X-Men (Pro) (Stern, 2012)

X-Men (Pro)

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61 days ago
Love this game. Of all my pins this is the one that brings me back more than any other. Fast, hard and fun!
69 days ago
One of my favorite games, and one I can't see leaving my collection anytime soon.

Having played both the Pro, which I own, and a Magneto LE, at the local Pinball Hall of Fame, I have to say I'm more pleased with the layout of the pro over the LE. The only feature I really wish was on both is the spinning Magneto Lock area. I can do without the Nightcrawlers and the moving right Iceman ramp; both are prone to mechanical failure from what I've seen. The ramp especially seems more akin to failing, and ending up loose, not providing good drains coming off of it.

If you're a comic book fan, I would rate the game as a must-have, as it's not based on the films at all.

One thing to note: The game is NOT easy, and I would hesitate to recommend it to someone who's just getting into the hobby. It's definitely what I would consider to be a slower "shooters" game that rewards painstakingly accurate shots. Don't buy this and expect it to flow like it's a Richie!
4 months ago
This game doesn't count because it's a pro, therefore it's not the full game. It's 1/2 a game, stripped of extra options, since they made 1/2 effort for full price, they're getting 1/2 my appreciation on this one and all other pros.
5 months ago
X-men is a decent game with very good art work .great game for beginners and kids easy to get multi balls bashing wolverine and magneto .excellent light shows very nice play fields that play very smooth .sounds and call outs kinda weak .good game overall .
7 months ago
Solid Stern Pin. Marked the first time Stern actually listened to the fans and put in Comic book art instead of low res pictures from the movie adaptations everywhere. Magneto is a very cool toy and multiball mode. The start of it is the best that I have seen since the bally williams golden era (theatre of magic, addams family, whitewater). Lots of very tight shots and fun to play.
8 months ago
X-men is a fantastic game. I was hesitant to get one since the early code suffered from some serious flaw but am happy I did. I find this game is great in a home environment because once you learn the ruleset is just really a fun shooting pin. I played it on location when it first came out and was turned off because it wasn't super obvious what the goals of the game were and in typical Stern style has a worthless instruction card.

I really enjoy collecting all the x-men by hitting their various shots. Professors X's mode of finding the mutant is super cool, but can be frustrating since some of the mutants shown aren't obvious which shot they go to and when you hit it again for it to light the shot, it isn't obvious which shot is lit.

Collecting storm is one of my favorites and I think the lighting effects when hitting the pop bumpers with the GI going off and the flashers lighting up simulating a storm is fantastic. It feels so great when you stack this with weapon X or magneto multiball.

I don't find the ease in starting weapon X multiball to be that annoying as others do. I still have the factory wolverine on there and while it's hard to strategize when to start the multiball, the randomness doesn't always come at a bad time.

I have xmen stacking turned on so I can collect multiple characters at once while playing thru the game. I personally find this more enjoyable and eliminates a little bit of the linearity that you would have if it's turned off.

My usual strategy is to try and collect a few xmen while making combos to get close to lighting deadpool and also lighting a villain at the scoop. I then will play the villain and I pick one depending on if deadpool is lit or not. If I have him, I'll usually pick sabertooth or Omega Red since I find those two modes to be more challenging to make the shots. If I don't have him, I'll pick sentinels since all shots are lit or shadow king.

I have yet to get to dark phoenix but have almost beat danger room.

