In the beginning....

By Ambro

May 02, 2019

23 days ago

It all started back in the 90’s - a friend of mine played a bit of pinball in the University bar and I popped $1 into TAF. Before that game pinball machines were considered a bit simple to me; usually I considered the people playing them as rebels. I mean - what’s the point of trying to keep a metal ball in play, hitting some targets to get a score.... boring right?!

So that first game of TAF was a bit of a revelation to me; the lights, the colours, the music, the call outs, the fact you actually had certain tasks to complete! 

I wasn’t long before I was looking forward to heading to that bar between lectures - wanting to see what all the modes were about - and what was that question mark all about?? Then it happened - my friends initials were up there and I had to beat it! 

As the years passed we discovered more machines, more people who played, ball control, how to keep that $2 game lasting and most importantly - what a rush it was when you toured the mansion!!

Like most others here I probably spent enough money on games in that 4 year period to buy several pinball machines. It was the golden age of pinball machines and life was great, so many good games and memories.

I then moved from my hometown with my girlfriend to Sydney and played machines less frequently because there was a new city to explore with so much else to do. Also, if I spotted a pinball machine it would take so long to play a game that it was a bit too time consuming!!

Slowly less places were housing pinball machines, they were harder to find and the machines weren’t of the same quality. I later discovered that starting a young family also restricted my time out in pubs!!

Roll ahead 15 years - moved back to my home town, two kids and having achieved some financial success I thought to myself, “I wonder what TAF would cost these days?, I wonder if my kids and partner would even like Pinball’s?”

So on a whim I looked - there were no TAF machines around, and WTF - the ones that were sold cost over $10k and were in pretty bad shape. How can this be? I then started researching on the internet and the world of pinball machines opened up and it all started again.

Scouring the net I eventually found a TAF in Melbourne - the seller said it was original with matching numbers and was in great condition. I said I’ll be there in a day with the ute and I was. It was beautiful, in great condition and it was finally mine!!

I brought it home, and to my pleasure it has been received by the family so we’ll that the television has taken second place. What a great thing to happen to us  - life is good. ..... and then I saw Wonka...... deposit for a CE paid..... the addiction has well and truely started.

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