Wizard of Oz

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Game design: 8.307

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Other Aspects: 8.173

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Found 394 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
OK - After 25 plays I'm starting to appreciate the game more, but it's still more of a struggle than it is fun. I'm a decent player and this game is very tough - it's hard to get used to and not very friendly for new players. Lots of nudging is very crucial to keep the ball out of the outlanes, but they still are very ball hungry!

The game is beautiful to look at, but almost distracting and it's hard to look at the display much. It's a rather complex game, and hard to follow everything going on. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more the more I play it though.

I find the flippers to be a bit weaker than I would like - you really have to hit the ball perfect to get it up the ramp. And the game plays very different than most, in part because it's a widebody but in part due to the funky layout,

The toys are top notch and the theme is very well done - overall an incredibly cool game, but the game play is not quite as fun as some of the top games.
4 years ago
Damn, this game is amazing. So many flashing lights, what with the color changing LEDs covering the entire game, which does make it a really bad game for people with epilepsy, though.
4 years ago
really like the machine quality
4 years ago
Wanted to play for a while, very disappointed. Theme is not great for me so that's has a big impact. Best bits was lighting which was great and loved the crystal ball. Did not like the LCD and as for gameplay it was in a wr
Ord boring. Slow , easy shots a bit of a yawn which was a shame
4 years ago
I have owned numerous "A" games, and WOZ is by far my favorite pin to date. It looks like a piece of artwork, and is just a joy to play.
Edit: I now own my second WOZ - it’s a RR 2.0 system and by far in my book the greatest pin ever!
4 years ago
Amazing game. There is so much to do on this.
4 years ago
I've had my LE for a little over 2 months now, and I've played it more than any other game I've ever acquired. Normally, I would wait longer to rate it, but I'm completely confident in my feelings on the game right now.

This is truly a game changer in pinball, a revolution in how a machine is made and how it plays. Everything about WOZ is first rate, in some categories a 6 didn't seem high enough to rate it properly. The best way I can think to describe it is that WOZ is like playing pinball in a small world under glass, it takes you on an adventure that has ultimate goals, but gives you different paths to get there, so it never gets boring. Even with the code only partially done, the game is amazing, as it evolves further and is polished, epic will be the best word to describe it.

JJP deserves all the accolades that can be given, an incredible effort for a first machine!!
4 years ago
If you haven't played one of these machines, put it on your "to do" list! It was awesome. I played several games on it and honestly, the only thing I didn't really care for was the ruby slipper flippers. They fely clunky to me. Everything else was top notch. I ordered one of these a few years ago and am still waiting for my machine to be delivered, but as of now I have played about 20 games on one and am very happy with the purchase. Can't wait to actually get the machine I paid for!
4 years ago
Woz wow what a beautiful playfeild :) this pin is very fun to play i think the software and call outs could be better but other than that this pin is truly a keeper will never sell shaker is a must to add that extra pop
4 years ago
I've finally had some time to put in on this pin, and time is defintely what you need. WOZ has the splash to gain your attention, but the splash can get in the way of understanding and successfully navigating the playfield. After 50 or so games, I think I understand it fairly well, but am still not up completely on the rules ... which are well-developed, but still a work in progress.
So, without writing a treatise on the game, here is my humble opinion: it is much more fun and less grating than I supposed. The shots are satisfying and varied, yet the flow is not the greatest. Given what I have seen of ST, this pin seems like a polar-opposite. It is a sharpshooters game and it can be brutal ... and brutally fun. The LCD was interesting, but the game can be so demanding that you rarely get to look at it unless you have cradled your balls. Scoring is completely aligned with stacking. That makes it a strategic-playing game. This pin forces you to consider your options carefully and plan each shot ... and your ball handling skills better be above average. If you lose focus, or look up at the LCD, you can lose a ball or at least lose control of your ball quickly.
Overall, I was extremely pleased with the game and plan on playing a lot more. WOZ is a breath of fresh air. Can it be annoying? Yes, but damn it is fun. It is my new love-hate relationship and I want more.
4 years ago
Beautiful game, solid and fun to play - With the recent updates I'm just beginning to learn all the new shots. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Feels more like a MACHINE that a TOY. Absolutly amazing, I look forward to great years with the Wizard of Oz and JJP.
4 years ago
I really haven't played this one enough to give a true rating yet, so this may be adjusted in time. The few times I have played it I havem't really been able to do much other than try to keep the ball in play. I don't really know the specifics or the correct shots yet to utilize all the features and extras. I do know that I really enjoy it so far and my only complaint at this point would be lighting on the playfield. Seems tough to follow, but again I have only played this in one venue so far.

Just wanted to update (03/15/2015). I have played this enough to update and after many many games played, I just am not a fan of this one. Looks cool, but I find it more fun to watch someone else play this than I do to play it myself. I gave it an honest try. I appreciate the mechanics and work and the looks of the game, but I just don't enjoy playing it.
4 years ago
One of the best Pins I have ever played. Just brilliant!
4 years ago
Just did my 3.0 update.... I thought the game was fun before >>>> it's even more fun now!!! I would recommend this game to everyone it's the BEST!!! There are so many things to do to beat the game it's going to take a lot of games to do it!!!! If you ever get a chance to play it do so!! You'll be happy you did! Thanks JJP
4 years ago
Long awaited but came in week before XMas. It really delivers. First, the game is just beautiful. Lights, playfield, cabinet - one of the best looking pins.

