Wizard of Oz

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Found 381 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 381 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
Solid first effort, but not a great game, quite clunky playing but has lots of toys. Not to mention the worst theme ever for a pinball machine. Would get a hobbit or wait for the new pirates game if you want a JJP. I would never consider owning one.
69 days ago
Its pretty mindblowing! No complaints. A must for any owner, for at least a while, and hopefully a keeper for me - but I made the mistake of getting married before I got into pinball - ugh! Super deep rules. Love the big LCD screen! Stern should move to the larger in fact jjp way ahead of the Curve although I do like how Highway puts an LCD in the middle of the Playfield better than either. Tons of toys and things going on. Pretty good flow. Certainly not clunky. Tons of shots to make which gives you plenty to think about. Things can get really fast particularly when coming at you from the left side of the playfield' Haunted Forest. No issues. Never broken and keeps on working. Super high-quality and awesome freshman effort. In fact it reeks of expensive and of quality. One can tell the whole team worked really hard on this release. Theme also is a winner and works for me. What's not to like? This pan exceeds expectations and in no way disappoints.
3 months ago
Absolutely in love with this pin. It has so much going for it. The ruleset is extremely deep and it is a real challenge to make it to somewhere over the rainbow wizard mode. There are lots of cool toys on the playfield and lots of shots to make. The sound design is great with plenty of your favorite music and sound bytes from the film and awesome original sounds. Super sharp looking with all LEDs in the playfield and the LCD monitor is has great animations and movie clips, plus wonderfully shows your progress on multiple goals at once. One of my favorite pins, and still my favorite Jersey Jack game.
3 months ago
This game is truly stunning. The art package and theme are really well done, even if Oz isn't your thing.
The light show and integrated video really complement this them well.
The scoring is a bit on the low end, and I have yet to find a machine on route that wasn't either not 100% functional, or just plain poorly tuned.
3 months ago
What can you say about this game. It one of the bast! A must have for every collector. The only thing I have a problem with is what everything is. It's like I have to read the manual to understand what to shoot for and what it is that I just did. Lighting is incredible.
This game pushed other game makers to make better games. It truly is a pioneer in pinball machines.
Thanks Jersey Jack for making the industry understand that we can make better pinball machines from today's technology rather that staying with 90ies style pinball machines.
3 months ago
Incredible !!
3 months ago
This is a beautiful pin. Maybe the most beautiful ever made. The theme is very good, the rule set is deep and, while not easy to follow on the LCD full color screen, is pretty easy to understand once you play it several times. A better game for home collections. It is a game with long ball times and a huge play field. Plenty of toys and things to do. The only cons are the "No Place Like Home" mode is almost impossible to complete. I really loved the concept of this mode and Save Toto, which each save your ball from the left and right out lanes if successfully completed. But only the Toto mode is fairly achievable. You can tweak the game settings to make it more user friendly, which I strongly recommend. Also, the upper flipper on the right side (not the one for Dorothy's house of course) has little use. It feels like it should be important for a skill shot or cross-field shot like in AF. It is designed to hit the haunted forest, but isn't rewarded when you do, and if you hold it down when the ball drains from the upper right orbit, it directs the ball directly into the left drain. I almost never use this flipper, which feels like a design flaw.

This was my first pin purchased new, and it was a great choice. Now if only Jersey Jack would make Alice in Wonderland...a theme just dying to be made into a pinball machine. Think of the modes! Tea Party Mode, Battle the Queen of Hearts, Down the Rabbit Hole, Tweedle Dee and Dumb drop targets, Find the Cheshire Cat...maybe someday.

