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By 67cutlass

February 26, 2015

7 years ago

Grew up (well.....sort of) in the 70's and 80's. Growing up my Dad owned a tavern. This was a place where the whole family would come. It was a great time. Grew up with all EM's, except one. I remember my Dad coming home and telling me each time there was a new pinball machine. It was SO exciting. Our last machine at the tavern, before he closed down, was a 1979 Stern Trident. It was our first solid state pinball and I loved it. After the tavern was closed, the company who owned the machine came and collected the money and left the machine open. Why they didn't remove the machine is beyond me. Here I am, 12 years old and could play all the free pinball I wanted. Few months later, they came and got the machine. I was crushed. Anyhow, fast forward to somewhere in the early 90's, I don't remember exactly how I found it, but someone had a somewhat working Space Invaders pinball in their basement that they just wanted out. So I got that machine. Played it for quite a while, didn't know how to work on these things (still don't to a point, basic stuff only). Found a guy on the internet to trade me for the nicest Playchoice 10 I ever saw. So for a few years, no pinball. Well that's not true, I did have one of those miniature CB Charlie pinball machines. Then we moved into our current house. And I so desperately wanted a Trident. Finally found one is Kenosha around 14 years ago for $250. It was hacked up, but played. Over the years, played the heck out of it. Haven't done much to it. I would LOVE to find a better example of one to buy. Around 10 years ago, the sound went out. We still play it, but it's not the same. Fast forward to a couple of weeks back. I decided to test the waters to see what I could get for the Playchoice and I found the nicest guy to trade me for a Jackbot that's in REALLY nice shape. So now I'm up to two. LOVE them. My son (and daughter to a point), LOVES the new Mustang pinball. Not sure if it will ever be in the budget, but that's, for now (LOL) my dream machine.

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