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9 days ago
after b.eddys "remake" of AFM (NST), this pin is something real new. with this pin b.eddy has arrived in the present. ruleset is quite easy to understand, but very challenging to move forward. that's the way i like pinball.
22 days ago
what a great machine!! much underrated. crossover between old and new pinball machines (fx the bumpers). gamedesign seems a little bit simple at the first sight. but it has a really great flow. music fits like a glove. pro is very nice, LE is better.
49 days ago
i was not sure what will await me with this game. i played only a few games before. i played mando and LZ at the same time at our pinball location. LZ seemed very easy and boring at the first sight. but! i must say that LZ is absolutely not boring; for me it was better than mando. main rules are quite easy to understand, shots are satisfying. maybe this pin is not realy compareable with must other modern sterns. LZ is a kind of "oldfashioned" style; like old meets new! a little bit like the BEATLES; but not so boring!! i mean, everything was kept quite simple. it is not my favourite machine, but i like it. longplayer!
62 days ago
one of stern's best pins. very well designed game. shots are perfect smooth. main rules are quite easy to understand. it took a little time to get to the 3rd place; but that's what it is, top 10 game!!
70 days ago
very very nice game. much underrated. great spooky pin. love it
80 days ago
i like it. very much underrated. quite easy to understand. music fits very well. nice shots. all in all very nice pin. i think the pro is enough.
4 months ago
this is the first time for me giving 10 points. yes, this pin is sometimes/somehow a little bit lively, but it is sooo much fun. highest lastability!! this device is like the TNA; it sucks you into it. go on spooky!
7 months ago
very much underrated game. i think people don't understand the spirit of this game. quite easy to understand, still small surprises in every game. pinball pure.
spooky rules!!!
9 months ago
extremely underrated pin. so many challenges and good ideas in this machine. ramps, nice shots, the rollercoaster, and so much more. a lot of pinball for a fair price. i love all the API pins! the flow is also quite good. i think the theming makes people a little bit sceptic. definitely a keeper!
9 months ago
first impressions after 50 games: i was very skeptical when i ordered this game. after 2-3 games i was really stocked. fun, action, challenging,... very very good pinball machine. the price is hot also:) bargain!
this pin has not the typical AP issues (like houdini; but i love houdini!); very good flow in this game. this is a game for the whole family. real fun!

after another 100 games...for me, this is "the game of 2020" !!
at the first sight maybe this game seems to be a little bit uninteresting; after a few games, you will see that it is absolutely not uninteresting; after another 50 is amazing! believe me, please try it.
10 months ago
typically pat lawler style. a lot to do, nice shots also. one of my favorite "old" pins.
10 months ago
what a nice game!! easy to understand, high lastability. it is a little bit like the TNA from spooky, but with a few ramps and a bash toy. quite easy gamedesign, but very good to play; good flow. highly recommended!
11 months ago
a classic from the first minute. keeper!
11 months ago
the theme is not everybody's darling. but the game is really great. many very satisfying shoots. good flow.
11 months ago
makes fun every time i play it. not the deepest pin i have, but the one with high lastability. a bit childish, but nice gameplay; easy to understand. pro model is absolutely enough, no prem/LE needed. sold my LE after a few weeks, and bought a pro (with shaker and plenty of mods). recommended!
11 months ago
a milestone in pinball history; i have to honor this. but not much fun playing. i play it twice a year, and that's enough. comletely overrated. maximum ranking for me is top 50.
11 months ago
not a pinball machine in the classic sense. shots are often not very smooth because of those many little obstacles on playfield.
but it's really an anventure. you must spend a little time with this game. with time it is getting better and better. don't be afraid of the bumpy shots; they are part of the game. not for tournament, for entertainment only. last code updates make the game much more clearer (not so many multiballs). sounds and music are great! all in all a good game!
11 months ago
second best musicpin; after iron maiden and alice cooper. soundsystem of prem is very poor. installed an upgrade from fidelity sound; much much better now.
