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#1: Dimension
Cow Poke
Pleasure Isle
Flipper Clown
#5: Hula-Hula
Wing Ding
Rocket III

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  • 8.242 Flipper Clown (Gottlieb, 1962)

    “Flipper Clown is fun game with a neat back-glass animation consisting of a clown figure hitting a carnival bell ringer which then launches a ping pong ball up to ring the bell. It has a center spinner that changes the right and left score values. When the right side is higher than the left, a ball is added and the clown hits the bell.” Mar 26, 2013

  • 8.169 Hula-Hula (Chicago Coin, 1965)

    “Hula Hula and Gottlieb's Pleasure Isle are an interesting pair of games. Both have a Hawaiian theme, both are 2-player games, they both have a shaking Hula girl in the back box, and they are both rare, multiplayer EM add-a-ball games from the same year. Game play on Hula Hula is quite different though. This game has a center kick-out hole whose "Flash" score is constantly changing due to a rotating motor under the play-field. Occasionally, the center hole is lit to add a ball when entered. The Hula Girl shakes any time the Flash is scored. Five pop bumpers makes for fast game play.” Mar 26, 2013

  • 7.273 Rocket III (Bally, 1967)

    “Bally's of this era don't get too much love, but I like Rocket III. It has a spinning wheel at the top of the play-field surrounded by the Bally scoring mushroom bumpers. Spelling out "ROCKET" advances one planet in the back-glass. Added balls are awarded at the third, sixth, & ninth planets (assuming the add-a-ball kit is in place). I like the space theme, and the zipper flippers are always cool. There is also a kick-back on the left out lane and a ball gate on the right. Biggest detractor on this game is trying find a decent back-glass or cabinet. Almost every cabinet I've seen on these games are either terribly faded or has been repainted.Overall a good playing, good looking game.” Mar 26, 2013

  • 8.808 Pleasure Isle (Gottlieb, 1965)

    “Pleasure Isle is one of my favorite EM's to play. It has many cool play-field and back-glass features. It is also a rare multiplayer add-a-ball EM from the 60's. It has the 4 kick-over saucers in the center of the play-field (like on Kings & Queens/Melody) whose values change depending upon the "under the play-field" spinner, including a star that will add-a-ball. It keeps track of the added balls with a rotating wheel in the back-glass as well as a Hula Girl in the backbox that shakes her hips when the ball is added. The Hawaiian theme has great artwork and colors and the metal posts gleam. Simply Beautiful!” Mar 26, 2013

  • 7.400 Wing Ding (Williams, 1964)

    “Wing Ding has a cool water skiing theme and back-glass animation consisting of sending balls up into a rack behind the back-glass. When you get the 9th ball up there, the rack re-sets and a ball is added to the game. The back-glass balls are added by either going into one of three kickout saucers spread out in the middle of the play-field or certain rollover switches. You can also add a ball to the game by making the ABCD rollovers. Fun game.” Mar 26, 2013

  • 8.900 Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965)

    “Cowpoke is a great looking, great playing machine with a very cool backglass animation consisting of a horse that kicks a cowboy bending over to retrieve his hat and sends him spinning. Also has a Roto-target in the playfield. This is the Add-a-ball version of Buckaroo.” Jan 21, 2014

  • 9.741 Dimension (Gottlieb, 1971)

    “Dimension is one of the best drop target games with 2 banks of ten on each side. Dimension is also a "Wow" add-a-ball game, that can really get the cabinet "knocking" when the "wow's" are lit. This was the second game added to my collection and will never leave.” Dec 09, 2011