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How I started collecting machines

By absocountry2

February 13, 2011

9 years ago

Around 2000 I was at a sale on an Air Force base where they sell old equipment. There were two machines there, Champion Pub and No Good Gophers. They wanted $50 each for the machines. I was in England at the time and the problem for most people was that they did not have any extra space at all. They knew nothing about the machines but called the guys that service them for the base. They were only a few blocks away so they came over to talk. The Gophers actually worked he thought and did not know about Champion Pub. There was no power because we were in a tent. I did not know a value and the guy said he thought they should be worth $50 each. I asked about keys and he said I could not get keys because they would open everything around but agreed to give me some news ones they removed when they switch new machines to their locks. I talked to the person running the sale and negotiated the sale to $50 total for both machines and $10 extra they delivered them. They were already sitting on display in their truck and I only had a Jeep Cherokee with me to haul them. Now that I know more, I cannot belive I got such a great deal on them but nobody knew a value. After I got them home I cut the locks off the cash boxes and got $12-$14 in quarters. Can't remember the exact amount but it was over $10 and less than $15. The No Good Gophers works great, still working to this day. The Champion Pub has a problem that I am still trying to work out, but has had very little play since new.

Edit: The CP problem was a wire shorting on the speed bag PF. Pin is working pretty good now.

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9 years ago

50$ for two pins? and you got them to work plus $25 in coins. that a good deal? :-)

9 years ago

Unbelievable! Now that's bargain of a lifetime :)

9 years ago

Great story!!! Deal of a lifetime for sure!

9 years ago

Great story. No good gofers is a fantastic pin! Great investment.

9 years ago

I still have then both, no plans to sell

8 years ago

I see that your collection has grown since those first two excellent pinball machines you bought.

8 years ago

Awesome story.

8 years ago

Wow! This is the type of bag that everyone dreams of I'm sure.

6 years ago

Amazing luck to find such a great deal! jealous.

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