11 months ago
i am still in doubt a little bit about this game. i am sure that it was really hard work to finish this game; remember, this was 4 years ago. all the new features; a completely new style of pinball machine. yes, jjp has reinvented pinball. i think they planed a lot! so many new inventions in this game, some work well, others not so well. i think there is nobody who didn't have trouble with this pin. i repaired the ship several times. but -for sure- this game is enriching the world of pinball. very sorry that there is no code update. it seems that jjp was glad to finish sales. i looks a little bit like child laying aside. it seems they don't want to have anything to do with this machine further???
i see this machine in the top 20ies, not top 3.
11 months ago
this is a great game! even for somebody like me who is not interested in superhero theme. bad criticts on this game means to whine at the highest level. this game picked me up from the first moment. action, fun, satisfying shots, completely new stuff on playfield. i think a little bit of code update must be done.
11 months ago
very nice machine. this is a game for every day. much better than the original.
11 months ago
all time high game. chicago gaming hits it with the improved lighteffects, the soucers, the topper. this remake is much better than the original. always fun with this game.
11 months ago
best musicpin on market! makes fun every time. perfect balance and combination between music and gameplay. hope to see more of you, keith elwin.
11 months ago
jjp at it's best. a lot to do on this pin. surprises in each gamesession. this machine never get's boring. i also had absolutely no connection to the theme before; no matter. now i am in wonkamania! :)
11 months ago
i have to break a lance for this game. yes, shots a not very smooth. inner loop is hard to hit. this is not a pin for chasing points. but this game is unique in many ways. so many new ideas, varieties of shots, so many details, also a very nice video game mode, the catapult to trunk, and so much more!! for me it is a top 20 machine, no doubt!
11 months ago
pinball made from players for players. also for those who had nothing to do with the singer AC until now. the music is integrated perfectly in the game. the sounds, the speech, the callouts, everything is perfect. i get goose bumps when i play this machine. when frankenstein mode activates...this is better than sex ;)
this is spooky's answer on sterns iron maiden.
11 months ago
i don't understand what pleople like on this game. ok, because of the wide opened playfield the shots are fun; but that's the only positiv. the animations are poor. the gamerules are uninspired and odd. the secret shot in the trunk?!?...come on, what's that?! i sold my LE after a view weeks; i don't miss it in my collection.
11 months ago
this is the perfect pin! keith elwin has shown again what's possible in pinball. the only thing i am missing in this game is a scoop (at controlroom maybe!?)
11 months ago
i don't see this game in the top 30ies. this game is predictable and very one-dimensional. after 50-100 games there is no further surprise in gameplay. i think nobody has ever seen the videogame?!? always the same, hit the castle and shoot ramps. game is overrated. yes, no doubt, it is a very nice title from the the 90'. but there are so many new machines that play much better and make much more fun.
royal edition is expensive, has no plaque, no numbering; nobody knows how many games have been built. very nice lightshow. greater display is nice too. topper is a little bit unimaginativ (AFM topper rules!)
to all those MM owners who push the game permanently; stay fair! and give the new machines a fair chance!
11 months ago
very nice looking pin. sounds and music are very annoying.
11 months ago
one of the best 90' titles. smooth shots, satisfying shots. high recommended.
11 months ago
could have more LE features. but all in all nice game. a little bit underrated, i mean.
11 months ago
i am very sorry, but this is really not jjp at it's best. i have all jjp pins; but this GnR LE model is the worst. music, lightshow and design are very nice; but gamedesign and gameplay are poor. i was so excited about this pin; i am really disappointed now. shots are absolutely not satisfying. it seems that this game was designed only on computer.
activating the 4 multiballs (lights, pyro, amps,crowd) seems more random. some song multiballs are only confusing, like in the early gamecode of hobbit. no special gimmicks, no bashtoy. some details (drumsticks,...) are nice, but not very inspired. a hat - is this the best they got? why did they use such solid metal ramps? so nobody can see the balls below?! sounds are repetitive and annoying. from the technical view, this game is two steps back from the other jjp games!
all in all, a very nice looking pin, but only made for GnR enthusiasts, not for players. i played about 100 games and it doesn't get better. as i said, very very nice looking, but gamedesign and technical implementation have a lot of teething. no good flow in this game.
11 months ago
for me it is one if the best new pinball machines currently. so much love put in the details. the shots are not very smooth always; but it is really great fun to play. the theme is great, the gamedesign is great, and the gameplay is also very nice. two thumbs up!!