X-Men (LE) (Stern, 2012)

X-Men (LE)

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Game design: 7.808

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Other Aspects: 8.169

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There are 139 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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46 days ago
It's fast like bolt-fast and surprising at times. Overall, the looks of it is great but I'm not the big fan of everything "superheroes" so the theme is not a preference to me. I do understand the correlation between magnets and Magneto, but way, way to much magnets for me, and they are powerful to say the least. That big Wolverine got me many balls stuck under his left arm for long periods of time.
10 months ago
X-Men is a very good game. Though it is a fan layout, it has a few interesting shots. Nothing super creative, but decent layout. Rules are very complex and strong. Deep code. I don't love the theme, but not terrible. The major weakness is the ridiculously huge Wolverine figure in the center. WAY too big. Someone should make a mod to remove this silly thing.
11 months ago
Wow! This game is fun! This has to be the most underrated pinball of all time. If you have a chance to get one, do it! You won't be disappointed. From what I understand the code was so bad when it first came out that a lot of people gave up on it, but that is their loss. This is probably my new favorite pin right now. The artwork is beautiful on the mirrored backglass and the cabinet. The playfield has TONS of shots and combos and the action is intense with what I think was probably the best use of a magnet and spinning disk that I have seen on a pinball machine. I know people complain about the oversized wolverine on the playfield but I actually like the placement of it because while the shots are still doable it makes a few of the a little tougher, not to mention that wolverine mode is fun to start anyway. Speaking of, if you like multi ball modes like I do then you will love this machine, it has many multi ball modes and magneto multi ball is my all time favorite.
11 months ago
As far as newer Sterns go, this is one of my favorites. I love the "customized" combos, that incorporate the different characters together, it is a very nice touch. Borg packed a lot of shots into this playfield space. Modes are also well executed, and stay true to the theme. While I do prefer the backglass art on the Pro edition, the limited models also have decent art to feature their respective characters. I'm not really bothered by the oversized Wolverine on the playfield, but I can see how it is a bit of an encumbrance, blocking the action in a very important area of the playfield. The voice actors used for the game are awful, simply put.

Take my review at face value...I enjoy the gameplay of X-Men more than I do Tron! *gasp*
1 year ago
Having played this pin quite a bit over the last 4 months, I am confident in giving it an excellent rating. It is a lot of fun and has good depth. Very underrated in my opinion.
1 year ago
This machine is a giant killer! I put it in a death match, one on one, against a lot of my machines to decide what to sell. It beat WoZ, The Hobbit, GB Premium, AFM, SMVE. It is still here and one of my favourites. Yeah, some of the callouts are cheesy, but if that's the only thing that kills it for you, then you're not in it for the playing of the pinballs! Super layout, super shots, great variety in the rules. No two games are the same.
1 year ago
X-Men Le will make you a better pinball player. The shots are tight and combos are rewarded. Non linear rules keep the game fresh as well.
1 year ago
Visually, this game makes a great first impression and it's easily among the best looking machines out there. The hand drawn comic book artwork that adorns the cabinet, backglass, and playfield looks great and tons of characters are represented. Also, the machine puts on a visually impressive lightshow and the color changing GI really adds to the experience. The animations are great and there are few machines that have better quality dots or more content. All the expected main characters are represented, but I really appreciate all the minor characters that were fit into the animations. This game looks especially great with a Color DMD. Overall, this is a stunning machine to look at.

The first few dozen times I played this machine, my impressions were lukewarm at best. The shots are tight and the gameplay can feel a bit clunky, especially when shots are constantly being bricked. The geometry feels a bit different than many machines and the playfield magnets and spinning disk really add to the chaos. Ball times can be brutally short and this isn't a machine that gives high scores for just banging the ball around. The oversized Wolverine on the playfield seems to be something I've read a lot of complaints about, but the newton ball mod makes that issue disappear. After the visuals made a great first impression, I was a bit let down by the way the game played.

