Not a very important story

By AceOfSpades6728

August 04, 2022

58 days ago

This is just my short story as to how i got into pinball, the first time i can ever remember playing pinball was at a resort, at the time they had a Lounge area with a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table and more notably, they had 3 pinball machines, they were Whirlwind and Comet by Williams, the third was Vegas by Bally (It's the street level Vegas from 1990). Whirlwind was the start to me loving the pinball history, as Comet wasn't working that year and Whirlwind was the first one i played, this was all the way back when i was 5, i am currently 14.5 years old as of the writing of this. What i for sure want in my collection of games is Funhouse, Whirlwind and Comet. I am also shock that I, someone born in 2007 has a huge facination with pinball machines and anything that was made in the 80's and 90's in general. All the pins I mentioned are still where they were when i first went there, with a inculsion from a pin the owners found at a garage sale, which was Wizard by Bally in 1975, I have Images for all of the pins mentioned. Thanks for listening if you have to my small story, and I hope to learn everything I can about pinball possible. Btw one of 2 people in chaska that are pinsiders

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