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There are 8 scores stored in Anim8ormatt’s score database.

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Highest scores per machine

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Johnny Mnemonic 3,895,650,455 2013-03-01 home 3 #72
Revenge From Mars 273,855,670 2013-02-07 home 3 #74
“12 minute game or so. First time i broke 200 million on my new machine!”
Judge Dredd 1,585,344,940 2013-01-12 home 3 l-7 #10
“The game lasted about 20 minutes. I was just hitting every shot of every mode. What a blast!”
Hyperball 354,000 2012-03-13 home 3 #3
Pinbot 5,765,000 2012-02-27 home 3 #60
“this was one of those games where the multipliers were just in the right place at the right time. My first ball was a house ball, second scored over four million, last ball scored the rest.”
F-14 Tomcat 9,787,450 2011-12-31 home 3 #10
FunHouse 46,755,400 2011-12-31 location 3 #22
Black Knight 2000 6,894,500 2011-12-31 home 3 #49