My advice is to play a more than a couple of games on the machine before you judge it. It really is a great game, but lacks that easy to learn ruleset of the classic 90's B/W pins and takes a little time to learn. It is well worth it once you do.
11 months ago
Love the side ramp on this, it's one of those yes shots, loads of nice combos and easy to understand the rules but quite difficult to beat the villians.
11 months ago
Cabinet and backglass are outstanding. Game play is fun and has alot of shots to aim for. Really enjoy this table. The only thing that could have been better are the voice actors. Great game. I like playing this more than Iron man which is a great game too.
1 year ago
Much prefer the LE. The game is pretty fun I just can't get over the voices and call outs.
1 year ago
This game is an absolute blast! So many shots packed into this Pro version! Magneto Multiball has an amazing start up! Love how the magneto throws all the balls at you at once. I grew up an X-Men comic book fan boy. In fact I still have my collection. This is an X-Men comic book collectors dream game. It is completely comic book themed not movie themed. I first played it a couple years ago and if I ever see it I have to play and today I picked one up. Finally! If you love Stern's newer style of rules and you love the X-Men comics this game is for you!
1 year ago
Alright now that I've had the game for more then a year I can now say that's its just an okay game in my book. The Pro model is lacking with some of the features, spinning disc, moving arm, pop up targets like the LE. I think it's just another avg. game with decent shots. I like the modes, but the voices/sounds are just okay they could of done a better job with it over all.
1 year ago
Nice looking game with many gadgets, superb lighting and decent flow. I played a few games on it and had a pretty fun time. Every other missed shot seems to initiate a multi-ball sequence but that's OK. The sound isn't all that great, bordering on annoying.
Overall a very good game but not an outstanding game.
1 year ago
I've played the Pro and LE and like them about the same, which is to say "eh". The backwards Tron layout is just fine, nothing too exciting. I think it shoots just OK, I'm no fan of the giant action figure bash toy nor how hard it is to see the shots for the upper right flipper. The personally find the rules pretty unclear to the player. For those early solid state/EM guys who don't like modern pinball because it's too confusing, I think X-Men is a really easy one to point to. I was never motivated to work out the high scoring strategy or read the lengthy rulesheet to learn how to play, so my perspective isn't from someone intimately familiar with the game. Just not the game for me.
1 year ago
This game was pretty brutal in it's difficultly.
The artwork is amazing and themed very well. Magneto's magnet is great and the rules were interesting.
I could not get past the awful voice acting and call outs.
It prevented me from buying a beautiful used one that I played on.
1 year ago
This game is really overrated. Not fun, looks really cheep. This game is awful.
1 year ago
I have owned X-men for a few months now, and I totally love it, everyone in the family and friends that come over think its the best in the line-up, I cant fault this game at all, the object to collect x-men to fight magneto is so cool, all hero modes are great a lot of people say wolverine is to big which is totally understandable but I seriously don't mind it , because people come over who don't know to much about pinball get weapon x multiball and feel great that they have achieved something,which is what pinballs about making people happy, and for the good players wolverine isn't that easy to get first time around so you mite have to start it up a second or third time if you can keep the ball in play long enough, and you can use wolverine strategically to stack on top of villain modes. Villain modes are the best implemented modes in all pinball, what a great idea, fighting villains is lots of fun an picking which ones to fight with deadpool hired to help is fantastic an well thought out,great programming rite there.Magneto lock is awesome and looks great. The idea of hellfire an brotherhood added to villain modes to add two more mulitiballs to the mix shows how good this game is.Nightcrawler and Gambit are a total rush when you hear there music come on you know its showtime with points to be made,very hard to slow down and concentrate to make the shots required when the adrenalin kicks in, special combos are a great feature when you hit a few it feels like butter. The artwork all round is top notch, you cant fault it in anyway , The use of the third flipper is well planned and very controlled,Xmen will make you a better player with out a shadow of doubt,shots are very tight' every shot needs to be thought out, your not going to go very far if you just flail the ball around and hope for the best, rated this game a 10 because I personally think its that damn good, definatly one of the best buying decisions I ever made, don't regret it for a second.. not ever leaving my collection!!!!!update 2016 after having this game for a while I've lessened my original rating, I still totally love it, but my gripes are I hate the way hero modes can be started again once completed, I understand this is not the only game that does it example monster bash an medieval madness ( hit this shot X amount of times an mode will start) guess that's just how pinball works but there should be a super cool reward for completing it twice or three times, because to get to danger room your more than likely going to start cyclops or wolverine twice, with no need to play them out if completed just have to time it out, no point risking the ball if the character is complete, second is the xavier shot it's more luck than skill, can barley see the the thing .. Games still bad ass though.. Scores changed accordingly..
1 year ago
Xmen is a game with tons of tight shots and a really cool layout. The artwork on the cabinet and backglass are exactly what you'd expect as a fan of Xmen, although the playfield is a little lacking. It takes a beating from pinsiders when it comes to the voicework and I have to say I agree. If you can overlook the sounds it is a great game. There are a lot of shots to shoot for and the modes seem to be varied nicely with player control over what mode plays next. Since there are so many shots some of them are pretty tight. This seems to lead to either a really satisfying experience or complete frustartion depending on how well you are playing at the time. I really enjoyed this game during the 6 months or so that I owned it. Only reason I got rid of it was because someone approached me about it and offered me a trade.

