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Acejedi has written 2 rating comments:

6 years ago
Well this review is long overdue, I own WOZECLE # 259 and yes it was a long wait but was well worth it, This pin has been in the middle of a lot of controversy and yes its become JJP vs Stern but WoZ is light years in front of what Stern is doing right now, The game is obviously gorgeous to look at and the LCD is integrated perfectly. The game is damn fun to play, the shots feel great and are very very challenging, ive got plenty of games in my collection and I always end up back at WoZ. The Latest code update 1.24 has really brought a lot to the table and there is so much more to come with future updates. What ive really seen is you either love the game or you hate it, there really is not a lot of middle ground. Ive had no issues with mine so far and look forward to future games from JJP. You knocked it outta the park Jack and Team and so glad My support from the beginning helped get the Company off the ground. Those of you that are still waiting to get your games be patient its well worth the wait!!!!
6 years ago
I Like ST I just don't love it, it's a fun game to play and if your a fan of ST you will probably love this game. When the code is done it could be amazing. I've played it a bunch and like I said its fun just not epic like the hype suggested. It's got really good flow and the shots are fun to make but the Starfield projector is a real let down and so is the playfield art in my opinion.