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2 years ago
As an owner of Scared Stiff and former owner of EATPM I must admit I was a little disappointed when pictures of the game were first shown. Didn't think it captured the magic of the first two. Boy was I wrong. Although it doesn't have the flashy ramps or Boogie men of the first two. It makes up with Elvira herself in video and game play. Also there were a few images on the artwork that threw me off at first. But seeing the game in person it really goes well together. I don't own the game but helped a friend dial his LE in. Then spent the day playing. Shots are really good with a wide open layout. At .86 code it was easy to follow what was going on and where to shoot. Fun factor and enjoyment of game play are very high on this one. It's like a cross between MM and SS with a little BM66 thrown in. I'll probably end up getting one in the next year or two.
7 years ago
Fun game for the family. Love everything about it.