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Aetos's ratings

Pinsider Aetos has rated 10 machines.

This page shows all all these ratings, and forms Aetos's personal top 10.

Rating comments

Aetos has written 10 rating comments:

9 months ago
This is my new favorite game. Very nice ramps and toys, a lot of things to do. I can see this game staying with me for a very long time. A winner!!! After playing it now for almost two months I must rase the score even more this is the most fun game ever made!
10 months ago
Its a good game but I dont like the theme so much.
1 year ago
I have played this several times on location but it’s not my type of game. I thought it would be much better its a ok game.
1 year ago
Played this on location for some hours, it was no fun. Maybe the premium is better but this one i didn’t like.
1 year ago
A classic and one day i gonna own one.
1 year ago
Top game a classic!
1 year ago
Its a fun game at first but after some time it bored me.
1 year ago
A very good game a classic!
1 year ago
Fun game nice shots and toys a winner!
2 years ago
I love this game! I still come back to get my ass kicked by this game and I have it for over one year now.