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1 year ago
Love this game. Best open Fan Layout game. Humor, style and deep but easy to understand ruleset makes this game perfect.
3 years ago
PotC could be one of the best games ever. The layout is fantastic the rules are great. But for me they have to put in more and better effects if you done something good. It needs more effects and show elements for the multiballs. For now they look all the same.
4 years ago
It's a frustrating game. Playtimes are very short and sometimes it feels unfair. I am cursing Steve Ritchie and Yoda when I am playing it. Guests hate it. I love it and can't stop playing it. Most played game in my house.
5 years ago
When I have the time for it, I can go on an epic adventure with this game. It will never leave my house. But I don't play it as often as my other games cause playing times are very long.
6 years ago
Not a game to fall in love with on first play. But with time it gets better and better! Keeper!
8 years ago
Not bad, fast and good flow.
8 years ago
The code is perfect and the lightning is the best in pinball. The layout is fun and the toys are great. But it doesn't give the adrenalin rush for me like other games.
9 years ago
I still don't like the theme. It's to tacky, but what a game it is.
I got this game to see what JJP got. And wanted to sell it shortly after again. Didn't thought it would be a keeper. It stayed longer than I thought it would.
With 4.0 this game shines like a star! The first few month I thought the witch was placed wrong for a bash toy, now after 4.0 makes it harder to hit her and you have to use the right flipper to do it. Now it's like it should be. Hard but fair.
I don't like miniplayfields, even on AC/DC I think they are boring. That's not the case with the two in WOZ, but it took some time to balance the rules and settings out so that they are difficult but fun to play. Now I realy like how they are.
Yes, I still think the GI is to dark, even after all the updates. But I solved this with a few mods.
9 years ago
A shallow game, hard but for a very short time it could be fun to play it. I don't want to own one.
10 years ago
I don't want to bash this game, I can understand why other like tis one. But my ratings are very personal and I just had no fun playing it. The ramps are great, there is much to do. But it is one game I don't want to play.
10 years ago
When I played it for the first time many years ago I didn't liked ist very much. But over the years I played it more and now I think it's one of the best games out there. But I think the playfield Artwork is ugly. I hope sometime SR will bring out a new one.
10 years ago
Great game in a big collection. But not so good if it's the only one.
10 years ago
It is a funny game, with great animations, good layout. But it's too easy. It just don't have the lastability for me to be a keeper.
10 years ago
Spider Man got almost the same layout and is the better one. But the humor is great here and the gameplay rocks.
10 years ago
Great game but the hype around it is bigger than the game.
10 years ago
This game rocks!
10 years ago
The Crane is the best interactive toy you can have. The gameplay is pure fun. It's a beautifull machine, but it is a must to exchange the joker/scarecrow and batman models with better ones. The Code and the rules are good but one update would put it on the top.
10 years ago
Way underated pin. It is not a Top Ten Pin but it brings alot of fun. The dot animations are great, it needs just one update with a monster buck animation and it would be perfect! I like the voice calls and the music. To have only one ramp didn't hurt the game, the Layout is fresh. It is not the machine i would like to have if it were the only game, but in a lineup of three or more it will be the one that is played the most. It is not deep, it is cheap build but it is FUN, FUN, FUN!
10 years ago
Sexy game
10 years ago
I'm a "the who" fan and i love this game also the outlines are way too open. The music is great and the modes are fun and i think the DMD animations are very stylish. I would like to own one.
10 years ago
For me it is not an easy game but i had fun. first i thought it is a terrible theme but the more i played it, the more i liked it. And till today i like to play it everywhere i see it.
10 years ago
It is a fun game if you know what to do. I love the shots, it is cool to make the sniper shot with a back hand. You could stack everything with everything. But the software is NOT complete and the toys look very cheap. The main goal of the game is to build an atom bomb...hello? There are so many modes but the only thing to do is to aim for the white arrows. The colors of the inserts are complete incoherent to the rules....this game could have been so much better.....
10 years ago
All my friends liked it, but i could not stand to play it any longer. For me it was more work than fun to play it. And it was way to much stop and go. But the toys and lightning are great.
10 years ago
It's an epic book, an epic movie and now an epic pinball machine. Great game but you must like long and complex games. You must have time to play it and it is no game to play in a group of friends. I think i will never see Valinor but i will try to come close to it.
10 years ago
The rules are complete and I want to thank Lyman F. Sheats Jr. and Steve Ritchie for so many hours of pure fun i had and will have with this game.
It's just like a very good action movie that you want to see again and again. But it's a very linear game.
10 years ago
One of the first pinballs i played. It wasn't bad and i would like to see a new machine with this theme.
10 years ago
This was the first Pinball i played in my life. I was a kid and loved it. It was one of the first pinballs in my grandfathers pub and the fantasy artwork hooked me to it. I was too young to realy play it but i remember every detail of the artwork.