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5 years ago
Good variety of satisfying shots. Never feels like you are stuck working toward a single goal. The rules are deep enough to let you make choices, which is good enough for a game of this era. My only real beef is that the layout doesn't have much flow. The way mine is set up presently, it is also too easy to control the ball.

The rockets are a bit of a gimmick here. Rockets (fired by secondary buttons on either side of the cabinet) can be used to drop in line drop targets on either side of the playfield. The problem is, you usually have enough rockets. In the off chance you don't, it would usually just make more sense to hit your drop targets the old fashioned way than to try to earn more rockets by completing the "ROC" and "KET" stand up target banks on either side. Rockets gained from these stand ups are mostly a consolation prize for when you miss a shot or are struggling to gain control over the ball---they don't seem to be a credible shot by themselves, but I need to take a closer look at how they score.

The outlane save gates are unique and an absolute blast. It is surprising they haven't been implemented elsewhere.

Lighting and sound are used for excellent dramatic effect. The BGM is good, but there isn't enough of it.
5 years ago
Really love this early-ss classic. It is a little on the easy side, but the layout is unique in a way that works.
5 years ago
The good:
-You should be able to find a minty one for <$300---a price point at which your only other option is likely a broken down scary clown EM.
-Close enough to real pinball to be amusing.

The bad:
-Very simple layout, very simple rules.
-Widespread reliability problems. Lame power supply. An overvoltage on the +5v section tends to destroy the MPU, which probably isn't worth repairing. If I was going to keep one in my collection long term, I'd power the MPU from an old ATX PS.