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7 years ago
I love this game. That's all I can say. Maybe I'm a crappy player, but I find the challenge of keeping 3 balls in play on a fast playfield, while trying to complete banks of targets at the top of the playfield fun as heck. Then, when you eventually screw up, the real challenge begins---regaining multi-ball by shooting the captive ball at a difficult to reach spot. A neat game, with the focus on earning and losing playing time. A lot of players are turned off by the theme (I'm convinced they find the cartoon style squirrels an assault on their adulthood--god-forbid a toy be too childish), but it's perfectly frenetic and fits the chaotic timed multi-ball. One of my favorite games ever, and I'm convinced Gottlieb missed the boat by not releasing it.

*Also, anyone playing a virtual version of this shouldn't be rating it. I find this a completely different animal in real life. Much more challenging and fun.
11 years ago
I love games that are greater than the sum of their parts, and this is one of them. No tricks, no toys, just fun scoring, challenging shots, and great sound. Every lay-person who sees and plays this game instantly gets it-the rules, the appearance, the sounds. And everyone comments how it's like being back in the 80's. Just good plain fun, especially for regular people.
11 years ago
I'm very ambivalent about this machine. Sometimes I think it's too easy. Way too easy. Yet maybe this is how some pinball should be--my kids absolutely love it (they're not novices, but still find it entertaining), and anyone who liked this movie loves this machine, along with the music and voices. It is fun, and it's gorgeouse.
11 years ago
Never played this until last year. Needless to say, it's my next targeted game. Love the trapped balls, the drop targets blocking them, the upper flipper, the flip-save. Great, fast wide-body. I'm just going to assume that anyone that claims it's a slow machine, has had the misfortune of playing one that isn't in great shape. Nice multi-ball. Love the great crossover of classic 1930s-1960s sci-fi features with those of the 1980's. Great sound for the time, as well.
11 years ago
In 40 yrs of playing pinball, I've never left a machine with a feeling of complete disgust. I even like some games other pinheads despise. That is, until I played this abomination last month. No flow, no appeal, few decent shots, just gimmicks. And, to top it off, why bother--at the end of the game, your score may no longer be your score. And I'm a huge Looney Tunes fan--so much could have been done with this game. What a waste.
11 years ago
The only good Atari. Such a complete deviation from every other machine made to that point. Makes you wonder just how good Atari's Road Runner would have been. Very challenging single ball game. This game kicked my butt when I was a teenager, but it never discouraged me. As an adult player, it still challenges me, and is just plain fun. And those "futuristic" Atari beeps just warm my heart. To top it off--it's a looker. Great 1970's comic art mixed in with "futuristic" Atari design.

UPDATE: It's pretty shocking how bad this game can be when not properly set up. I had mine fully restored, and it's still one of my all-time favorites. My flippers reach all shots with ease, my pf is cleaned, cleared and fast., and the game is just great. And yet, I've played about 6 other copies of this game in the past 4 years. And they suck. Most of them are just outright neglected. Which is really a shame. When it is set up correctly, this is one of the best games made up until this point--tons of shots, challenging goals, just a world of fun. It's too bad there aren't enough nice copies around so it is appreciated the way it is meant to be.
12 years ago
One of my favorites from any time period. Just pure fun, and super challenging. Gorgeous machine. I'm a sucker for anything w/ in-line drop targets. As time goes on, this game degree of difficulty doesn't diminish. A great game, that challenges the best players. Just an absolute classic with great rules.

Edit: I'm not going to change any numbers, but if it's possible, my appreciation and enjoyment of this game just grows. In my mind, it epitomizes early SS and has every feature that made Bally's from that period tremendous. It's just a great, great game, with it's dual bonuses, great shots, inline target, bi-directional kick-out. Over the last 7 years, this has probably become my favorite game of all time.

Any for the value-conscious among you, you can't find a better bargain. I don't think there's a better game for under 2Gs
12 years ago
This is a tremendous classic. Everyone I know, from pin-heads to regular people, even kids enjoy this game. Elegant, simple yet fun. And reasonably challenging And absolutely gorgeous. Was so much better than anything else in its time.

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