Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz

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Game design: 8.123

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Sounds/Music: 7.876

Other Aspects: 8.007

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There are 294 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Beautiful game. Didn't expect to like the game based on the theme but I was wrong. The game is really fun and its the only pin that all my kids liked:-)
11 days ago
Wanted to love it.. Just couldn't!
18 days ago
Very innovative machine in terms of adding features all together to create a solid package, NOT a "new" pinball way of thinking in terms of design.
The most recent example of pinball design to "raise the bar" not from the standpoint of toys or gimmicks but the combination of gameplay with goals.
The theme and playfield are VERY WELL INTEGRATED.
It reminds me of Road Show in terms of attempting to "do it all".

However, hardly the "future of pinball", unless you count the overall cost of the machine.
Do collectors know that this concept was applied against Road Show as well?
Nope, most were not around, 20+ years ago.
The only thing that was different is WoZ uses an LCD.

Exceptional ruleset now, since the code has been updated.
"Black line" artwork is very good, and blends very well with the theme, not "amazing" but very good.
They should have used hand drawn art for the characters not digitized recreations.
Cabinet art accentuates the machine very well.
Animations on the LCD monitor are complementary and well used with the game modes.
Music is repetitive.
Sounds are above average.

Maintenance upkeep is temperamental on locations, based on complexity.
Mechanical design is solid.
Works best as a home collection machine.

The whole "different collector versions" of this machine seem to be a huge push at a cash grab.
There just is not that much unique about each variation to justify the additional cost.

The only unfortunate thing is this title really accelerated the "run to the hills" NIB game pricing.
The game cannot justify the extra $2k for a LCD monitor, but I will give credit for additional cost in terms of boutique design costs. However, not $2k a machine.

"Best game I have ever played, period"??? Really???
Play more games, please, especially more than one time.
Oh PinSide...and new collectors that have played a dozen machines in their lifetime.
"Tis be the best ting since toylet paper, yes sur, it shur is"!
23 days ago
Amazing machine, with so many novelty. It's so sad that the main theme music is so repetitive and irritating!!
1 month ago
The first time I played an early-release of an ECLE WOZ in the Wild, in Las Vegas, it didn't click with me. Maybe it was spending $10 for 5 minutes worth of play that left me in a mood but I remember vaguely that the music seemed very repetitive. I really didn't pay WoZ alot of attention for a couple years until the bug hit me about 6 months ago. A collector in an adjacent metro was telling me about his experiences and held WoZ prominently alongside some seriously quality machines. He shared his experiences with JJP and they were honestly very different (very positive) from the more troll-ish stuff I often read on forums about JJP. I sought out and played a few different models and bought my work RR WoZ the next weekend.

What stands out to me most is build quality. The game is a tank. Heavy playfield, heavy cabinet, heavy everything. I have to modulate my 'nudge' technique going back to lighter games. What is a nudge to WoZ would topple a 2015 Stern. The play field clear coat is like something you'd see on a boat or a car. It looks incredible.

The game IS fun -- very fun -- as you start to explore and learn the rules it becomes even more fun. In fact, I think some of that is the genius in this game. An incredibly unique and second-to-none light show drags you in and an incredibly deep ruleset keeps you coming back. The light show isn't just a gimmick, it is integral.

I'm a bit of a hold-out on this idea of an LCD in a backbox but WOZ is winning me over to this innovation. My concerns have always centered around too much in-game information on a display when I can only occasionally look up from the flippers and play field. That said, the quadrants on the display do serve as glance-able zones with meaningful data. It is clear that JJP spent some time to get this right and I think they did.

The theme was my greatest concern prior to buying a WoZ, I was concerned that anything with ruby-red-slippers on the flippers and such a red-dominant color scheme might be a bit too feminine to fit in my collection. Don't be concerned with that. The game content contrasts the femininity well and brings the game to a great balance for both guys and girls. The Angsty-sounded overly aggressive Wizard yelling at you to shoot things, contrasted with the tricky trash-talking Wicked Witch and Glenda the Good Witch build a balance between male and female, ugly and pretty, comedy and drama, good and evil. It all comes together in a very-well-balanced presentation, both on screen and during play.

The upper mini-play fields feel well-thought out and not contrived like some games and the rules make good use of them. The overall game layout has a ton of shots and nuance and cleverly place magnetic diverters add an element of surprise to keep things fresh. The inclusion of rollover targets is interesting as it changes how you shoot and it adds another level of potential chaos to ball trajectory.

The music doesn't feel repetitive anymore, the code has improved this considerably. There are missed opportunities for greater variation in the callouts but the callouts are varied. The sound quality is incredible.

The game's ability to control coil power is super interesting and adds an interesting play dynamic. At various times the witch can curse the flippers (weak flippers, no-hold flippers) and this changes everything. Bravo for this innovation!!

