Relatively New Pinball Fan

Written by aingide on October 9th, 2011.


Relatively New Pinball Fan

Written by aingide, published October 9th, 2011. 4 comment(s).

I've been a video game fan all my life and have only recently started seriously getting into pinball.

I went to California Extreme 2011 in anticipation of playing arcade games like Street Fighter II and The Simpsons, but found myself walking past the video machines and right up to a bank of DMD pins.  Five or six hours later I was hooked.

With the popularity of Xbox Live, and a return to competetive games with an emphasise on high scores and community, there's a HUGE opportunity for pinball to explode in popularity once again.


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    HELLODEADCITY commented on October 09, 2011 22:46:14

    shows like Cal-X are great places to experience pinball
    -play more pinball

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    kwiKimart commented on October 10, 2011 06:28:26

    It's great that there is some pinball players/gamers out there.

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    The_Dude_Abides commented on October 10, 2011 19:44:02

    California Extreme '11 was pretty epic IMO. Glad to see it got you hooked on Pinball. Welcome to Pinside!

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    absocountry2 commented on October 11, 2011 00:59:11


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