How I Got Started

By Andy1

January 01, 2020

25 days ago

Growing up in the 70's in Australia, there wasn't much choice of fast food, Fish & chips or Chinese but EVERY takeaway store had a pinball machine or 3. Sometimes on the weekend my parents would have my brother & I ride our bikes to the local takeaway store to buy the family lunch & while the food was cooking we would play pinball , most of the time there was a queue. How it would work is you'd put your twenty cent piece ( in Australia we call it 2-BOB ) on top of the glass, 2-BOB would give you 1 game -5 balls. Prices continually went up & balls dropped down to 3 balls, that was huge when it came in.

Later on as we got older we would jump on our bikes riding from shop to shop with our mates , knowing which shops had the latest machines, maybe even 5 balls still, we would spend hours hoping to hear that wonderful noise POP (free game) or get the highest score. Late 70's early  80's Liverpool NSW had it's first arcade shop called Pinball Palace as a kid it seemed like they had every pinball machine on the planet , Everyone had their Favorites, Kiss, Flash, Playboy, Mata Hari & Strikes and Spares to name a few, great times !

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