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40 days ago
Blackout has an awesome layout that never feels dull, especially with such awesome sounds, lights, and artwork. Great early 80s pinball. Having multiple spinners and voice call outs is a major plus.
52 days ago
This pin is one of my favorite sleeper hits. I don't think it gets a lot of love. There's things I really enjoy about it, and a few things that aren't so great. First of all, I really dig the layout. The spinning area that creates different ball paths is cool. This is not a deep pin. Very simple, but fun. Not always easy to make that ramp shot. Nice art work. Sounds are ok, but sometimes it's hard to understand whats being said. Music is ok, but after awhile it can become annoying. This is a pin that doesn't need to be too loud and it also helps to have other music playing in the room. Overall, a fun pin that is becoming slightly more popular these days.
57 days ago
I really like this layout and the way the ball flows. Good variety of shots and all are satisfying. 2 spinners, inline drop targets, 3rd flipper. Not an easy pin to approach and play, but after a few tries, I really found a rhythm and it was still a challenge. Great sounds. I love this era of pinball and Flash Gordon is one of the tops. Always fun to play this one whenever found.
3 months ago
There is a Deadpool pinball on location that I have been playing. Each time I find that it is really growing on me. I could be mistaken, but I feel like it is not so much just a Deadpool theme, as it is a 'Deadpool hangin' at the Arcade' theme. Like all he wants to do is play pinball and some ninjas show up! Pretty cool. I was never a huge comic book fan, but always respected what they were all about. This pin, I think, goes beyond just another comic book related theme. It felt like much more and it's a lot of fun. The arcade I was playing it at was very loud but I could hear just enough of the music and sounds to really get a good experience. I really like the mix of old throwback sounds of games from the past. Everything was done with such thought, right down to the Match sequence that references the Price is Right (a show I used to watch as a kid when I was home from school for the summer.) The 90s style video game fighting scenes were very well done. I like that it had 16-bit kinda look to it. Another throwback to my youth.

The layout is one of the most interesting ones out there. I can't think of another layout that closely resembles this one. I really enjoy the shot variety and, although it wasn't entirely clear what I was shooting for, it was still very satisfying to play.

Artwork is excellent. This machine is very bright and colorful and it makes it a really inviting pin to play. I'm glad it's not too much of a toy overload. The Pro really holds it's own. Love the bank of drop targets. Sword ball path is really cool.

So despite my minimal experience with comics, I still felt a connection to this theme. I think the design team did an awesome job by making this pin so much more than what we've seen before. Obviously people have been wanting a more R-rated style pin. I think this pin still holds its own and is fun for people of all skill levels. Definitely my favorite Stern pin at the moment.
3 months ago
Awesome theme. Artwork, sounds, music, and animations are all superb. The layout is interesting. I like the available shots in the upper right part of the playfield. I find myself trying to reach that area and hit the loops. It's a solid pin, overall. Challenging. Maintenance is key with this one, especially.
3 months ago
Diner is one of my favorite pins of the early 90s. I find it challenging but fun. Bad shots can often lead to drains and this pin is a good example of that, yet I still remain eager to play it every time I come across it.
3 months ago
I really enjoy playing this layout whenever I get the chance. I love games with loops and this has some satisfying shots. I like the concept of the hidden pop bumper. Really cool ball lock. Plays fast but it never seems like the ball was too out of control for me. The theme is very well done. Obviously, like most pins, this one really needs to be dialed in and maintained well to get the full effect. I wouldn't own one myself, but I love playing it when I come across it.
5 months ago
I love pinball with good ball flow and White Water is one of the finest examples. The upper playfield is one of my favorites. Great variety of shots. I don't really connect with the theme personally, but it's still a fun theme and is represents itself very well. Great ball flow on the ramps. All around, this is a very fun pin.
5 months ago
One of the best modern pins available as far as complete presentation is concerned. I really enjoy the skill shot - one of my favorites in a pinball machine. Ball flow is excellent, despite the bash toy in the right-center of the playfield. Not a huge fan of bash toys, but this one is tolerable. Only gripe is the notorious cheap drains when the ball comes out of the pop bumpers. Otherwise, I really like how the ball moves in this one. The DMD animations are some of the finest of any modern era pinball machine. Always eager to play this pin. The Pro version is solid.
5 months ago
Not the deepest pin as far as modes, but it's fun every time I play it. Great pin for beginners or people who don't play much. Some of the best artwork on a pinball machine and it looks even better with LED lighting. I still laugh at some of the call outs and sounds. One of my few gripes is the "Stop the spider!" callout gets kinda old. Who doesn't love Elvira!?
5 months ago
AC/DC is possibly my favorite music themed pin and one of my favorite pinball machines in general. This pin is what got me back into enjoying AC/DC like I did when I was a kid. Excellent layout and shot variety. This machine brings the music to life and makes you feel like you're in the middle of one of their concerts. I love pinball that gets the adrenaline going and this is one of the best.
5 months ago
This pin is an adrenaline rush. One of my favorite modern pins for sure. I'd consider myself a fan of Iron Maiden. Not a huge fan these days, but enough to be familiar with their songs. What people don't understand is that the theme isn't entirely based on the band, but more so based on the 'Legacy of the Beast'. Instead of concert footage and band members featured on the pin, we have Eddie and various other characters. It's not a bad thing, either. I think the artwork is some of the best on a pin and really captures the world of Iron Maiden and not so much the band themselves. A nice change for what people would call a 'music pin.' Definitely not a typical music pin.

