Dave Astills Pinball Story

By Astill

October 18, 2012

9 years ago

Hi guys my name is Dave Astill and i am a long time pinball collector. I am also a supplier to the hobby. I am ROMPINGIRL on ebay and have been supplying programmed , rom , prom , pal , pic , eproms and more for over 15 years.

Like most of you here i started playing pinball as a young kid in the 70s. We lived near a large ski resort called Blue Mountain and every lodge had multiple machines. Ah the good old days. Even laundrymats and garages would have pinball machines on location here in Ontario.

Pinball exploded here in the mid 70s as it was finally legalized by the Ontario Government . Machines were always on location but were subject to the odd seizure and destruction by authorities.

It seems everyone was into pinball at the time. Every Christmas our parents would ask what we wanted , we always replied a pinball machine.

It never showed up but i never forgot about it. I purchased my first machine in 1993 and now have over 15. Most notably i have a custom built Rush , as in the band , full size dmd machine. Rumour has it , it was built for a member of the band. I also was in a tv show called Risky Business that gave me $10,000 and one month to see if we could make a profit in the pinball business.

I trekked to Montreal and bought 12 old stored games . It was a ton of work but i made a $3000 profit and was one of the few succesful entrepeneurs on the show.

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