From the maintenance perspective I've found the game requires no more maintenance than any other game in my collection.. More coils, more wires usually equals more maintenance but I haven't found that to be an issue, yet. The game is more reliable than I expected from a new company, to be completely honest. Especially for a game with a full 1u rackmount server sitting in its belly.

Upon receiving my NIB game I did have to work through a few things related to gravity. As the games are stored vertically the wiring harness can shift in places just enough that tie-wraps may interfere with coil operation (the Winky target and trough up-kicker). We didn't have to call JJP it was all easy stuff but if you run into set-up issues, give JJP a call before running to the forums to gripe, they stand behind this game and the support staff is super responsive and helpful. What would the pinball world do without LTG?? :)

My suggested areas to improve the game are nitpicks but I think constructive:

Out of the box, the shooter knob was a cheap plastic ball-type-shooter with a gnarly seam on the equator of the hemispheres and the flipper buttons are the boring faded-red-color standard WMS flipper buttons from the 90's. These are easy to replace and the hazard of putting something non-premium next to (or on) something that is super-premium in every other way. As Steve Jobs would often hyper-focus on: the things we touch need to be premium, to feel premium. This was a missed opportunity but not a sin, they went with trusted parts, so I get that.

My other nitpick is, I'm a sucker for silk-screened artwork and wish it was silk-screened on the cabinet vs being a decal. In the decal's defense, it seems very resilient and it is very vibrant / looks great.

For rules, there exist some very clever algorithms for pausing or artificially extending hurry-up timers when a player doesn't have (or can't have) control of the ball. These timers seem to be straight timers. If a timer is active but the ball is stuck bouncing amongst the top lanes for instance, why not extend the timers or pause their count down? (or use half-time)

Since the witch can control coil power (weak flippers, no-hold flippers) could the control bus allow her to reverse them entirely? (Left button controls right bottom, right controls left and vice-versa). That could be interesting. :)

Any rate, that's my review. Good-on JJP for innovating, for throwing it all into a game and for sticking behind it. WOZ is an incredible game, it is different, it is fresh and it has staying power. This was a senior effort as their freshman release, I'm betting (literally) their next games will be equally epic in their own ways.
1 month ago
this game is amazing, just keep wanting to play it. the only thing i can complain about is the amount of flashing lights over wise spot on game.
1 month ago
Played this at Moosejaw Pizza in Wisconsin Dells. They had 2 pins - a WOZ and KISS. My son and I played both. Initial summary - we didn't really enjoy either machine. WOZ seems like a machine you would have to own and play a lot to understand the rules, we couldn't get much of a grasp on anything, so we gave up. Also, the left flipper was sticking (and stuttering?), it made very it hard to play. I'll have to say though - the machine looked BEAUTIFUL. But looks aren't everything, this is one pin I would never consider buying now, definitely not for me. Funny thing, we both didn't like KISS either but my son said he would rather play the KISS machine than WOZ if he had to choose between the two. Sorry JJP, a bit of a swing and a miss for us. Looking forward to the Hobbit though, that one looks sweet!!!
1 month ago
not too fun ,looks great ,one of most beatiful machines ever made jus wish it played as good as it looks,drain monster left outlane ? t.v screen cool but im playin pinball not video game,it wasnt totaly funtional it seemed like,hate the red shoes on the flippers i like playin it with out the shoes ,i can never find one that plays perfect probly dnt have more than 25games on it but played enough to never play it again.woz theme dosnt do it for me, old theme too old. it shouldnt b a top 25 machine but could b number one on all around beauty! NEVER A KEEPER FOR ME
1 month ago
Overall a very fun game. Lots of stuff packed into this game. Good family theme. Game play is okay if you're just having an okay game but it gets out of control fun if you are able to stack a number of things going simultaneously (like a multiball, munchkin mode and crystal ball mode). GI lighting is fairly poor but the insert lighting is over-the-top.
2 months ago
I so want one of these - the future of pinball. Stern need to up their game to compete with the Wizard of Oz.
2 months ago
Looked pretty just not a blast to play.
2 months ago
The build quality of this game is the best you'll ever see, especially the Emerald Green LE with the green legs. WOZ is very challenging & definitely for the more skilled player, there's little room for error but that's why it keeps you coming back again & again. All the sounds & visuals are breathtaking!
3 months ago
Before rating a game I like to play a game enough times to be familiar with the majority of it perhaps besides the wizard mode. It feels impossible to do that with WoZ. There so much here in code, gameplay, toys, shots, animations, callouts, it's dizzying. It's clearly a BIG step up from what other companies are trying, and I really appreciate them bringing pinball into the modern era finally.

Both mini playfields play well. I always feel like I can do the spinning house forever and I'm always wrong. Rescue is maybe my favorite single flipper playfield ever. I love the Sorcerer-esque RAINBOW targets. Important shots without safe return are great. All sorts of interesting modes that play with the technology, lights on/off, reverse flippers, weak flippers, etc.

