In Which The Phreek Discovers Pinside

In Which The Phreek Discovers Pinside

By AsakiPhreek

July 09, 2009

8 years ago

Allow me to (sort of) introduce myself.

I am AsakiPhreek. No more, no less. The name comes from my favorite musician, Asaki, and "phreek" is simply a variation on the word "freak," simply meaning "diehard." Put 'em together and you have my alias.

I grew up in an area where pinball machines were absolutely everywhere, and as a result they became a pretty big hobby of mine. I seek out every machine I could find, and when I graduate I hope to collect some of my favorites.

I don't own any machines, simply because I'm too young to do so. I'm a member of the younger set who appreciates games than can be felt and truly experienced - rare, but true.

My personal favorite is Theatre of Magic, with my other two pins of choice being Black Rose and Cirqus Voltaire. When I first found Theatre of Magic at an amusement park, I was ecstatic! I had wanted to play this machine for the longest time, and my chance had finally come! I spent so much time in front of the machine that I had to be led away from it. And since magic is one of my side hobbies besides pinball and gaming, it enchanted me so much that it was impossible for me to hate it.

Since that's taken care of...I am extremely hard to please. If I could arrange the Top 100 to my liking, there'd probably be a lot of drama. I speak from experience. I check every nook and cranny when playing a machine and consider everything when reviewing it. I don't review machines I haven't played.

I'm new here, so I hope nobody bites! :P

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8 years ago
Hi AsakiPhreek, welcome to the site! It's great to hear about young people who enjoy pinball. Glad not all is lost to console games!
7 years ago
Well you never know - one day out of a clear blue sky you turn the corner and you find a machine you always wanted
6 years ago
Welcome, looking forward to your ratings.

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