Things you probably did not know (and did not ask)

By ArcadeTechNerd

November 21, 2022

16 days ago

TLDR: if it sucks coins, I have probably worked on it...

What's in the game room?  Aside from the various pinball games listed in the collection, there is a United "Skippy" shuffle alley, a skee ball lane, crane game, jukeboxes, (yes, plural), a Bally slot machine, classic (old) "Crown" candy vendor, (confuses the heck out of young'uns), an upright TRON video game, upright Battlezone vector game, a "Funland" and "Big Top" E.M. Rifle games, an upright "Silver Strike Bowling", a cocktail table "GORF", an upright "Space Invaders", a "Drill-O-Matic" redemption game, a Harvard Standard Metal Typer, and probably things in the project lab that I am forgetting.

My favorite things overall?  Doctor Who, TRON, bowling, The Big Lebowski...  and just trying to kick back and have a good time!

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