I really like the number of shots in this pin. Awesome original layout. Loop shots feel satisfying when hit. Ramps feel tough to hit at times, but I like the challenge. Song selection is not surprising. They kept it safe with the hits. Nice sounds and call outs. Great light show. An all-around solid pin.
5 months ago
When I first played Monster Bash, the rules wern't entire clear to me. After a few plays, I began to understand the shots that needed to be made and how each one corresponded with a band member. I really enjoy this layout. Every shot feels satisfying, especially when they flow into combos. Shots aren't too difficult but not super easy either - plays just right for me. Lots of humor in this pin. One of the best pins out there and for good reason.
1 year ago
I really like creative themes and this one is a fine example. Reminds me of a kooky theme from the late 80s. I love the strategy involved with selecting junk. Playfield layout seems wide open, but I do like the shot selection. Left ramp can be a challenge. I dig how they included modes from games released a few years prior to this one. Music is decent. Some of the songs will get stuck in your head. Some of the callouts can get repetitive, but didn't bother me too much. I had fun playing this one.
1 year ago
This is probably my favorite music-themed pinball. I really enjoy the layout of this pin. Great shots and plays fast, which is always a plus for me. Artwork is decent. Theme is cool - it really captures the concept of the band. Not much into their music like I was when I was a teen, yet I still find some of their music to really add to the experience of playing this pin. I almost always select 'Ride the Lightning'. Perfect song to play along with. My only gripe is some of the callouts can be a little annoying. Otherwise, great all around pinball machine.
1 year ago
Played this pin for the first time. Really enjoyed the atmosphere on this one. Decent shot selection. Wasn't sure exactly what to do upon the first play but had fun regardless. Excellent artwork, music and sounds, even though some were a little repetitive. Overall, a good effort by Sega.
1 year ago
When I first played JM, I didn't understand the rules. Recently, a friend who owns the game showed me how it works. I love the strategy of ball locks and the multi ball that follows is exciting. This game has great flow despite the glove, which doesn't bother me at all. There's enough ball movement going on to the point where I don't mind when the glove comes into play. I love the layout of the playfield and the shots are plentiful. This game is more fun to me that most games rated higher. LEDs really make this one stand out. One of the few bang for your buck pins still out there.

Update: JM can be frustratingly brutal. I owned one and it stayed for a few months. Found myself draining constantly in the outlanes. Bad skills on my part perhaps, but after awhile it just didn't seem as fun as I found it to be initially.
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite pinball machines of the late 80s. I actually enjoy this one a little bit more than some of Pat Lawlor's other more famous titles of the same era. I like the layout of this playfield and really enjoy how the ball flows. Basic but still fun.

Update: Still a fun table because of it's unique layout, but not enough going on for me to warrant a purchase. After playing a few more System 11 pins, I find this one not among the best but not the worst either. Good pin if found for under 2k and especially if you have a large collection.
2 years ago
Wow this game is loaded! Lots of modes and features. Even though I was never a huge fan of the IJ movies, this pin really lives up to the theme it's based on. Tough shots for me, but it's still very fun to play, and I actually prefer it over the other top 10 pins.
2 years ago
Cool game. I love these games with the loop and third flipper shot. Great sounds like car horns and police sirens and cop radio chatter. Better sound variety than most newer pins. Awesome light show. Love the tense sounding 'music.' All of these elements really put me into the theme which is very well done. Feels like it was ahead of its time. Im not spoiled by the glitz and glamour of todays mod-filled games. This is a classic game that does so much with so little.
3 years ago
I first got to play DH over a year ago. It was a routed game that left me with a bad impression. Recently, I played one in much better condition. Great ball flow. It's easy to understand what to shoot for. I love the variety of shots, even if some of them are difficult Oursler style shots. I love the Eastwood callouts in this game. The art work, backglass, and cabinet are very cool. I wish it had better lighting, but then again, it kinda looks gritty without all the lights, like the DH movies. As of this review, I own this game next to BSD and I think it compliments it very well. Right now, this is one of the best bang for your buck pins out there.

