Quartette Gottlieb EM (1952) Repair

Quartette Gottlieb EM (1952) Repair

This is my first pinball and my first repair attempt.   I have relieved heavily on the Pinball Ninja’s posts for guidance and this document is in appreciation for his work.  I have performed many of the standard repairs, with a couple of twists, that hopefully are interesting/useful.  As a newbie to this subject, some of the detail may be elementary to professionals, but still useful to other newbies.  This post has been my relief valve when the frustrations of repair get the better of me.  Before retirement,   > Read the full story...

My start to modern pinball

“My start to modern pinball”

June 12th, 2020

It is a Minnesota winter in 2018. I work a rotating shift in a manufacturing setting and pickup as much overtime as I can. I have a young son (2 years old).   > Full story...

Pinball mania has begun in my household

“Pinball mania has begun in my ho...”

May 25th, 2020

My wife and I were arcade collectors about 15 years ago (still have a couple) and we loved buying and restoring arcades.  We would hit up the arcade auctions whenever we could.   > Full story...

Late Bloomer

“Late Bloomer”

May 16th, 2020

As long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by pinball machines. I wanted to like them, so I'd drop a few quarters into a machine whenever I saw one, but it just   > Full story...

The Knight arrives for battle

“The Knight arrives for battle”

May 9th, 2020

Today was a red-letter day (well, more of a tri-color-LED letter day): the arrival of my first home pin. A Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium, after several decades of hovering around   > Full story...

A Pinball Love Affair

“A Pinball Love Affair”

May 4th, 2020

When I moved back to PA, it wasn't long before I bought my first pinball machine...and then very quickly, my second.  In a tiny little 1 bedroom apartment in Lyndora, PA. A year   > Full story...

Pinball Beginnings

“Pinball Beginnings”

May 1st, 2020

This story ends with a surreal scene: me standing at the sales counter of my local Stern dealer, signing the paperwork for a Black Knight Sword of Rage Premium (because the Pro   > Full story...

The Sopranos from Pinball Universe (Colorado)

“The Sopranos from Pinball Univer...”

April 19th, 2020

2nd Update: The U6 HTC273 was toast. Replacing that solved the rest of the problems. Overall still a good ending for me, since I was able to logic probe the problem and replace   > Full story...

Dumb Luck & a little common sense

“Dumb Luck & a little common ...”

April 3rd, 2020

Someone sent me a plasma display that worked the last time he'd fired it up, but it was dead when I got it.  Some of the resistors on it looked really burnt.    > Full story...

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Quartette Gottlieb EM (1952) Repair

June 30 - Quartette Gottlieb EM (1952) Repair

This is my first pinball and my first repair attempt.   I ...

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