Second, the LCD really is a game changer. I get purists don't really care about the display because when you're playing you don't look up. Hogwash! When a mode starts it's pure enjoyment. And if you're paying two players, it's exciting to see what happens next on the display. Folks, just like slot machines are all going to interactive LCDs because it adds to the fun factor - no new pinball game should be without LCD. It's the new standard. The toys are very well done. I LOVE the crystal ball as do my two daughters. Well played! The witch is the only toy I was a little let down on. While great idea, you can barely see it. Just not well executed - but the shot works. The gameplay? I was critical in the past that this was TSPP redone. It's just so similar. The rules on TSPP were fun but I disliked the gameplay and layout (TSPP lasted the shortest time in my collection). For some reason, it works on WOZ. Can't put my finger on it but I'm enjoying the shots. The rules and special modes (like reverse flippers) are tricks Keith used in TSPP. Little redo but why not redo great code elements! I've experienced reverse flippers, no hold flippers, and lights out modes so far. Very clever.

It's early for a review but I will state - the game is delivering on the promise. It is different and packed with wonder. I'm a believer in LCD for pinball and in JJP. Can't wait to see Hobbit. My only wish is that they had a production line similar to Stern. Waiting is the hardest part.
4 years ago
Modern day classic. Great creativity and sounds. Am glad JJ makes widebody machines, more room for new technology,toys etc to flourish.
4 years ago
Next step in evolution of pinball. LCD is great eye candy and shows impressively-rendered scenes. Playfield has unique layout, filled with shots, so much to shoot at. Lots of backhands, strategic shooting; OTOH pops make it hard to keep control at times. Awesome KEF ruleset, stackers' dream. Huge scoring opportunities w/o woodchopping when stacks are set up. RGB LEDs are great
4 years ago
WOZ ECLE is by far the most fun pin I have ever played. An amazing achievement! It is a visual treat and immerses the player and those watching in the theme. Build quality is great. Family friendly fun at its best.
4 years ago
Best all out machine on the market hands down most innovative advanced best sounding up.to date with newest technology buy one guaranteed to be happy !!!!!
4 years ago
A nice looking pin. The LCD is fantastic at attracting those around the game so they feel more involved. Animations are great. Build quality seems good. I personally have no interest in the theme and the music.
What I really don't like is the layout, as it is lacking flow and has 2 main shots up the p/f. And how did all those people miss the GI lighting issue?
Still, I think much will be learnt going forward and The Hobbit should be spectacular.
4 years ago
I have about 100 games in on WOZ at this point and have played on the latest code (as of this review), as well. This is a tough game to rate because of it's extreme highs and extreme lows in certain categories. A lot of people compare this game to TZ, which is one of my favorite pins...

When I first saw this game at a show pre-release, I was blown away by the build quality. It felt like walking up and playing a 90's B/W widebody that I had somehow never seen before. I told all of my pin-friends how impressed I was with it. As I have now got in more play time, my opinion has changed quite a bit. I am still impressed with where JJP is going with their build quality, but I'm thinking this just isn't such a great 'game'. I'm not sure if this playfield can be saved with any amount of code. There are almost no flow-through or otherwise satisfying shots. Mostly the ball is just bouncing randomly off spot targets all over the place. I really don't know why Joe Balcer was picked as the designer for such an ambitious project. I'm even more surprised that they are using him again for The Hobbit.

Code wise, IF there were to be any hope of this becoming a great game, I think the rules would need to be mostly re-written, which probably will never happen. The most bizarre thing of all is that the main objectives all relate to shooting these push button rollovers that are in random places on the playfield. They are all shots that will send the ball wild. Really, who makes rollovers the primary thing you are shooting for in a game??? The rollovers are also flaky and tend to send the ball airborn or stump your ramp shot.

I still have a lot of hope for JJP and I think they could end up putting out a true masterpiece in the next few years, but this just isn't it.
4 years ago
A landmark game to be sure. LCD has changed pinball for the better forever. This game just scratches the surface of what's possible. Theme and cramped shooting holds it back a bit for me, but a top effort and out of the park as an inaugural game. The return of quality construction is also to be heralded.
4 years ago
Well this review is long overdue, I own WOZECLE # 259 and yes it was a long wait but was well worth it, This pin has been in the middle of a lot of controversy and yes its become JJP vs Stern but WoZ is light years in front of what Stern is doing right now, The game is obviously gorgeous to look at and the LCD is integrated perfectly. The game is damn fun to play, the shots feel great and are very very challenging, ive got plenty of games in my collection and I always end up back at WoZ. The Latest code update 1.24 has really brought a lot to the table and there is so much more to come with future updates. What ive really seen is you either love the game or you hate it, there really is not a lot of middle ground. Ive had no issues with mine so far and look forward to future games from JJP. You knocked it outta the park Jack and Team and so glad My support from the beginning helped get the Company off the ground. Those of you that are still waiting to get your games be patient its well worth the wait!!!!
4 years ago
The more I play WOZ, the more bored I am with it. I liked it at first, but man, this game is so slow and there are no audio clues to let you know you are doing the right things. I know it is all relative, but I am not a fan of the super low scoring either. IMHO, it is missing something major. I'm sure it will get better, but at this point, we choose to play other games besides WOZ...even when it is on free play in someone's home.
4 years ago
My head is still spinning on this one! The new tech,and lighting is Great!
There are 394 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 16.

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