What a Year its Been.

By AbacusMan

March 14, 2012

7 years ago

So when I started this hobby one year ago, I knew nothing about pinball. I never liked pinball as a kid. I tend to stick with video games. Everytime I played pinball as a kid in our local arcade, I always lost very quickly and since games were fifty cents, I just stuck with arcades I could last longer on with twenty-five cents.

So when I injured my thumbs/wrists at work, I could no longer play video games. I sold all my systems, and even my T.V. After a wile with no games in my house, I found myself at places that had a few arcade games sitting around. One day I came across No Fear and thats where it all began.

After that one thing lead to another. I played No Fear everyday,I got to learn what pinball was all about, I got better as a player, I contacted the guy who routed his machines to tell him what needed to be fixed on it, I got the operator a few accounts in town, I became a member of Pinside, I brought a brand new BBH to my town, I bought my first pin, I bought a few more pins, and now I'm about to put my pins out on route and learn how to fix them and maintane them with help from the guy who owned the No Fear I first played.

Oh boy! What a first year that was, I wonder what the second year is going to be like...

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7 years ago
The second year will be better than the first! Pinball, once in the blood never loses it's luster, the love for it continues to grow and so will your collection! Good luck with the route!
7 years ago
Welcome to the party pal! (kidding)
I'm glad the "regulars" are finally starting to fill out their stories. ; )
Great job Abacus, on getting your machines out to those in need.
7 years ago
@AbacusMan - A Williams 1990 Diner arrived today @ The Sweet Putt! Hope to see you soon. http://www.thesweetputt.com

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