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1 year ago
Short version:

Very easy to understand, very funny to play. Fantastic theming art and sound
1 year ago
The Addams Family (TAF) is the pinball which got me hooked on pinball when I was young. And still does in my collection.

It is simply a pleasure to play with fun modes, multiball and good secondary objectives as well. I has always found it easy to go to, with intuitive ruleset and balanced scoring ad gameplay. The toys are #1 of its generation.

The exterior of TAF is very succesful in my opinion - even though I dislike many movie-licensed pinball machines artwork. The animations is not top of its class, but very informative in terms of which shots to make, etc. Actually the same goes for the playfield.

The music, sound and call out are my favorite on any machine. Especially the multiball callout are in a league of its own - I get goosebumps with every multiball. Lightning i good, but not he greatest. Lightning supports the sounds in such a good way though.

As mentioned I am not a big fan of some of the 90's B movie themed pinball machines. But this one hits the jackpot in that matter. Spot on! It is big fun, and I expect it to continue to be this way.

Definately ón my top 5.
2 years ago
WOW, Whit Water goes directly into my favourite spot. with a very few exceptions, I love everything with this machine. And it is so fun to play.

There are so many shorts and ramps and the flow is super fast. the stop and go with the Bigfoot Lock is only a well awaited break from a fun and hectic gameplay. There are may goals to go for; Multiball, Wet Willies, Bigfoot Hotfoot, Boulders and the very hard to get (which is good9 Vacation Planner Jackpot. both ruleset and scoring is wellbalanced. In my humble opinion WH2O has some pinball best; upper playfield (on this machine it is integrated in the gameflow), topper and toy (Bigfoot). Amazed by how the playfield is packed. Only small issue is that a great bit of playfield is hidden.

The game is just beautiful and it means a great bit for me, that the colours are so well balanced. The mountains are just spot on and upper playfield gives a good 3 dimensional feeling. Animations are ok, but not a blast - would have been nice with a videomode (maybe I haven't found it yet ;-).

The sounds, callouts and music are above average, but have been seen better. Sound effects a great though. As many points out it is a great detail that the music gets more intense when you advance raft.

Game lighting is top notch. Use of flashers well thought of and the lighteffect on topper should have made lighting designer employee of the month at Williams.

So a fantastic pinball machine with a great great theme. Fun to play and I guess it stays that way.
2 years ago
Star Trek TNG, for me, is a hard machine to rate. I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I got it a couple of months ago, I had a hard time to love it as much as I hoped. The outlanes seemed to attract every single ball and when not the balls seemed to run straight down the middle a lot. Now I installed lane extenders, set the outlane kicker on easy and also got better hitting the shots.... And it is a different story. It is still unforgiving and really fast, but also a lot of fun.

The layout of the playfield is great with so many shots and the modes and many different multiballs and ways to play (Ex going for warps, multiballs or modes) are well thought of and integrated in the theme. Still tough though, but it will make me a better player.... The cannons are fun, but also give start/stop action. Solid pin, which I suspect will grow on me.

I love the artwork - backglas not as much, since I am not a big fan of actors in that spot (I gives a bit of an outdated feel IMO - maybe I go with an alternate translite). Animations are great.

Sounds and music are the best. The actors gave so many speaks and callouts, making it a pleasure to listen to. Also the themed music gives a good Star Trek feel to it.

Lightning is also super on this pin. the use of flashers are simply one of my favourites. Only smaller issue is that the playfield is a bit dark. The lastability on this machine, I guess is really really good. Though I finally made it to Final Frontier today, I still need to improve so many elements. I will not be bored with my STTNG - but on an unfocused day, where nothing works, maybe a little frustrated from time to time ;-)

"If you hit the ball from another trajectory you……… says it all
2 years ago
First of all, I must say I agree with the many Pinsiders who state this is a very underrated game. It is not at top 10 machine in my opinion, but it well deserves a spot on top 100. A bang for the buck machine.

That said, my lowest rates are for the game design (not low, but other aspect score higher IMO). There are some small flaws, such as:
* Drop targets hidden under upper playfield is not only skillshots, but has a bit of a luck-factor as well
* Hitting the elevation ramp to upper playfield is not entirely skillbased
* Finding Sweetpea in videomode is really hard to get
* Multiball is fairly easy to get as well as multiple jackpots - a bit unbalanced
* Eject of balls from Blutos mouth, sometimes can go straight down the middle between flippers
* Not as many clean and dopamine rewarding shots compared to top 40 pins

But the different modes are fun to play and the general 'feel' of Popeye is great. The rules are easy to understand and easy played.

As I have seen in ratings of many different machines, Popeyes artwork and sound also divides people a bit. I am pro Popeyes artwork. I love the colours and the cartoonlike design. Great humor and spot on theming.

Music, sounds and speech are great and I love the callouts - great humor.

All in all a really good pinball machine. When I got it, I didn't expect it to be in my collection for he longest time, but now I am not so sure it will leave soon
2 years ago
My first pinball machine purchased after researching and reading reviews here on Pinside. And I must say I find it hard to imagine a better value for money bargain. In my opinion it almost equals my The Addams Family game.

The game is fast, have dopamine-rewarding shots and has a great flow, except when you are not totally focused, which can end up with a lot of hitting the rubber posts, not scoring anything. But that depends on skill and the machine is so rewarding when you have your game going on. The gameplay is great with so many strategies you can choose and go for when opportunities open. Take your time to learn the shots, combinations and timing and you have fun for so many hours. I know some reviews find the machine shallow, but I take a different position on that. My biggest con with this machine is the outlanes with drains a lot, many times unprovoced.

I am a BIG fan of the theming not being a music or movie inspired pinball machine, letting designteam be 100 % creative and free to design with a passion put into the machine. I find the playfield beautiful with its cartoonstyle theming and the colours harmonic to look at, complimentes in a great way by the lighting. Same goes for the backglass and the topper is a good catch for this machine. The cabinet seems to be very vulnerable to sunlight and I will need to find a cover for protection when exposed in the summertime. Animations are spot on and the videomode gives a good break/variation.

The machine has great humor to it, especially thanks to the speech. My girlfriend is not a big fan of the noise the fishtopper makes (I am), but it can be shut off. Also the sounds when adding on different bonusses is mixed poorly but apart from that it matches the theme perfect. If you like banjo - buy this machine, 'cause it is impossible to ignore. I respect people having a turnoff on the music, but I find it a good match for the theme and mood for the machine. Even playing a lot I am not bothered the slightest.

I played this game a lot since I purchased it two months ago and it still has a freshness to it. I don't suspect I will let it go again. I am just playing with a smile on my face all the time.

"Gone fishing, leave a message"