Update: Sold the pin to a friend. Still get to play it time to time. I don't miss it, but if I had a larger collection, DH would probably be in it. My only major gripe of this pin is the design flaw of not installing a post to the right of the left loop entrance. The target there is almost always destroyed because there is nothing there to help absorb direct hits from the ball.
3 years ago
Really cool and unique game. I had fun playing it because I really dig the theme and how they combined a mystery game into a pinball game. I'm not sure how long it would last in a small collection, however. Plus i'm sure if you play it enough, it may be become easier to guess the clues. Could become repetitive. I will always play it when I see one, though. Great game.
3 years ago
Great original theme. It's very unique and creative. My only gripe would be that the ball goes wild quite often. It seemed to bounce around and end up in another part of the playfield. Also, the jump rope magnet wouldn't always catch the ball and would lose it even when I would clear the metal bar cleanly. Decent game but didn't hold my interest for long.

Update: Revisited this pin at a friend's house. It's fun to play but in short and small doses. Very 'rinse and repeat' gameplay.
4 years ago
Decent game. I really wanted one for awhile, but I moved on from that. Good to play when you see one. Game really feels cut in half. Seems like I was just spending my time going for the upper playfield. Great music. Nice looking game but I just couldn't connect with it to the fullest.

Update: Spent more time on another example and really opened up to this machine. Spent some time making shots on both sections of the playfield. There are more shots than meets the eye. Always loved the music too.
4 years ago
One of the more creative playfields i've played. Shadow is a blast. I love the mini playfield and the diverter options. People are ashamed of the backglass but I would just leave it alone. I love "ugly" themes and bad ass pinball and this one is a killer. I know i'm the only person who is thinking this, but my only complaint is the Sanctum ball freeze. It really breaks up the flow!

Update: This is one of the few pins that I actually miss from my collection. Not entire sure I would actively seek one out, but if it ever popped up, i'd consider having it again.
4 years ago
Really cool game. I love the layout of the playfield and everthing just feels smooth. Nice shots. I have no problem with the theme at all. Nevermind if the film was good or bad. This pinball does a great job capturing that jungle vibe with all the sounds and animations. Bad ass pinball.
4 years ago
Road Show is a fantastic game! Definitely want to play it again. Personally, I find it to be more fun than games like Addams Family and Funhouse, especially because of the quotes from Red and Ted, the sounds, the shaker. It's all good. I love the road destruction theme and the game does a great job realizing it. I love the music and call outs and i'm not a country guy. I would love to own one someday.

Update: I still find this pin amazingly fun. Something to note about this pin, specifically, is that it really has to be dialed in and maintained to get the full experience of what it has to offer. I have played a really nice Road Show and some not so great Road Shows and it really is a difference maker.
4 years ago
This is one of my favorite original themes. Though I love the music, the call outs, the random yells and commands, after awhile, I will find the sounds to be repetitive. Specifically, the swiping sounds of the flippers. Although the music is not representative of it, this game has a dark '80s heavy metal' feel to it, which is always a plus for me. The table plays alright for me. Not too much to shoot for, but I still like how it flows and I can connect with the theme. Good to play, but I probably wouldn't own one unless I had a large collection.
4 years ago
Nice pinball by Data East. This game has alot of personality, especially with the T-Rex. The speed of the kickback made the game a bit more thrilling, as it was something I had to keep a focus on, similar to the one in F-14. I think Data East did a great job with the theme. Not my favorite pinball from them, but definitely a fun game.
4 years ago
Great game with a great theme. I'm normally not a big fan of wide open layouts with everything at the deep end, but this one is fun to play. At the same time, I also like that it's not super loaded. One of the best light shows. Great experience playing this one.
4 years ago
This game is a classic and it was a blast to play it. I know it may seem a little dated, but it's still fun classic pinball. I always find myself wanting to play more of these gems from '79-'81. Great game.
4 years ago
Awesome concept and design. I love the way this one plays. Great loops and fast action with just a little bit of stop n' go. Great sounds and lighting. I played a really nice example and I was impressed. I think it's better than most of the DMD pins that came out later in the 90s.

Update: Still a fun machine, but with the off balance scoring, it makes me want to play it slightly less when competing with friends.
4 years ago
This is a great effort of a fishing theme in a pinball machine. Mark Ritchie has done a fantastic job creating a very colorful game that includes humorous references to an actual fishing trip. I love the dueling looping ramps and the bonus shot that follows. Lots of humor in this game. It can be challenging but also alot of fun. I played it with a smile. Very charming game that deserves a chance. Oh, and the video mode is awesome!
4 years ago
This game is fun the first few times I played it, but once I explored other pins of the 90's, I began to realize that there just isn't much going on in this game. It's got alot of flash and creativity as far as appearance goes. As far as pinball goes, it's just ok. For me it becomes repetitive. Nothing about this game really drew me back to it. People throw money at it for it's castle gimmick and humor, but there are much deeper games out there at a fraction of the cost that have much better replay value.
4 years ago
I was never a big fan of Star Trek, but that didn't stop me from really enjoying this game! This a very fun game with a great variety of modes. I love the widebody playfield and the variety of shots.

