Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz

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This game got 701 approved ratings and currently scores 8.279 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 8.167

Artwork: 8.894

Sounds/Music: 7.891

Other Aspects: 8.052

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There are 312 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
Ok folks, here it is... this is childhood in a box. If you don't like this game there is something wrong with you. There is no other pinball game that competes with this feeling of eternal childhood. If you want to feel like a kid in a candy store, then this is for you. I simply can't believe that there would be anything that would outdo the 1939 classic film "Wizard of Oz", but now there is... the 2013 Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz pinball machine based on that classic film. If you haven't played the latest version of the software, then you haven't played this game.
If you reviewed a previous version, then go back and review it again. There is no better innocent entertainment on planet earth than this game. Universal appeal to everyone and simply the most beautiful and complex pinball machine to behold.

Fun fun, fun! Lots of variation, so much going on. Keeping your peripheral vision keyed in to 3 playfields, the backbox LCD and the crystal ball LCD screen during the incredible multiball modes can keep anyone challenged. Even the ball drains are fun because you've always got an opportunity to save it. Down the left outlane you've got "There's No Place Like Home" - start nudging! Down the center you've got a post to potentially ricochet the ball back onto the playfield, and down the right you've got the brilliant and extremely satisfying "TOTO" nudge save and followup shot.

Jersey Jack waved a magic wand and produced a game that will be hard to top. A timeless achievement. Congratulations Jersey Jack, you did it.
14 days ago
One of the games, if not THE GAME, that saved pinball in this period of Pinball. Amazing
17 days ago
I had a strong dislike for this game for quite some time. It felt clunky and unintuitive.
I finally had a great game and understood what people love with it. I would gladly add one to the collection some day. It is a fun and innovative game. Well done, JJP.
21 days ago
Played this at Pinball Expo in Chicago the year it debuted. It was unforgettable. This is one of those themes that you wonder why no one has licensed it before. (It's almost 80 years old).
1 month ago
What a beautiful game! It is like in a decor of theater
Decent flow but lots of stop and go.
My main complains are the rules too much complex and not very intuitive and also the low scoring.
2 months ago
Everything about this game is totally awesome from the RGB LED lights to everything on the playfield many and regular, the rules are so complex and it's very challenging to beat. The only negative comment and I have about this machine is that I don't have a virus of kicking my feet are getting frustrated with it, but all In all gameplay is also a phone
2 months ago
I think it's a great pinball revolution but now I'm very dissapointed about the fiability! not easy to play when there is all the time something wrong..it's a pity
2 months ago
By far, the nicest pin I've ever played. Sometimes the lights can be a bit too much if you're in a dark location, but otherwise, I can't complain. This is the next pin that I want in my house.
2 months ago
Looks like it should be fun, but it seems like it's rigged to drain the ball. Flippers are weak just like "The Hobbit"
3 months ago
I can see how people will love or loathe this, after spending a few hours with one it's a totally different feel to the high speed raw games Stern have been perfecting. I really like the layout even though there's not much in the way of flow - reminds me of TZ a bit. Really love the outlane toys and the curved RAINBOW target bank. Expected the music to get repetitive but it really doesn't because it's frequently broken up by other audio. Outlanes on the one I played were standard setting and not as greedy as I've seen people say. While the BALL targets aren't directly flippable (use the slings!), the RAINBOW targets can all be hit from the left flipper if you aim well and the targets are adjusted correctly. Very high quality feel, but I noticed the pink standup target between guard and ramp entrances can take a total beating, cracked on the otherwise perfect one I played.
3 months ago
Love the flow and number of shots available. Call out are good as are the toys and the use of lcd screen makes it a favorite.
3 months ago
The machine is GORGEOUS! So, bright, colorful and hits the theme perfectly.

Great toys....EVERYTHING.

The only thing I really don't like is the scoring. Something bothers me about the EM Style scoring factor.... just me.
3 months ago
I bought a Ruby Red 75th Anniversary LE with 100 plays - This is an extremely technologically advanced game and although I appreciate it's beauty the game play is too slow and the shots too easy.

My wife went with me to Rockland Pinball and she loves it - which explains why I bought it.

Well integrated and beautiful game with a deep ruleset and okay flow - but it's just not my cup of tea. I'll keep it for awhile because my wife and kids love it - but will eventually move it out of the lineup.

I find it's a super easy game to play even on hard settings because the wide body's slower ball speed.

After thoroughly evaluating the machine - and contrary to what others in this thread have said - there is much more in the design of this game than "a big color screen" to justify the increased cost. It is definitely a giant leap forward technologically speaking.

