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2 years ago
Funniest game I have ever owned. Would have loved to see other characters from the show but what it has is great. When we have guests over most gravitate to this machine as everyone knows it. Great game!
6 years ago
Not a fun pin to play. Backglass art is not good. Great lighting. Game looks great but code is not up to par. Dmd animations are weak.
6 years ago
Great game but ball bounces in a lot of areas. Upper left playfield is a total waste. Great artwort package. Great game but a lot of other machines out there that are more fun to play.
6 years ago
Just a great overall fun pin. I love the theme and the green dmd is perfect. The game code is great with improvements all of the time. A very hard game to master though. Can not wait for their next game.
9 years ago
I believe with the software updates that this pin will be one of the best ever made. Great machine!!