Pinball childhood to Adulthood

Pinball childhood to Adulthood


March 07, 2018

9 months ago

My pinball story...

As a young boy 5 years old I spent a lot of time at the bowling alley, my dad was a semi-pro bowler so I spent a lot of time there. He would give me a roll of dimes knowing I would head right to the Pinball machines. Yup back when I started playing pinball games were 10 cents, it wasn't long before I became a pretty good player. I guess I was a Pinhead, I just didn't know it back then. I got so good that by the age of 6 he only needed to give me 20 cents when we showed up knowing that would sustain me the entire time we were there. My dad broke his wrist badly when I was 7, that ended up killing both the bowling and Pinball adventures, and I pretty much stopped playing as a result, that was 1963.

Fast forward to 2004, that's when I picked up bowling as a hobby. It took about 2 months or so, but I found myself stopping into the arcade at the bowling alley, and there they stood, shining and blinking at me, and for a moment I was a child again thinking back on my days standing on a wood platform playing pinball. Another month went by and I went back into the arcade and dropped a few quarters into a Bride of Pinbot machine, that's when it started all over again for me.

I went nuts buying machines, the top ten rated games of the day. Much had changed with the games as one can imagine over that period of time and I didn't really take the time to learn how the games were supposed to be played, I just enjoyed playing them and recapturing my youth. After a few years I sold them all, what a dummy I was, they are still highly rated today, not to mention the cost.

So now in 2018 I am once again getting back into pinball, but this time its different. I have a whole new appreciation for the game designers, the depth of play, and the strategy for how the games are played. Technology is great, and I like how the designers have evolved along with the technology to enhance the experience. At 62 I feel like a kid again, and it feels great thanks to pinball!

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8 months ago
Nice story, and agree about the way pinball is still catching my kids-eyes, even if my brain prefers now to think of strategy and design !

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