I really want to love it - but just can't get into the gameplay... ...still hoping it grows on me.
4 months ago
I have held off on rating this machine to see if the love of it would wear off but it has only become stronger. This is a close as I will ever get to a perfect rating. I love everything about the machine and always want one more shot at getting a little bit deeper into the game. I have a pretty good collection of games and this is the one everyone including myself gravitates to. The rules are so deep I do not know if I will ever get to somewhere over the rainbow mode but I do know that I will keep trying. I truly feel the JJP pins are in a league of their own.
4 months ago
Great Game. Very innovative but the trill while playing is missing.
4 months ago
The prettiest game ever! Most advanced technology, and super deep rules with long staying power. Most played game at all my events hands down.
5 months ago
A tough game to play with factory settings, but since I own one I made much simpler to make progress in the rule set which is incredible. Only game I know of that messes with the flippers during play to add to the challenge. It will even swap the buttons for the flippers (Left button triggers right flipper and right triggers left.) Love it.
5 months ago
Don't listen to the critics. This pin is the future and is a piece of art. Super fun and a lot to master. I can't get enough of the super-wide frame and hope more new pins go to this format. My only complaint, and it's a big one, is that stupid left lane drain that is a monster (same reason I'm not a fan of STTNG). Hope to have a WOZ one day...better start counting my pennies.
5 months ago
Beautiful, near-perfect pinball experience.
5 months ago
Beautiful game. Didn't expect to like the game based on the theme but I was wrong. The game is really fun and its the only pin that all my kids liked:-)
5 months ago
Wanted to love it.. Just couldn't!
6 months ago
Very innovative machine in terms of adding features all together to create a solid package, NOT a "new" pinball way of thinking in terms of design.
The most recent example of pinball design to "raise the bar" not from the standpoint of toys or gimmicks but the combination of gameplay with goals.
The theme and playfield are VERY WELL INTEGRATED.
It reminds me of Road Show in terms of attempting to "do it all".

However, hardly the "future of pinball", unless you count the overall cost of the machine.
Do collectors know that this concept was applied against Road Show as well?
Nope, most were not around, 20+ years ago.
The only thing that was different is WoZ uses an LCD and includes munchkins MB as a play feature.

Exceptional ruleset now, since the code has been updated.
"Black line" artwork is very good, and blends very well with the theme, not "amazing" but very good.
They should have used hand drawn art for the characters not digitized recreations.
Cabinet art accentuates the machine very well.
Animations on the LCD monitor are complementary and well used with the game modes.
Music is repetitive.
Sounds are above average.

Maintenance upkeep is temperamental on locations, based on complexity.
This MUST be considered in terms of the game quality for a review.
Mechanical design is solid.
Construction and clear coat, not so much, as in less than 3 years, the first part of the runs has already been WORN DOWN TO BARE WOOD in pop bumper and inserts on routes!
Not the best quality here, JJP...
Works best as a home collection machine.
NIB private owners will defend their machines to the "last dollar" and remain in denial, but then why do they keep turning up for sale all over the market including many LE versions?
Gee, I have no idea...

The whole "different collector versions" of this machine seem to be a huge push at a cash grab.
There just is not that much unique about each variation to justify the additional cost.

The only unfortunate thing is this title really accelerated the "run to the hills" NIB game pricing.
The game cannot justify the extra $2k for a LCD monitor, but I will give credit for additional cost in terms of boutique design costs. However, not $2k a machine.
JJP set the bar to raise prices artificially early, and Stern jumped on the band wagon.

"Best game I have ever played, period"??? Really???
Play more games, please, especially more than one time.
Oh PinSide...and new collectors that have played a dozen machines in their lifetime.
"Tis be the best ting since toylet paper, yes sur, it shur is"!

Final note: "Flippers are weak" is not a $#!@ing proper review comment. That means you played a poorly maintained game and shows player/owner/collector experience incompetence.
6 months ago
Amazing machine, with so many novelty. It's so sad that the main theme music is so repetitive and irritating!!
6 months ago
The first time I played an early-release of an ECLE WOZ in the Wild, in Las Vegas, it didn't click with me. Maybe it was spending $10 for 5 minutes worth of play that left me in a mood but I remember vaguely that the music seemed very repetitive. I really didn't pay WoZ alot of attention for a couple years until the bug hit me about 6 months ago. A collector in an adjacent metro was telling me about his experiences and held WoZ prominently alongside some seriously quality machines. He shared his experiences with JJP and they were honestly very different (very positive) from the more troll-ish stuff I often read on forums about JJP. I sought out and played a few different models and bought my work RR WoZ the next weekend.

