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11 months ago
This machine is is an unsung hero. The Cluedo theme and music are great - unique in pinball. Its true that the central ramp over-dominates the playfield and gameplay, but the fruit machine and roulette features add something different to go alongside the process of capturing the murderer. Differnet, unique and special.
11 months ago
ZZ Top's music is a pretty key element of this game and fits very well. It's simple, fast and easy to figure out - the perfect antidote to a JJP machine. Not better or worse, but always fun and endlessly popular with my non-pinball friends.
11 months ago
This is a great machine - innovative, unusual and with the best light show by miles. Yes, the theme may not engage as much as others, but it is well integrated. And yes the ruleset is overcomplicated, but it's not alone in that. Overall as good as anything released in the modern era.
11 months ago
My favourite game so I'm biased! It has weaknesses - 'shoot the trunk' is a much over used shot. But for me it has sufficient depth to enjoy without the needless complexity of some modern games (no need to spend hours watching youtube just to figure out the rules). And every time I hear the words 'welcome to the theatre of magic', I know I want to play...
11 months ago
No good if you hate the music, but otherwise fantastic. 12 full length songs each with their own lighting and scoring give this game endless variety and freshness. it's loud, fast and sometimes brutal, but definitely has the 'just one more gane' factor. A modern classic.
11 months ago
A classic and rightly so. A widebody filled with different shots, multiple features and that (sometimes infuriating, but unique) powerball. Is a bit 'stop start', but merits its place in any pinball collection.