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Dave Astill ~owner~
I have 30 years in the business and specialize in programming pinball EPROMS, ROMS, PROMS, GAL, PAL, and PIC CHIPS. I also sell PREMIUM LEDS, NVRAM, and Ni-Wumpf boards to update your games play.

If you don’t see what you are looking for….CONTACT ME.
I am also known as rompingirl (original store) & pinballromcom (new store) on eBay (better pricing here on Pinside)


704 Mountain Road
L9Y 5G3 Collingwood, ON

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AB0DC7FF-0CE3-4A3C-AF05-FC9B8E6D803B (resized).jpeg
96F81CE8-4B34-445B-844F-817B9FB0DE62 (resized).jpeg
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A8E3A6E9-CDCC-4824-A759-6A39BB1CD827 (resized).jpeg
77BEC5BE-0C9C-4E9D-9680-8B7F95EE9880 (resized).jpeg
1678F8AF-292E-4B49-B855-9443A644372D (resized).jpeg
D0DC7275-964C-4FB7-A71C-3E91F59DDD19 (resized).jpeg
EAA64AB2-E22A-4BD2-BA9D-34FC3E9B95D4 (resized).jpeg
98EA91D7-9FFA-4627-B6F2-C3CE79FC9966 (resized).jpeg
6107551D-240E-4D34-9E87-C54404CEDC48 (resized).jpeg
74D069B8-B454-4B5B-ACD5-983F09925ACB (resized).JPG
4D6A974C-6193-4CD0-9D62-948A3042BBDA (resized).jpeg
6F8821E0-A329-40AB-A047-D77AD76B789F (resized).jpeg
F5E8E8A1-3115-40B4-897E-7360E5BB6EFE (resized).jpeg
7F803B2B-407D-4C3A-AF6F-68FEC70E76B7 (resized).jpeg
B0921A24-4BCE-4F08-BD8E-DB8409D0698E (resized).jpeg
2BFDA3CD-F3D1-4E41-9A15-1402FF1788D8 (resized).jpeg
73B39886-9448-4236-8BA7-E65C147A7426 (resized).jpeg
C695F536-983A-4236-A9DB-E68A4EF9559A (resized).jpeg
0DB7C7CA-7BCE-4122-888A-41818AFF92F6 (resized).jpeg
85156036-9BD3-4163-9649-BAE61C885640 (resized).jpeg
08FDAB28-3A2D-4198-A75C-BD4C6636B2A7 (resized).jpeg
369A89E5-4A21-4E67-AC65-B55D6D8E5B7B (resized).jpeg
2EFAE6B7-C8B4-4606-9C4F-025B56F3BDFE (resized).jpeg
4D06CA5E-2AC4-4711-B1F4-80A6D315E315 (resized).jpeg
2DA3F46A-F320-4575-B2C8-CB7441A347CA (resized).jpeg
20D6AD21-E0BA-4B33-B3AF-6B8D6979455B (resized).jpeg

Shop: Pinballrom

Programmer of many different types of pinball parts (EPROMS, ROMS, PROMS, GALS, PALS, PICS). I sell LEDS, NVRAM. Ni-Wumpf boards, and solid state machines.

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