What stands out to me most is build quality. The game is a tank. Heavy playfield, heavy cabinet, heavy everything. I have to modulate my 'nudge' technique going back to lighter games. What is a nudge to WoZ would topple a 2015 Stern. The play field clear coat is like something you'd see on a boat or a car. It looks incredible.

The game IS fun -- very fun -- as you start to explore and learn the rules it becomes even more fun. In fact, I think some of that is the genius in this game. An incredibly unique and second-to-none light show drags you in and an incredibly deep ruleset keeps you coming back. The light show isn't just a gimmick, it is integral.

I'm a bit of a hold-out on this idea of an LCD in a backbox but WOZ is winning me over to this innovation. My concerns have always centered around too much in-game information on a display when I can only occasionally look up from the flippers and play field. That said, the quadrants on the display do serve as glance-able zones with meaningful data. It is clear that JJP spent some time to get this right and I think they did.

The theme was my greatest concern prior to buying a WoZ, I was concerned that anything with ruby-red-slippers on the flippers and such a red-dominant color scheme might be a bit too feminine to fit in my collection. Don't be concerned with that. The game content contrasts the femininity well and brings the game to a great balance for both guys and girls. The Angsty-sounded overly aggressive Wizard yelling at you to shoot things, contrasted with the tricky trash-talking Wicked Witch and Glenda the Good Witch build a balance between male and female, ugly and pretty, comedy and drama, good and evil. It all comes together in a very-well-balanced presentation, both on screen and during play.

The upper mini-play fields feel well-thought out and not contrived like some games and the rules make good use of them. The overall game layout has a ton of shots and nuance and cleverly place magnetic diverters add an element of surprise to keep things fresh. The inclusion of rollover targets is interesting as it changes how you shoot and it adds another level of potential chaos to ball trajectory.

The music doesn't feel repetitive anymore, the code has improved this considerably. There are missed opportunities for greater variation in the callouts but the callouts are varied. The sound quality is incredible.

The game's ability to control coil power is super interesting and adds an interesting play dynamic. At various times the witch can curse the flippers (weak flippers, no-hold flippers) and this changes everything. Bravo for this innovation!!

From the maintenance perspective I've found the game requires no more maintenance than any other game in my collection.. More coils, more wires usually equals more maintenance but I haven't found that to be an issue, yet. The game is more reliable than I expected from a new company, to be completely honest. Especially for a game with a full 1u rackmount server sitting in its belly.

Upon receiving my NIB game I did have to work through a few things related to gravity. As the games are stored vertically the wiring harness can shift in places just enough that tie-wraps may interfere with coil operation (the Winky target and trough up-kicker). We didn't have to call JJP it was all easy stuff but if you run into set-up issues, give JJP a call before running to the forums to gripe, they stand behind this game and the support staff is super responsive and helpful. What would the pinball world do without LTG?? :)

My suggested areas to improve the game are nitpicks but I think constructive:

Out of the box, the shooter knob was a cheap plastic ball-type-shooter with a gnarly seam on the equator of the hemispheres and the flipper buttons are the boring faded-red-color standard WMS flipper buttons from the 90's. These are easy to replace and the hazard of putting something non-premium next to (or on) something that is super-premium in every other way. As Steve Jobs would often hyper-focus on: the things we touch need to be premium, to feel premium. This was a missed opportunity but not a sin, they went with trusted parts, so I get that.

My other nitpick is, I'm a sucker for silk-screened artwork and wish it was silk-screened on the cabinet vs being a decal. In the decal's defense, it seems very resilient and it is very vibrant / looks great.

For rules, there exist some very clever algorithms for pausing or artificially extending hurry-up timers when a player doesn't have (or can't have) control of the ball. These timers seem to be straight timers. If a timer is active but the ball is stuck bouncing amongst the top lanes for instance, why not extend the timers or pause their count down? (or use half-time)

Since the witch can control coil power (weak flippers, no-hold flippers) could the control bus allow her to reverse them entirely? (Left button controls right bottom, right controls left and vice-versa). That could be interesting. :)

Any rate, that's my review. Good-on JJP for innovating, for throwing it all into a game and for sticking behind it. WOZ is an incredible game, it is different, it is fresh and it has staying power. This was a senior effort as their freshman release, I'm betting (literally) their next games will be equally epic in their own ways.
There are 312 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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