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6 months ago
So the first time I played this game was at PHF in Vegas. Played 2 games early code and never wanted to play it again. Also to note you could barley hear the pin. Fast-forward a few years and I got to play again and was blown away, just wow. I could not believe it this game was rocking!!! After one good game of a dialed in DP and I was hooked. Never judge a book by it cover. Now I know many people are going to say they liked this out the gate but im not a huge fan of DP / Ryan and for some reason the comedy is just OK for me. So when this was announced I was not Stoked. At first glance the art as pretty as it seems is super busy on the PF. It grew on me after having a great game on this pin and I actually purchased one. All the DP owners that tried to talk me into this this is me saying "OK OK your were right!"
7 months ago
So after telling my friend I would never buy a LZ due to what I thought was lack luster looking PF. After playing this thing, it has one of if not the best ramp shot in all of pinball. This went from a zero to hero in my book. Never judge a pin by its cover song. The sound when the ball hits things is just so satisfying for me. The spinner RIPS like a spinner should but the added sound is what makes it.
7 months ago
So the killer for me is the Theme. TMNT does nothing for me. I thought it was OK and played a few times until I was board playing it.
11 months ago
I wanted to wait 4 months of owning the game to give it a proper review. This game from the theme integration to the callouts are BLISS. Rick and Morty is hands down the best theme integration that pinball has ever seen. Call outs are so well done and when you mess up Rick will let you know with a wisper LOOOOSER. Modes rock! they are all different! Nothing feels repetitive. The only thing if you want to knock the pin a bit is on the plunge it drops the ball on the playfield. Most of the time its a soft drop but cant deny its a clunk. Left ramp does the same. Ramp is nice but drops in the same area. Garage shot is nice and has a great difficulty lvl to it and if it was any easier the game would loose alot of its challenge. Making loops with upper flipper is nice and could be a bit smoother but still super fun. When you step away from a good game on this pin and you just take a step back and your like "wow that was fucking great" and other times it will beat the hell out of you and again Rick will let you know it! If they keep putting more code in this game from the upcoming seasons like they said they would.....just wow.
2 years ago
Almost every shot feels rewarding. IF you play this in the wild you may be missing this part due to the call outs and/or sound. Lighting on this game is very good. When I seen my 10 year old daughter playing for 3h straight by herself was the real win. After she was done I asked her "how do you like the new pin" her reply was "im just getting a drink dad, im not done yet!" Game is a lot of fun and the family seems to really like it which is rare. I think this is due to the shots being laid out well. None of the shots are crazy hard to hit which is perfect for a good family/home game. We are not pinball pro's so this works. Kids could not hit the GEM shot on TRON and so the code for them ended there most of the time. Code seems very good and should last in a home setting. I think the cab/trans art could be better on the Monster version so this is what im rating it on and the only aspect of the game IMO that could of been a bit better. ITS GOOD don't get me wrong but its not GREAT art is all. That this is my op on this pin. IF you read this I hope it helped. Hitting orbit orbit ramp ramp feel awesome.
10 years ago
1st pin I have walked away from. I dont get it. Its like 2 half playfields. Not my cup of tea and Slow playing.
10 years ago
Hit the middle hit the middle hit the middle watch the spaceship shake and light up. Hit the middle hit the middle hit the middle. All hype. Its good and I would buy one for the comedy and It feels like a well made game. Price wise i would never. There are many more pins out there for much less and just as fun. Very close to MM and i think MM is much better in the fun factor.
10 years ago
The Playfield looks awsome. Lighting is tops! Game play is good. The Theme hurts this for me. I dont like AC/DC music. If they re-themed this Metallica i would go for it.
10 years ago
Fast and fun! Tron looks so good and plays just as well. The rules are good. Not as deep as some games but I think it fits the theme perfect. The spinning disc is such a great toy on the PF and shoots the ball out very fast. Ramps are great and the 3rd flipper is done very well. The flow on tron is so good and makes you want more.
13 years ago
My friend owns this pin and just loves it. I like the pin but a bit spoiled with my TZ and LOTR. All and all im not a big indy fan but the machine is as good as it could be when they made this. I would say a good game but not one I would like to play over and over and over. You would have to have another few to keep it fresh.
13 years ago
This is my favorite machine in my collection right now. And it is a BLAST to play. I am a fan of LOTR but not a HUGE FAN. This game has Many great shots and very very deep rule set. This is what makes this game a real home keeper. I still have not reached "there and back again". This is a game that never gets old because there is so much to do. I dont feel the repetative game play that kills many other games. It is a game that if you dont understand the rules it may just be a really good pin that you played. If you understood the rules you would want to buy one! So for a home game this is as good as it gets!