Youth revisited...

By Andy_Chapman

November 03, 2019

2 years ago

Growning up in central England in the 80's was pretty much an Arcade free childhood. Early home computers (Sinclair ZX & Amiga) and later consoles (Mastersystem, Mega Drive, PSone) were the limit to my local gaming options. It was in this era that Arcade Machines still out performed home computers/consoles and were like crack to me at the time! Going to a new Arcade were always the highlight of trips to the seaside or a visiting fun fair, but holidays wrere always too short and coins ran out pretty quickly.

I now find myself re-visiting old Arcade games through emulation and have built a few systems myself.

Then I discovered Pinball... 

Wow, where has this been all my life! I'm just discovering a deep enjoyment of the hobby, and being so late to the party I feel like a kid in a candy store... or a boy in a seaside Arcade again!

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