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8 years ago
I really wanted to like this pin but could not get into it. Not much to it.
8 years ago
Multiball is cool, the tight shots are good but there are not enough of them. This pin would have been much better as a wide body. Gets old fast for me.
9 years ago
Lot of fun, like T2 on steroids. The music really pulls you in. I played one with a sub, this should have been installed factory with a killer sound system. it is a music pin, but still pulls you in. Takes some time to see what you can do.
10 years ago
The first time I saw the ball lock, I thought it just disappeared.
10 years ago
I am a bike and Harley fan and this pin did not do much for me. It was worth a few plays but I will probably never own it.
10 years ago
I really love the look of this machine but the play does not do much for me. I really want this one to play well based on how I like the look but it lets me down. Still Ok but I doubt it will stay in my collection long term.
10 years ago
What is spinning ball doing?
10 years ago
Bowling was popular when this was out, great theme at the time. 10 drop targets as bowling pin right up the center.
10 years ago
Mic really hurts the flow of the game and he looks realy cheap as well. Much ofthe artwork is pretty sad. Grainy art like my high school son photoshoped it for them.

Music is really the only thing worth listening to. Good music and it works with most of the shots well.
10 years ago
I like how the ramps can feed together from the center out to each side
10 years ago
Bannana flippers are cool
10 years ago
I always leave this machine wondering what I played. The theme could be broken into 5 different games.
10 years ago
I was not really drawn to the machine, but i was ready to play more after a couple games. I usually do not nudge, just never do it. This game makes you do it if you want to keep the ball on the upper field. I liked it more than I expected.
10 years ago
Tight shots, really like the tilting upper field. Only negative is the time the ball spends under the upper field at times.
11 years ago
I love the way the heartbeat gets faster the longer you keep a ball in play.
11 years ago
Love the gun
11 years ago
Played for a couple hours today. It is fun and hard so it keep me wanting to play. The best part is it is only $0.25 per game and it works.
11 years ago
I agree with sealclubber, the wavy ramps really slow the ball and it will get you by being very fast if you hit the center posts. The PF layout is different, However I like those things about the machine. The shots are hard which keeps me there and the theme is fun.
11 years ago
I enjoy this one but I get tired of the game at times.
11 years ago
Still trying to decide if this machine stays in the collection. I think if my machine was in better condition it might stay, but as it sits it will not stay in the collection.
11 years ago
I like this machine enough that I plan to keep
It in the collection. I do not like the WWF on TV, but the game is fun. I like widebodies because they feel different. Shaker is good also.
11 years ago
I did not like the machine much, but my son really wanted to keep that machine,
11 years ago
This pin is fun as a group. Played it with my younger son and it was fun with him telling me what to do. I do not enjoy that with all pins, but this pin lends itself to that group play.
11 years ago
This is my favorite of my 10 current machines. The family all also rate this machine #1 in our book in our collection.