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8 months ago
Worst game ever.
1 year ago
Years ago I would have said this game was the ultimate, but now after playing so many more games I have knocked it down quite a few marks. It is still a very good game and I would love to play once again in tip top shape (most of the games on location are pretty bad). Theming and layout is great, and I am a big fan of Pat Lawlor's games. This just won't be on the want list for me but I will enjoy playing it from time to time.
1 year ago
This game continues to surprise me! I am not a Star Trek fan but this is one of my favorite new games that have come out over the past several years! The game has tons of flow, as expected from Steve Ritchie, and the shots feel butter smooth when you make them. This game would have been a must for me if it had a theme for a movie/tv show that I like!
2 years ago
I grew up on this game. It has been in my family since before I as born and continues to be. I am a SS guy but as for EMs this one has always been a lot of fun. Hitting the spinners is always great, as well as the bonus countdown when you have done a 2x, 3x, or 4x!
3 years ago
This is the second time I have owned this game and I like it more than I did the first time! I think the reason behind this is because I came in with lower expectations and I also have a larger collection than the first time. This is not a top game by any means but I have fun playing it and enjoy the two gimmicks it has (cannons & bagatelle). Just like any game, a cheap upgrade is hooking up a powered sub to the cabinet speaker. That certainly enhances the explosion and gun sounds! The game can be very repetitive so I think having it in a collection of 5+ games would be ideal. Classic 80s game and I love system 11 games which helps as well!
3 years ago
I am a big fan of all things 80s, especially Retro-futuristic (I’m a huge Epcot fan for example). When I first heard about this game I wasn’t thinking much of it due to the fact it didn’t look as elaborate as the other new games and the 90s B/W games I love so much.

My thoughts changed when I attended the PBL launch party and actually got to play it and see it in person. Such a cool idea to have a flashback/retro 80s game with an original theme and modern technology! I can understand that this kind of thing won’t gel with everyone, as there are other games people find cheesy that I think are cool for that very reason (see Rollergames) but this is right up my alley. Always try something out first to see if you personally like it. For myself though, this game is great! I love the theme, the music and the lighting. The game feels well built and solid. Some games have this cheap feel and this one certainly doesn’t. Scott did a great job is all aspects of this game. The gameplay is super fast with more to do than you’d think when you first see the layout and I love the lock mechanism. I’ve got to play again on location and my opinion on it is still the same. I look forward to owning one of these someday!
4 years ago
Such a great game! I didn't think so highly of it the first time I played it in a loud barcade with a broken flipper. The next time I played it in a quieter barcade, allowing me to hear all the music and callouts
5 years ago
Best music and light show ever! Such a cool game that I wanted for a long time and finally found one in pretty good shape last year. I immediately updated the speakers and added a subwoofer to make the audio even better. Considering what era this machine is from, both the audio and lights are amazing. I love the theme and the artwork as well. I think if this was my only machine it could get quite repetitive and tiring but in a medium to large collection it is great! I really feel I nailed an LED conversion down well with this one too which makes it look even better!
6 years ago
This is the most underrated game I have owned. If not for people having issues with 80s/90s cheesiness I bet this would rank a lot higher. I may be a little biased because my addition of LEDs and the fact it's a Diamond plate really make this game shine. Fun cheesy music, sounds, callouts and fast Steve Richie play make this a winner for me especially for the time period.