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48 days ago
Got my game yesterday on factory .86 code. Updated to .91 today. Much better call out and sound integration. I had a problem with mine out of the box where the diverter to the vuk to get to the guitar playfield wasn’t working. And the ball lock release was so fast it trapped the balls perpetually. It ended up not being mechanical, but rather a setting that was not (factory default) from the factory. Lol. Fixed and all good

The Red Special MB virtual locks are supposed to be ON per (factory default). Mine were set to OFF. Once I changed that both issues were resolved.The game now plays as it should and after putting 5 more games on it I need to express my gratitude to Ferret and Shawn at PB support. They were on it within an hour…..Never got that kind of response from manufacturers of any of my other games, ever…..and I have a bunch. I also want to now say some things about the game for those waiting or who are curious. I have had my bouts with PB and CT about the lack of communication and the 10 month wait, but time to sprinkle some praise.
-very well packaged. Better than stern, jjp, spooky etc how they protect the game on a pallet
-This thing is absolutely beautiful. Like stunning actually.
-Queen is fun as hell to shoot once everything was working. Stuff everywhere.
-The outlanes are large and balls love to go in them. Thinking some titan bands will help.
-Incredible lighting. Nice to be able to see when you play without having to add extra lighting.
-The factory sound is actually amazing. Tons of highs and bass. I’m going to add a Polk 10” sub and see how that does
-the live clips are excellent and there are tons of them.
-the non translite is strange but the screen is huge. More than twice my stern games and my Halloween. Kinda like my Hobbit size.
-You can bump up the flippers strength to your liking if you think they are weakish.
-As many adjustments to playability as a stern and a TON more than Spooky.
-Why no owners manual?
- 0 instructions for anything. The “goodie box” is just the feet, balls, power cord, apron cards you can’t use, tilt bob, 2 fuses, a light bulb, and a game number certificate. Some instructions on a sheet of paper would be nice. There are some things on this game not like others. Heck, a note saying “thank you for buying” wouldn’t be a bad thing.
-This game will continue to get better but as it sits right now it is a pleasant surprise. PB has a winner in my opinion.
2 years ago
One of the best games Stern ever built. Fun, deep, and interactive. Lots of shot variations and great artwork. My only ding on the game is the backglass art, but I own it because of the gameplay, not how it “looks”. The latest code update really makes this game a must have, although it already was before too. Home run pin by Stern.
3 years ago
The game is gorgeous. It is way fun and tons to shoot for. A couple of the call outs are repetitive, but even though it is a retheme of Family Guy, it is done really well. Great game and pretty deep. What more can you say other than this was done well. Very glad to have bought one.
3 years ago
Love it. Like Iron Maiden this game requires you to hit your shots precicely. Really dark game...added lights to the trough and the back and that helps. One thing I don’t like is just like Munsters, there are times when you hit a shot and all the lights go out. Kinda hard to play pinball in the dark.
The jeep shot is really neat. So much stuff to shoot at, lots of modes, and an all around blast to play. I hooked mine up to a 12” powered sub and OH MY is it sweet. Great game Stern! A+
3 years ago
Maybe I am in the minority, but I like this game. In full disclosure I bought one sight unseen in order to help a starting company, plus it looks simply fantastic. I was nervous with all the teeth gnashing and hate I read on here, but decided to wait and form my own opinion. After putting about 20 games on it today here is my take.
1). Beautiful game. My fav art of all games along with Cirqus
2) Code is pretty basic but not too complicated. Anyone can walk up and play it and not be lost.
3) It is fast, and has plenty of stuff to shoot for.
4) the purple/blue powdercoating of everything means no paying to do it aftermarket.
5) I love metal, so the music is fitting, and the sound is pretty nice. They make good use of the speakers and subs and have controls for treble, bass, and volume.

Call me crazy, but I like the game. It is, to me, what I look for in a!
3 years ago
I absolutely love this game. It is fun, fast, and well thought out. Once I added some light it was even better. One of my top 5 games of all time. Absolutely gorgeous to the eyes, the trash talk is funny, and the modes make perfect sense.
My only criticism is how often during game play the lights go completely pitch dark.....kinda hard to hit a pinball in the dark.
Midnight madness is awesome
3 years ago
I rated it previously with no comments, but will add them now. I absolutely love this game. It is hard, fun, and unique. There are tons of modes, boosts, fun call outs, catchy music, and with the new code better animations. This is a player’s pin, meaning a casual person who just wants to mash flippers will have no idea what is going on. The rules are very deep, and there are too many combinations of things to ever be boring. American hit a home run with this and I am glad to be an owner. This game and Iron Maiden are my top 2 games of all time. I find myself dying to make time and press that start button again.
In full disclosure, I am a distributor for American Pinball, and that has zero bearing on the comments above. The game for me is epic....I have zero negatives at all.
4 years ago
Personally I think the game is great all around. The call outs are funny, the toys are well thought out, and the game is fun. The outlanes are brutal, and sometimes the boxer ramps shoot the ball right down the middle. This makes for precise timing and shots and keeps the game fun. Not many built so the rare factor is there too. Love mine.
4 years ago
Simple. Love this game. The call outs are great since the player really isnt looking up to see what is next. Lots going on with this and fun. Get one!
4 years ago
I will be simple and to the point. This game is lots of fun. The going back decade by decade and the music changing is a cool theme. The 50’s bells emulating an EM machine? Pure gold. This game is fun, easy to work on, and inexpensive if you can find one. I mean, you can get a top 100 pin for well under 2k? I might buy every one I find. Haha. I have a lot of pins and keep coming back to this one.
4 years ago
I rated this game so high, because it is one of my top 2-3 games I have ever played. Fun fun and more fun. So much stuff to shoot, great layout, fast, multiball and add a ball, etc. the only is a Gottlieb. Hahaha. All kidding aside it is a truly great game.
5 years ago
After playing one I knew I had to have it. Absolute blast to play. Shots everywhere and the rotating face is a really neat part of the game. One of my favorites of all time.
5 years ago
A very visually appealing game. I got one that was a project and really enjoyed it enough to buy a really nice one. The colors are bright and a pretty fun pin to play.
5 years ago
After owning this game for a few months I rerated. The 2.0 update was great and the family loves this game. Very deep and a blast to play (provided you have 45 mins to an hour). My fav game in my collection easily. Love it!
5 years ago
This game is a blast for me to play. Lots of shots on both sides. Played it in an arcade and quickly purchased one for my home. Not rated as high as it should be, and can usually pick one up for a good deal.
5 years ago
Had one and traded it this Summer. Now I got one back becaused I missed it. Great superpin. Fun game with stuff going on everywhere. Color DMD is one of the prettiest on this game and the polk 10” powered sub really wakes the music and sounds up.
5 years ago
Had one....loved it, then traded it. Then spent the next 6 months trying to find another one. One of my top 5 games of all time. So satisfying one minute and enfuriating the next. Very fast and the outlanes and down the middle are brutal. If you miss your shot prepare for chaos. One game you put up a billion and the next you put up 8 million. I have also noticed it is important to find one in good working order, as many I have seen in the wild are not. Color dmd is a gem on this game.

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