However, after putting in 100+ games, I really feel this machine is a winner. The ruleset is super deep and the code feels very polished. Learning how to complete the modes can be really lucrative and there are so many stacking possibilities and strategies that can be used. I actually started to love the tight shots, especially the Beast shot thru the pops and the Professor X shot. This machine really rewards hitting combos and hitting enough of them will activate Deadpool to help progress thru the modes. The flow is actually pretty good when shots are being made and the third flipper is loaded with things to shoot for. The 4 multi-ball modes are relatively easy to get to, but the strategy lies in starting them at the right times. In fact, the Magneto multi-ball (which has a great starting sequence) is worth very few points if it's started prior to completing a handful of hero modes. The 2 wizard modes require completing a lot of objectives to get to and many players will never see them. The LE features like the Nightcrawler pop up targets, Iceman moving ramp, and spinning disk are all fun toys.

Overall, this is a great looking game that can really shine in a home environment. The deep code offers lots of ways to play and the huge amount of content insures that it will take most players a long time to see everything. This is a really fun game that can be very rewarding for those players that are willing to learn the subtleties of all the shots, modes, and features.
1 year ago
The honeymoon is over. I tryed hard to like this game. The layout is total garbage in my opinion. The left side of table is terrible design and the shots feel like crap overall. So many design flawed drains its no fun. Hit 170million as GC score. The rules are ok but not much to it besides collecting heroes and fighting villains...MEH! Did i mention this game sucks....
1 year ago
I favor pinball games and which I feel like I am fighting an enemy. This is the reason that I get much enjoyment out of playing this game. There is a good amount of strategy if you want to make it far. There are at least 4 if not 5 shots with the upper flipper! The music, sound effects, and DMD graphics are outstanding. One of the cheaper LE'S to obtain. The extras on this model make it well worth the little bit of extra money spent. It's very creative Nightcrawler pops up and moves back and forth. Hitting him 5 times earns an extra ball which is much needed. I particularly like the Wolverine Edition. It's beautiful with the blue powder coating. Thank you Stern for putting time into a mirrored backglass. Shaker motor rocks it. I can't believe how cool the Sentinel's mode sounds on an external bass subwoofer. I find this game very challenging as I have yet to make it to that last wizard mode. Overall a great game. The Playfield layout is a little hard to get used to as its cluttered on the left side.
1 year ago
Based on the magnito version, probably the best art work I have seen on pinball machine it just looks mean, have seen the Wolverine an it looks good but the magnito is awsome, I own a pro version of xmen an totally love it, was wondering if I would regret the purchase after finding an playing the Le but I don't I'm happy with the pro, the Le is fantastic but for around 3k different here in Aus for me it's not worth it, so the extras to pro are the moving ice ramp , spinning disk an night crawler pop ups, I'm sure the lighting might be different in modes but in all honesty I have never noticed things like that in any Le to pro model. The moving ice ramp is cool, but blocks a lot of your vision when your playing an swinging around, I like it though but I didn't like how it dropped a ball between my flippers forcing me to loose the ball, can maybe see why people want it disabled, next the spinner looks really good when magnito multiball starts but hate when it spins during single ball play, xmen is a tight game where precision is key, it's not a game u can flail on an hope for the best an the spining disk randomising the shots kills me because u can be as accurate as u want but the disk is going throw it off, night crawlers didn't get a chance to see them because they honestly don't get used in the game much so doubt it's a deal breaker, one very positive thing from the Le to pro is the xavier shot you can actually see it clearly, on the pro I really only get it out of luck, a lot of people say the beast shot is to tight with the wolverine being mounted different between the 2 models, I don't mind it though I don't think it is impossible, all in all its a great machine that looks fantastic, for me personally not sure if the extras are worth the price rise , but each to there own, either version is awsome!!!!
1 year ago