Bottom line is that it's a fun game with a lot going on. Magneto and Wolverine throwing the balls around keep things interested. Unique combos and shots keep the replay value high. Gambit hurry up is one of the most satisfying shots I have ever seen in a pinball machine.
1 year ago
X-Men (Pro) is probably just a good (rather than excellent) game when the gameplay is examined in a vacuum. However, I have been an X-Men fan for more than two and half decades, so the game automatically gets max theme points from me, even if I think there were other ways that the designers could have execute the IP integration.

The game also has several features that I'm somewhat of a sucker for: magnets and large character toys to smash into. The latter has to be done correctly to be successful (like the Balrog in LotR, but don't get your ball stuck (or do...), but not like the creatures in The Walking Dead). X-Men gets close with Magneto and Wolvie.

The ramps are fun and I like the various modes when I can understand the call-outs. I wonder if there is an audio mod (is that even a thing?) or something that could replace some of the confusing instructions. Still, ever since I translated the calls, I've enjoyed playing X-Men. I'd like to see how an LE plays for comparison.

I'd recommend this game to anyone into X-Men, and I think most pinball players could get some fun out of this game. It's in my wishlist for obvious reasons, but I think the game is a little underrated (in Pro version).
2 years ago
X men is a pretty good game with good artwork, rules , good music, and good dmd animations the only thing i don't like about the game is the wolverine and magneto toy look cheap and the voices are pretty bad.
2 years ago
I wanted to like this game so much, but the layout isn't quite right and the callouts did not do the Xmen justice. Why is beast singing about his favorite things?
2 years ago
Simple pin yet exciting. Challenges players to make some very tight and satisfying shots. Changed mine to LED and added shaker motor. The latter makes a huge difference for the better. Definitively a keeper.
2 years ago
Game lighting needs to be boosted to LED. Great game all around now that the code is up to date.
2 years ago
I enjoy the layout and flow of the game a lot. This is yet another Stern machine, where the LE features just don't do anything for me and I prefer the Pro version.

The objectives of the game aren't that easy to understand and first it feels that the game is about going from one generic multiball to another one and sometimes you start some hero mode which does something.

Playing the game more you start to understand the objectives of hero and villain modes and what stacks are possible. Suddenly the game starts to make much more sense.

On factory settings both Danger Room and Dark Phoenix are quite hard modes to reach, but I'd love to see yet another software update with some kind of final wizard mode after DR and DP.
2 years ago
X-men is a better game than I thought initially. It mixes easy shots for beginners (the scoop, Wolverine) and much harder shots (ramps for example).

Ruleset is good, but really not easy to understand at first glance. You have all these flashing lights lit... red arrow seem like a jackpot... bur worth 50,000 points!? Typical Stern. As a consequence the learning curve is slow, but that game deserves it.
2 years ago
This is another one of those games that is great fun on location. Play a few games and move on. Fun while it lasts but I wouldn't want to marry it. The big playfield Wolverine is horrible.
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