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9 years ago
Got to play this at the Minnesota State Fair's Pinball-On-A-Stick. I was excited to get a chance to play, but there are a few things that the machine just misses on. For one, the scoring is very much all-or-nothing. As an example, my wife had a ball that went into the scoop for 10 million points, and the other 30 seconds that the ball was alive, she scored 10,000. Which is another thing, is that the ball drains very easily, especially out of the Bar/Fort area. I'm pretty sure that all of the drains I had came from the ball getting spit out there and going right down the middle.

UPDATE: I got to play this again, this time at ReplayFX. While I feel like the scoring is a little more evened out, the center drain is still an issue (and even the folks I was playing with brought it up). I think adding a half gate similar to how TBOP did coming out of the pop bumpers, would've really helped in this area. Overall I've upped some of my scores.

That being said, I think the theme is great, the art fits the theme and the animations on the green DMD are pretty spectacular for a home-brewed machine. I think the scoring issues can be ironed out with updated software, but I'd really like to see a little more attention paid to the easy drains.
10 years ago
I own it. It was my first machine. I've now played it hundreds of times, and I understand why some people hate it, and some love it. First, if you don't like South Park, this will obviously not be for you. The theme is pretty in your face, so you will get sick of it. Secondly, the play is very stop-and-go. Hit chef, game pauses while he says something. Hit Kenney and it pauses while he mumbles something and the ball moves to the VUK. Hit Cartman and more of the same. Multiball is fun, but with 5 balls, it's a little out of control. Most shots are very easy in this game, with the exception of the Stan shot (through the pop bumpers), which is very very tough. Once you get a hang for the ruleset, it's pretty easy to rack up very large scores. Overall, if the price is right, it's not a bad starter machine, but there's a good chance you'll be looking to upgrade within a year.
10 years ago
I own it and I love it. There are really only two things I don't like about this machine is the giant left outlane drain and the lack of a true skill shot. Considering this machine was produced over 20 years ago, it still holds up extremely well. The game plays very fast, with the right combination of tough and easy shots. Music is great (ZZ Top FTW) and the sounds are a nice mix of sports car and police chase noises. Playfield art is nice, and depending on what version of the machine you have the cabinet artwork is either so-so (logo) or pretty good (car theming). Backglass art is fitting for the era, but it looks a little hokey and dated nowadays.

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