I love the X-Men but the call outs in this game are horrible. I can't stand the voices. It nearly ruined the game for me. That being said I really enjoy the game. Great shots with the upper flipper and great flow to the game. It has a really deep rule set and is very challenging.
I like the use of magnets and I think the start of Magneto multiball is awesome.
2 years ago
It's a shame the sound and speech do not match the quality of the art and the design on this game. It's loaded with toys and has a ton of great shots. The code is not my favorite but it is still deep and has a unique feel to it. This is a great value game at it's current price point.
2 years ago
Storm ramp gets me every time. So hard but when you nail it so satisfying. First time I made it to Dark Phoenix I was wrapped in what they did with mode and sounds. Why did I sell this game.
2 years ago
What a game! Rules are way deep.
Very hard to come into it at The beginning, was even ready to sell or trade it and finally after having assimilated to The rules as and it appears that this game is a pure adrénaline rush.
My only grip is the bland soundtrack and callouts, could have been better so far.
I like combos pinball machine, tough but rewarding shots.
2 years ago
Game Code is deep and rules are really good.
Some of the call outs lack a little panache (Beast).
Loaded with toys and great artwork.
Has one of the best multiball starts in pinball.
There is a huge difference between LE and pro versions of this machine.
Lots of tight shots.
A widebody trapped in a standard body design.
2 years ago
If there was some way to replace the call outs with voices from the cartoon this game would be perfect
2 years ago
Great Machine, fun to play, great addiction to any collection !
2 years ago
What a delicious machine... as far as I can remember right now, this is my favorite superhero machine, probably. There are super satisfying shots on this table, plenty of missions to play, and Magneto keeps things exciting.
2 years ago
The cabinet and backglass on this game is stunning. The art is all taken from comic books, and theming is top notch. This is one of the few games I have yet to get tired of playing since it was released. Shots are tight, all kinds of named combos, and a deep ruleset with dozens of modes, 3 multiballs, two mini wizard modes, and a main wizard mode that is challenging to reach for even the best players. It would be one of the last to leave my collection.
2 years ago
XMEN L.E MAGNETO..... Fantastic pin to play and heaps to do but the sounds are just sooo terrible ....... i
2 years ago
great theme, really like how it followed comic books more than movie. Very fun theme IMO. Placement of some of the toys and such bothered me in the shot layout. Overall, fun game though
3 years ago
Great Rules and Theme
3 years ago
Awesome pin currently my favourite in my collection of 15, artwork is amazing love the comic book old cartoon styling, great playfueld with loads of ramps and shots, feels like your playing an arcade machine crossed with a pin with awesome battles against the Villians, great shots great pin alround for beginners and experts, loving my wolverine Le!
3 years ago
WOW!!! This machine just keeps getting better the more I play it!!! It is insane!

Ever since I brought this in, my whole collection has been getting ignored. I will obviously go back and give those other gems some love, but holy cow is XMEN LE AMAZING!!!

WHY? Since v1.51 The rules are righteous! Collect X-Men to fight Magneto. The more heroes you collect the better you fight! And combo the X-Men for big points!!! Too perfect. Combo enough and Deadpool joins the fight! Woo Hoo!

All this ... and then I discovered Pinball Browser! It was as if that software was designed for a gem like X-Men. I now have a different custom song for each X-Men character. And for each Villain! Friends marvel at the kick ass music on my machine! Foreigner's Cold as Ice is a must for Ice Man by the way! Try sticking in some Prodigy for Cyclops!

This machine doesn't only have the "one more game" effect, it has that Tron RUSH feeling!!! I dare say, maybe even more so than Tron.

You get rewarded for not just starting modes, but completing them. When you complete 4 or 5 X-Men modes in a game ... you begin to get that insane RUSH!!!!

This is now my favorite game! Insane!

And guess what? There are only 500 of these on the planet. There are no Premiums. The Pros are missing everything. The LE's are a totally different game with the moving ramp, Nightcrwaler pop up trolls, and spinning disk! Only 500 with all those toys. That means super rare!!!
There are 139 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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