Edit: I used to really want one but there seems to be more maintenance issues with this one every time I find one to play.
4 years ago
I played this one for the first time and it's a really fun game. I like the variety of modes. Great lights, sounds and music. I've never been a big comic book guy but playing this game really got me interested in the variety of characters scattered throughout the different modes. Nice use of magnets, especially for the Magneto multiball. I love fast pinball machines and this one was very satisfying. The only thing I would say is that the Wolverine can be a bit obstructing, otherwise it's a fantastic machine.
4 years ago
I got to play this at an event this year and it was such a blast. I kept going back to it. Great lights and sounds. I love fast pinball and this one is no joke.

Edit: It's a great first pin if you're getting into the hobby, but after owning and playing it for awhile, I felt it was time to move on and find something different.
4 years ago
This game is such a blast everytime. It has a very spooky vibe to it, which you don't find very often on a pinball machine. I love the awesome DMD visuals and the bad-ass call outs ( "...cut off her head, take out her heart!" ) !!! Definitely not a family-friendly machine! Also, it's not a game you can just flip away and expect to see 'cause and effect' with every shot. This is one of those games that really commands respect. These are very strict shots that will take some time to learn. The pulsing music really adds to how I think about my shots. It really is a rush trying to obtain the 3 simultanious multiballs! Even getting just 1 or 2 of them is fun in itself. I keep wanting to play over and over again. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the games in the Top 20 list...and i'm ok with that. Mist multiball is the neat feature of this machine. Otherwise, this is straight-foward pinball with a killer look. This is a very serious machine that really takes you into the Dracula theme. Also, I think this does more for the theme than the film itself!

Some may argue that this isn't a good game to have for a small collection. I can see why that can be said, especially for a beginner. However, if you really give it some time and learn what kind of game this is, you'll learn to appreciate it just as I have. After spending some time on this one, you will start to see progress with scores going into the triple-digit millions. After owning a few other pins, this is the only one I own right now and i'm glad to say it's a keeper! I can really connect with this game and I am proud to own it.
4 years ago
Great game! I love that there are so many different things to shoot for. I love the ramps and ball flow. Great sounds and images. I didn't find the far end of the play field to be too obstructed for me too see. Very cool game.

Update: I still really enjoy this game. Some say it's not deep enough, but there is still so much to do in this pin and I always find myself wanting to play it over some of the newer machines.
4 years ago
I am a wrestling fan, so I was excited to finally give this machine a try. The sounds and music consist of wrestler shout outs and entrance themes from the year of 1993 in WWF, which I do remember quite fondly. However, I was a little disappointed to see some of the wrestlers featured on the artwork have no presence in the sounds and music. Basically, it looks better than it really is. Plays very simple. Definitely great for beginners, but really nothing too spectacular. Decent filler for a collection.
4 years ago
Good game. It's certainly a classic pin from the 90s. Fun, but frustrating at times. Nice sounds, lights, and modes. This pin has some of the best call outs from the main actor Raul Julia. I always play this pin when I see it out in public, I just don't find myself wanting to play it for too long. I don't feel the need to own it because they are often found.
4 years ago
It's not my favorite SR pin, but it's still an decent game. Didn't last long with me, however.
4 years ago
Fun game with a great original theme. Rudy's taunts and shout outs don't annoy me, they actually make the game alot more fun and inspiring. It's not my favorite Pat Lawlor game, but it's still a classic. Not a big fan of the stop-and-go...though I still like to play it, I just don't feel the need to own one.
4 years ago
I used to own it but decided it just wasn't for me. The theme is fantastic, but I found that the gadgets were just a little much and i'm just more into games that flow. It is a good game, I just think it's rated just a bit too high and there are much better games out there at a fraction of he price. It's popular with collectors because of all the unnecessary and overpriced mods available for it. If you're looking to own one, try to find one with little to no mods (the game is still good without them). Just be ready for regular maintenance issues with this game.
4 years ago
Personally, this is my favorite mixture of artwork and lighting on a pinball machine. Absolutely gorgeous. Gameplay is basic but fun. Great for it's time.
4 years ago
Very fun, very fast pin with lots of ramps. The jump ramp feature is neat - very fun to hit that ramp for multiple jumps. However, I can see how this game could become repetitive. Overall, I wouldn't mind having this one in my collection down the road, only because of the hate on the theme so much, it makes for a decent price. I think the theme is pretty rad. No Fear is probably a good filler title to have for when you feel like hitting lots of ramps and loops for building high scores.