A 42 year obsession that is not finished yet (not while we are still alive!)

A 42 year obsession that is not finished yet (not while we are still alive!)

By arcadem

March 08, 2018

5 months ago

Well, as the title suggests, this story is not complete yet. Today I placed my order for a JJP POTC; who knows what tomorrow will bring. No need to speculate now though because it is best to go back to where the story begins....

42 years ago I was reading the garage sale ads (I was bored without much else to do). I came across an ad for a slot machine and the price seemed quite reasonable. So, that weekend we jumped in the car and went to check it out. It was a 1929 Mills Poinsettia 5 cent slot in all original condition. My wife had some familiarity with it since she had a co-worker who dealt in slots. At her urging we bought it and brought it home. That was the start of the 'madness'. We sat the slot on our fireplace hearth and while looking at it I said "you know, a pinball would be a great addition to the slot". My wife agreed and the madness grew. We went to a dealer of used pins. He happened to have a really nice Williams Triple Strike and, with my wife's urging again, we bought it and brought it home. My next bright idea; a jukebox would be a great ad to the slot and the pinball. We located and bought a Wurlitzer Model 800 jukebox. All of this occurred in a 2 week period. Boy, did we have the 'disease'. You know what I am talking about. Over the next several years we added another 15-20 pins, 16 jukes, innumerable slots and penny arcade machines to our home. Over time we sold off most of the collection but always kept a few of each type of coin op. Today, we are down to just 3 pins (WOZRR,THBA, and AFMRLE pending our POTC's arrival. That should keep us satiated for the foreseeable. After all, we are in our 70's now and it's got to end someday.......or, does it?

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4 months ago
Just added a couple of pics for fun's sake
4 months ago
Great story! A wife that is on board with the maddness is essential. Congrats on finding the right woman!
4 months ago
It does'nt end. LOL. Great story !
4 months ago
Your slots/penny machines are beautiful!
4 months ago
Nice collection. What does a neon sign like yours cost, that is very impressive looking too.
3 months ago
Very cool!
85 days ago
Great story, thanks for sharing. Always cool to hear when a wife is helping with the hobby.

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