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10 years ago
This game is underrated! If you have a well tuned Sorcerer, this game will keep you trapped in the "just one more" zone. If you can keep multi-ball going long enough to get 5x playfield you will truly "feel my power". Spinners must be jucy on this title. Such a great game, kinda hard to find. Mine is a forever keeper!!
11 years ago
Medusa is definitely a love hate game for most people. It's quite a hard game to master. It has a very large set of rules for its age and era. This game is super underrated IMO. You don't see them very often, especially in good condition.

First things first, the plunge, skill shoot. Probably one of the hardest to consistently get. Also, probably the downfall of this title. If you plunge too hard, the ball is surely going to loop around and go straight down the middle. DONT PLUGE TOO HARD. The key to lighting all the Gorgons (shooter lane rollovers) is about timing of your plunge and velocity of the ball. The ball must roll over each Gorgon as they lite in order for them to stay lit.

For each Gorgon you successfully light, you will get 500 points per revolution of the spinner on that ball. Up to 2500 points per revolution. Big points in this game if you have a juicy spinner.

That being said, game play is mostly about the upper playfield. If you can progress through Olympus targets to get to the different threshold bonuses you can earn additional play after the last ball of your game. (See the "extended play" window in the playfield) The threshold is the red light bar above targets, the sold lite light furthest right is the next bonus level. Complete the Threshold lights and you have conquered Olympus. Be aware of the center red stand-up behind the Olympus drops, if it is lit and you hit it, you will lose one of your hard-earned threshold lights.

The lower playfield is super dangerous VS rewards to be had. The three stand ups on the left lock the "matching numbers" (center window in playfield) and the right 4 drops lock the right number. Lock them both on the same number and you get an extra ball.

Shooting orbit shots will increase your "Sheild of the Gods" counter (the post between the lower flippers controlled by the extra right flipper button) Sheilds are displayed in the right window of the playfield display. The left orbit increases your bonus multiplier and the right lane advances value as you shoot it.

Outlines can be a fun thing to fight with learning how to jiggle the game just right to bounce the ball from the outline to the flipper lane. Don't get Medusas revenge (TILT).

Great game. This title needs a good juicy spinner and proper tuning on the zipper flippers. Tighten the sensitivity on all 3 of the kickers and pops. And be sure the shooter lane rollover switches are sensitive also. when tuned properly the game is super fun. It's definitely a grind to score high. Its Medusa, she is supposed to be mean!


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