to offer. Yes the 13-Ball is a gimmick. But guess what, you can change the setting to "Hard" or even turn it off altogether. There are other multi-ball modes to enjoy in this game. It also has 9 different game modes. It's not easy to score either. Most of the shots are really tight and getting combo's is quite difficult. But that's what keeps you coming back for "Just One More!".
8 years ago
Super fast and great flow....classic Ritchie! Really good sound (especially if you hook up a sub) and good call outs. Just a really fun pin to play with all kinds of shots to shoot for and a lot of modes to play through. Won't totally kick your ass like IM but this is one game where it's fun to explore all that it has to offer.

Edit....the update (1.61 as of right now) has brought this game to a whole new level. It might just be (to me) the #1 game Stern has ever put out.....and yes I owned a LOTR for eight years so I have an idea of what I'm saying here. MET is a lot of fun, AC/DC and I just didn't "click" and SM while also a fun pin just does not have the intensity of ST. It's deep, it has a great light show, good sound and really good call-outs.....what more can you ask for?
9 years ago this one just did not hold up for me and I really can't explain it. It's fast and it sounds good.....I even love AC/DC (the band). I like fast games and I like games that are difficult but something about how this one plays just did not hold my attention. My play time on it dropped off quickly and I knew it was time to move on.
10 years ago
Just bought it but I've spent a little time on it before buying one. If you like FAST look no further; this just might be the fastest pin on the planet.

Power Down just might be my favorite mode in all of pinball. Really, really cool (Especially if your playing in a dark room).

Not a great movie but this is certainly one of the best "Bang for your Buck" pins.
10 years ago
I think it's a great playing pin, just doesn't do it for me in the theme or colors. I like playing it when I run into one but probably would never buy one.
10 years ago
A truly underrated pin. Fantastic art, funny animations and call outs. Fast action, tons of modes (most ever?) It will also kick your butt if your not on your game. Keeps you coming back with the best of them.

One of the top "Bang for your buck" pins IMHO.
10 years ago
This one surprised me. Ton of fun, great layout, great animations and excellent sound quality. Can get a little repetitive telling you what to do. It's great for new players though.

I now own this machine and it's a sharpshooters dream. This pin can trap like no other. If you can hit the tight shots you're golden. Deep pin with a lot of modes and multiballs that add a lot of variety. Definitely should be on your "bang for the buck" list. Also if you are looking to add a Gottlieb to your collection it's hard to argue against this one.
10 years ago
I was very surprised by this one. Really enjoyed it. Some great toys and it's a pin that anyone can hop on and have a great time. It's in my top 10 for sure for gameplay.

Not the greatest theme ever but it doesn't hurt it either. I'd love to track one down someday.
10 years ago
Fantastic game! One of my all time favorites and right at the top of my want list along with Indiana Jones.

Great theme with an amazing rule set. Every mode is a blast and this one just never gets old. Someday I'll own it.......someday.

Update....I own this game! It's even better at home.
10 years ago
One of my all time of my wish list but with the prices I'll probably never own it.

Update (three and half years later......just picked one up!) This and STTNG are the two best "Super-Pins" and both are in my top 10 all time. They also both have the best theme integration ever (hard to pick which one is better but I give the nod to STTNG for having custom voice works by ALL of the main characters).

This is definitely a 'change of pace' game for me....I'm normally a big 'speed and flow' guy but it's a really nice change of pace. Fun modes (that you can actually complete), fun video modes.....yes that's right FUN video modes! Also the best implementation of the color DMD so far.

One of those rare games for me that I actually like more now that I own it.
10 years ago
I definitely break from the crowd here. This one just does not do it for me......never has. Kind of creepy to me and not in a fun way.
10 years ago
Love this game! I'm an admitted Steve Ritchie fan and love the games that can really flow. My first machine was an F-14 Tomcat and that game has great flow also but this one adds more, more, more of everything.

This one will not be leaving the collection.
10 years ago
Got this game because my family is soccer crazy.....AND my wife and I actually attended several games during the 1994 World Cup. That being said this is a really fun game regardless if you like the theme or not. Great family game and a really good one for casual players and enthusiasts. Very even scoring also makes it a great tournament pin. Not real deep but it doesn't need to's just plain fun.
11 years ago
Bought NIB over eight years ago.

Pluses -

Super deep game with some absolutely epic moments.
Lots of multi-ball modes keeps the gameplay fresh.
Excellent use of LOTR theme.
It's a real "shooters" machine.
Favorite moments - "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" & "There and Back Again"


Might actually be too deep for some. If you plan on actually beating the game be prepared to play over 2 hours on a single game.
It's a shooters machine that might be frustrating to novice players.

Definitely a perennial top 10 pin.

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