Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz

First game my wife played that she LOVED

Written by toyotaboy, published July 22nd, 2013. 3 comment(s).

Let me start off by saying that every pinball show I've played this, it's always been a "pretty game", but didn't feel like anything fun.  I played the latest code and not only does it have great modes and lighting, but I'm digging the ball saves in the two outlanes.  Never before has this really been done, where you get a chance to save your lost ball.  It's also the first pinball game where my wife didn't get frustrated everytime she lost her ball.  I don't know if it's the calming theme, or the fact that you have a chance to recover your ball, and if you don't then you didn't play hard enough.  I also find that for some reason this cabinet feels like you can nudge it a little easier, which is suprising for a widebody.

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    zsherman commented on August 05, 2013 19:32:50

    I played this recently and I have to say, I was actually impressed. I'm a TZ TOTAN kinda guy, but this was actually a lot of fun and had some different ways of setting up the playfield that I really enjoyed. I just with I cared about WOZ so I could justify getting one. :) Now, if this were a Willy Wonka machine, wellll...

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    kumanaga commented on August 23, 2013 21:25:02

    Similar experience here. With all the pins that have come and gone, my wife has only played a couple and maybe 2-3 games at the most. Now with WOZ she can't seem to get enough and plays for hours. Unfortunately we have to do this at my friends house, because I am still waiting on mine to show up...

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    txstargazer3 commented on September 05, 2013 20:08:12

    I asked my wife to come to the 2012 Texas Pinball Festival with me. She had a great time playing the games and then we went to my primary objective - Jersey Jack's presentation. She loved what she saw and we ordered an LE the Monday after the Festival. Fast forward one year to the 2013 Texas Pinball Festival and we both got to play an early version of the code. The game blew us away, unfinished as it was. Now we continue our wait like so many others. We ordered 3/26/12 and hoped to have it by this Christmas, but that is looking less and less likely. We are near the end of the WOZECLE line, but at the front of The Hobbit LE line, having learned our lesson and ordered on day one.

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