Until then, WOZ is a fun, deep, very well-built pin. Stern must keep it's build quality up to avoid falling behind JJ.
3 months ago
Really cool game and I would love to own one somday. The lighting is amazing. Unfortunately all 3 machines I have played have had some sort of major technical issue that ended my game early.
3 months ago
I am revising my comments after owning this game for a while. I have put about 40 games on this machine, and its just an incredible machine. The rules are very deep, the light shows are truly amazing, the upper play fields are very fun, the upper castle is great, and the spinning house is amazing. On top of all that the customized bumper sounds are truly exceptional. I have several pins in my collection and the WOZ, and Hobbit are the first two I go to every time (along with the kids). This game is the real deal. My only regret is not buying one sooner. Stern can learn a lot from JJP, and the quality of build. This game is built like a tank.
3 months ago
This is a tough game for me to rate. The light show is seizure-inducing extraordinary and there is a ton to this pin in both rules and toys. But, in some ways, there is too much going on, as if they wanted to throw every idea in there, making the experience potentially too busy. It would never be a pin that I'd own, but I can see how it wou appeal to others. All-in-all, a good game, that's really different than most anything else, and better than JJP's sophomore effort as well.
3 months ago
100%, one of the best machine, all is perfect on this pinball.
3 months ago
LOVE Wizard of Oz. Best of the JJP games out there in my opinion. Dialed In is a close second (more play needed). Beautiful machine, great theme and keeps me wanting to play "one more game." Once used prices decline a bit more, I would consider this for my home collection.
4 months ago
I can not believe how well this pin is built. I am still learning the rules but really love the different modes and lighting effects. Fun and interesting layout and toys, plus there are so many modes and special features (like Tspp on steroids). I've owned a lot of great pins but Woz is in a class of one. TZ had a baby with Tspp and it is Woz. I have the newest 2.0 lights with RR plus RadCals.
4 months ago
This game is so much fun! I love the theme and playability. My only real complaint is the game is dark and jjp should have added a huge amount more lighting.
4 months ago
I've owned this game for nearly a year so far. It's very close to perfect and solidly in the Top 5 pinballs of all time, in my opinion. It has very few flaws; mainly: it's so challenging and complex that it's often more frustrating than fun, it's an absolute drain-monster, the 1960s tiny point scale is unsatisfying, and the LCD display can sometimes be distracting and hard to read while playing. Other than those issues, everything else about the game is superb. Moreover, Jersey Jack deserves tons of credit for all of the innovation and creativity in this game, the perfect implementation of theme, and the great ongoing support of the game. I hope and intend to keep this game for many, many years to come.
5 months ago
The lighting and theme makes this game standout. Loylts of cool toys. Beautiful machine to look at, on or off. Took me a while to get into it. It grows on you. Good for home environment.
5 months ago
I think it's the nicest looking machine ever built, just amazing. I am just not a huge fan of the theme...not really sure who it's for. I wish they were making the new Star Wars game rather than Stern...would be cool to see what they would do with it. I have played several different machines many different times and I still feel like I haven't scratched the surface with the rule set. I like that. I need to get one for the house! Best game made since the 1990's.
5 months ago
Now here's a game I avoided ever since release... maybe because I am strongly opposed to $1/play games... or maybe because it was just so crazy looking with it's 4 million lights and constantly changing screen. Well this changed quickly after meeting one of Jersey Jacks newest designers... Eric Muenier, who showed a group of us the rules, techniques, and idiosyncrasies found within this absolutely deep and complex game. I was immediately wanting one once I found out it is nearly impossible to do "everything" that is to offer during the game, and is a game that will last for many many years. I cancelled a few pre-orders to go back and give this game a go, and I feel it was the best thing to do. I am now a fan!
5 months ago
Fun pin. Bought mine second hand and have had problem after problem since getting it home. Great cabinet, layout, gameplay, call outs, and depth.
5 months ago
For anyone who hasn't played this game, with the new LCD and LEDs it's an updated version of a game like the Twilight Zone. Complex rule set, GREAT playfield toys, interesting out-lanes to keep you playing, just amazing. The website says it's a playable work of art and I don't think that's overstating it.

Only downsides I've heard are that there are serious maintenance issues and that the LCD is too big. Otherwise this is about as perfect a machine as I've ever played.
6 months ago
Great theme.
6 months ago
Game is a beautifully crafted pice of art, married to amazing software, topped off with wonderful sound resulting in a game that is super deep and just a blast to play.
6 months ago
I loved this pin. My favourite pin I've played so far. Lots to do, visually appealing and overall a game that matches its potential.
6 months ago
I'm going to come right out and say it, this is the best pinball machine I have ever played. I own one, and nothing could have prepared me for the awesome experience this game is right out of the box. This game is very similar to Twilight Zone, but on Steroids, and possibly with twice as many toys. That's an accomplishment.

The one flaw is the 'there's no place like home' ball save. Toto is perfect, why does TNPLH how've to be 10 times harder? it's too long and hard. Other than that, this game is as close to perfection that I've ever seen. I don't care about the stupid controversies. This is exactly what we need to improve our choices in an industry dominated by one company with declining quality.
Even with 1 caveat, it's a 10.00
Thank you Jerset Jack! Wow, what a pinball machine.
7 months ago
I actually like the WOZ a lot - my friends and family love it. I played a ton on location as I am consider buying one. The ones I payed seemed to have certain issues (i.e. monkey not picking up the ball) but I am sure for HUO these would not surface as much. The lighting is amazing! I used to dislike wide bodies but now have TZ and DM and appreciate the more room and less speed. However the shots in WOZ don't feel as good/strong as in other pins. It may be I would need to adjust the flipper strength. I also do not like having only 1 flipper on the upper left PF - seems I cannot reach the ball but maybe that is a skilled shot I need to figure out more. Still considering getting this game but the $ to acquire is steep even though it seems worth the money.
There are 381 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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