Happy to be back!

Happy to be back!

By am3477

September 08, 2014

4 years ago

So, one of my good childhood friend's family had a pinball machine... in their home! That was so other-worldly to me at the time. They were sooooo cool! And must be sooooo rich!

Unfortunately that friend had a losing battle with cancer and died at a way too young age. When I was back in the home town, I visited with his parents. Hugged them, cried with them, and generally felt horrible that such a great person got such a raw deal.

Talking with his parents, I mentioned to them how much I loved coming over to their house. Oh yeah, and how much I loved that pinball machine! Lo and behold, they still have it! Future Spa baby! HUO all the way. Well, the very next week I had a patient (I'm a doc) that told me he routed coin-op games for a living. After chatting with him about that Future Spa, I had a rekindled interest in pinball. After a little time spent online, I found this website.

What a great resource Pinside is! I had no idea what was going on in this arena. I got out, played some games, and now I have the 'sickness'! And I love it! I am enamored with WOZ, unbelievable.... My ECLE should be here soon. In the meantime I bought an IMVE, and TOTAN. Installed a shaker, color DMD, and am in the process of an LED conversion. So happy to find this site, so appreciative to have a newly renewed passion. Cheers!


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