There's No Place Like Home really sucks. It's hard and random to light it first of all, then on one ball, under a time a limit, with no additional scoring, you have to complete FOUR freaking goals to save your ball? It's unbelievably difficult to pull this off, barely worth trying, and really slows multiplayer games down. Really interesting idea, but perhaps the worst part of WoZ overall. TOTO is alright on the other side.

Light show, code, animations, BOM etc. all an enormous step up from an average Stern. It's obvious that this game is more than just a Stern-style game with more toys, there is a ton of extra design and development that had to be done.

For the record games being slow, floaty, or having no flow are not negatives to me which is why this is rated so high. I don't always like games just because they're fast and full of safe returns.
3 months ago
This is the best pinball machine I have ever played. Period.

Everything from how it looks from a distance, the beautiful screen, the sounds, the deep rule set, how challenging it is, everything. I hope to someday own one. It's a work of art.
3 months ago
I love what Jersey Jack did with this game. The lighting is wonderful. I found this game to be more challenging then most new stern games that are coming out. It is more like an old Bally/Williams game. I played it at a pinball show but I hope one comes to a location close to me.
3 months ago
I have seen the future of pinball and it is made by Jersey Jack. This makes every Stern look like a child's toy. The most beautiful machine I have ever seen. The LED lighting makes it glow like electric candy. The rules are super deep and there are dozens of items that demonstrate true innovation. Sterns just rehash the same tired and cheep tricks and layouts. I had a Twilight Zone and find this to be very similar but so much better. I am truly amazed. The only negative I can give is that the software is still not 100% free of bugs at version 5.05. Having said that, JJP are continuing to release updates quickly and have already replied to my report of bugs to say that they are working on it and will get fixes out asap. Really great bunch at JJP.
3 months ago
This is an underrated game. Easily a top 10. I own tz, mm, ijtpa, desw, some real classics. This is on par with them all. Admittedly I'm a technology guy, and I don't own woz, only played it on location, but this game is deep, fun, and replayable. I'm looking forward to th because I like that license a little better.
3 months ago
nice game, thought it was a little too busy.
4 months ago
One of a kind, LEDs and sound amazing, best pinball I've ever played.
5 months ago
Good machine overall. The lights show is the best of any machine so far with a near perfect use of color changing LEDs. The game rules should be more clear...so the first several game plays feel more like just "hit the ball" not "aim for this"....Both upper mini playfields lack any kind of skill play.

The Pros:
One of the most iconic movie theme of all time...Who doesn't remember growing watching The Wizard of Oz every holiday season !!
Overall very fun game for all ages.
Beautiful artwork, lighting and integration of movie clips & sound.

The Cons:
Rules are unclear/deep and take several repeated game plays to start to understand.
Upper mini playfields lack any sort of real skill.

The Takeaway:
With deep rule sets and beautiful theme WOZ is a keeper.
Game play may seem unclear at first but will keep seasond and novice players coming back for more.

Would I buy it? Yes...

Just a side note: This by far is my wifes favorite machine so I will be adding a WOZ 75th to my collection. I will update my post afterwards.
5 months ago
One of the prettiest games ever made. I had the pleasure playing one of those machines on a recent visit to Chicago. It could have been all that and then some but is isn't. The game play is somewhat uninspiring. The pop bumper after the ball drains one the left lane is a complete waste and somewhat symptomatic of the entire layout. No real game flow or much of a strategy. Too bad I really love to look at this game since it looks very impressive.
5 months ago
A really fantastic game. The lighting and artwork really are everything they are cracked up to be, and the integration of theme is exceptionally good. The LCD display adds a unique dimension, even if just for spectators (since it is hard to pay much attention to the screen while playing). Gameplay is certainly challenging, both in terms of learning the rules and then actually getting through all the various challenges. (I highly recommend reading a detailed rulesheet - it is easy to be lost without it.) I almost can't imagine ever completing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but the challenge will keep me playing for a long time. Everybody in the family really likes the game!
6 months ago
The lighting for this game is ridiculous!!! In a good way.
6 months ago
Best pin I've ever played. When you compare it to the stock Stern product that is released these days, there is no comparison...and that's why these guys bailed on Stern! Amazing game. I was fortunate enough to play an LE on location in Vancouver. These guys are not fooling around; they know good pinball.
6 months ago
I've only played this game about 10 times. The problems I have with it: No ball save. The balls can drain in 2 seconds and you just lose the ball. The game typically only lasts a minute or less. I have won replays on this in that time. The point of a pinball is to get to play for more than a few seconds. The sound is repetetive and frankly, terrible. The flippers are kind of neat. Other than that, this game has very little going for it.
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