Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz

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This game got 758 approved ratings and currently scores 8.316 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 8.212

Artwork: 8.873

Sounds/Music: 7.966

Other Aspects: 8.113

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There are 338 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
What a great machine...so much fun for all ages. Cool rule set, simple to pick up but deep enough for advanced players and the LCD adds major WOW factor. Lots of action and fun mini games keep you coming back for more. A little pricey but overall worth it!
12 days ago
Beautiful machine. Great code. Lots of fun. Theme is polarising, but the gameplay rises above that.
20 days ago
My favorite game. This classic will never leave my collection. The theme is great and the call-outs are funny. I love the upper playfields and the difficulty will keep home owners busy for a long time. I could see it being less desirable on location but in the home it is awesome and a favorite in my basement arcade.
22 days ago
You have to give JJP credit. They designed and built a quality machine on their first attempt in the pinball market. I wish the game played as good as it looks, though. It's a little clunky, but it does fit the theme. More of a stop and go layout, with some very interesting shots. When it was first released I found myself playing it as much as I could. Problems on location were abundant at the beginning, but now most if not all have been rectified. Some of the most clever toys and features in a modern pinball machine and the lighting effects are some of the best I've ever seen. It's a great game that stands out from the crowd.
27 days ago
As the first pinball machine would not be bad idea but still there is much to improve before reaching the level of conocorrenza, playing came out so many flaws that at first glance do not see
1 month ago
Love my WOZ.
3 months ago
The best game in my collection. Top quality and value. Lights are incredible. Lot's of movie footage. High-quality sound system. Challenging ruleset. Appeals to everyone. A+
3 months ago
When this game came out, I attacked Jack and called him a fool for making a theme like WOZ.........Well I couldn't have been more wrong or in this case more of a fool. WOZ is a pinball masterpiece and is one of the greatest games of all time. The theme integration is top notch, along with the art package and overall fun of the game. I recently saw the broadway show Wicked, which prompted me to buy the game. After seeing that show, I was reminded how timeless the WOZ theme really is. One last note, my girlfriend hasn't played pinball in 4 years, but I am happy to say we have been playing WOZ every night after dinner........That alone is worth the price of gold to me!
3 months ago
Great game, horrible lighting.
3 months ago
The theme is well done and the machine is solidly built. A very good attempt at pushing the envelope. Only real complaint is the light board problems on early games and that the flipper buttons can be hard to push to activate the upper flippers. A lot going on here but the theme is well done and it's suitable for all ages. The light show is fantastic.
3 months ago
Mixed feelings about this table to be honest. It is a great casual table for non-players as it really attracts their attention although the rule set could quickly turn them off. I love everything about the game except foir the table layout which I find to be pretty empty with a good portion of the table obscured. The backglass display is stunning though even though there is so much presented that it makes quick glances up nearly useless. Watch someone else playing to really appreciate the theme and displays.
3 months ago
Excellent fun. I'm very hopeful for Jersey Jack that this game is their initial entry.
4 months ago
I promise I'll edit/update my rating if the honeymoon wears out in a bad way, but I'm a week in ownership with 200 plays. This pin hit me by surprise on how good it is. I wrote it off a couple years ago due to theme and early code. RR75 on location + streams on v6.06 code perked my interest again; enough so to buy a standard. I have the pitch steep around 6.9-7deg and on factory settings across the board.

Theme: a lot of people trash the theme but it is so well implemented. At times its happy, then it gets dark and eerie. Then the music transitions to this feel good music if you do really good. The music and transitions from modes to modes is so well done; it's truly amazing and brings you on such a journey of highs and lows.

Overall gameplay and code: It is so brutal, yet so fun and addicting. It's like IM meets TWD meets FGY meets LOTR. I've never had a pin that made me scream with happiness and chaos at the same time. I'm literally on the edge of my seat so often in this game. So good so good so good.

Update 11.9.16: Updating my rating now after 1000 plays. here's what i got:
Pros: I want to hit start over and over again still. Fun factor is still great, but i dropped it down one point as my post-game memorable fun factor (if that makes sense) isnt 100% satisfaction. Rules are amazing, and has some amazing stacking.

Cons: While theme integration itself is wonderful, the theme itself is still a thorn and loses a little desire in a home market. Gameplay isnt a flow fest style game, but there is a lot of flipper action which keeps you on your toes and edge of your seat.
4 months ago
If you like or can ignore the Theme you'll get a pinball with deep rulesheet which is hard to master. A lot oft different shots and missions do do. The crystal ball modes are awesome. And the both mini playfields are well integrated

The pin is very beautiful and build like a tank. But to get the full gameexperience it must be setup correctly. If not you don't get any flow and it plays very cheap.

No problems with it, did some little important tweaks, but less problems with it than stern games.

For the expensive price you get an awesome game
4 months ago
Feels like a smoke and mirrors game. Tons of new advanced features for a pin and lots of toys and doohickeys littering the playfield(s). So you think that it's gonna be great, dozens of plays later, you realize you've been duped. Has everything except the fun.
4 months ago
For a first machine it is out of this world.

Up there with Twilight Zone in quality and appeal.
4 months ago
This might well be the best pinball even made. It is certainly the most imaginative and its feel is elegant and so well constructed that no other machine at the mass production level is likely to beat it.
4 months ago
(New owner: About 100 games in. I will update review once newness wears off)

WOZ is amazing and raises the bar for pinball machines. It is hard to argue that it looks great. The theme isn't for everyone and the gameplay can be divisive, but I love it. The code is top notch and I get the "just one more game" feeling more from this pin than any other pin I've owned.

The only bad thing I can say is that I generally prefer flow games and WOZ is stop and go. When I want flow, I play something else. When I want depth WOZ is my go-to game.
4 months ago
Awsome machine and what a beauty... for all kind of player. Just awsome, i have so many positive things to say about this game, my English is too bad to describe it.
4 months ago
Best. Pin. Ever.
4 months ago
It's amazingly beautiful and immersive. There is a lot going on and it's not always clear what you should be doing to score well. It's a frustrating game for tournament play but an thrilling one as a general enthusiast.
4 months ago
WOZ is a really great HUO machine. It has a lot of code depth, which give it good "lastability" to keep learning how to get to different modes and to get deeper into the layered rules/modes. The theatrical presentation with the lights and music is great and has a lot of variation from one mode to the next. The actual theme is not my favorite, but JJP presents it very well in a cool design, so it gets a high rating from me also. Even after my 80 year old mother-in-law played it a few times, she was hooked and is her favorite in my small collection of pins.

Game play is long if you are a good player. This is good if you want to really get entrenched into a game that takes you on a journey. If you only want to play short games, activate the pindemption dongle (extra) to shoot for specific things. This is a good compliment game to a fast pasted pin like IM, ACDC, or GB.

I can see why some people do not like playing this at a location. It takes several plays to get hooked on the depth and intrigue of what else the game has to offer.
5 months ago
I liked WOZ. I did have some issues with mine, but overall it was a stunning first effort from JJP.

The rules are fantastic. However the one minor flaw in the rules is Rescue Multiball. It's basically impossible to finish to collect that diamond. It's just too hard. And that's a shame. I never felt I ever had a chance at "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" because I knew I couldn't finish rescue.

Besides that one niggle, the rules are a stackfest of fun. Some people complained about the sounds, but once they rebalanced them in an update, they were fine.

It's a fun game. I owned it for about 2 years, which is pretty good.
6 months ago
Ok folks, here it is... this is childhood in a box. If you don't like this game there is something wrong with you. There is no other pinball game that competes with this feeling of eternal childhood. If you want to feel like a kid in a candy store, then this is for you. I simply can't believe that there would be anything that would outdo the 1939 classic film "Wizard of Oz", but now there is... the 2013 Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz pinball machine based on that classic film. If you haven't played the latest version of the software, then you haven't played this game.
If you reviewed a previous version, then go back and review it again. There is no better innocent entertainment on planet earth than this game. Universal appeal to everyone and simply the most beautiful and complex pinball machine to behold.

Fun fun, fun! Lots of variation, so much going on. Keeping your peripheral vision keyed in to 3 playfields, the backbox LCD and the crystal ball LCD screen during the incredible multiball modes can keep anyone challenged. Even the ball drains are fun because you've always got an opportunity to save it. Down the left outlane you've got "There's No Place Like Home" - start nudging! Down the center you've got a post to potentially ricochet the ball back onto the playfield, and down the right you've got the brilliant and extremely satisfying "TOTO" nudge save and followup shot.

Jersey Jack waved a magic wand and produced a game that will be hard to top. A timeless achievement. Perfection. Congratulations Jersey Jack, you did it.
6 months ago
One of the games, if not THE GAME, that saved pinball in this period of Pinball. Amazing
There are 338 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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