Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2013)

Wizard of Oz

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This game got 538 approved ratings and currently scores 8.223 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #20 in the Pinside Ranking.


Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.076

Artwork: 8.874

Sounds/Music: 7.824

Other Aspects: 7.997

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Found 236 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“My favorite game in my collection”

  • surfinvet currently owns this game.

  • “Great family theme, fun to know it was JJP first game... Sadly with the issues of the light boards all the time I never really got into it as much as I would have liked... Hope they find a final solution to the ongoing problem.... How else do ha know what u are shooting at”

    “Love this pin. Had so much fun playing. Has long ball times and "one more ball" appeal”

    “Overall quite impressive. Theme implemented well.
    A lot of stuff packed in this pin.
    Controlled lighting is awesome.
    One problem for me is that the playfield is too dark when being played in a dark room. Needs more general illumination on playfield.”

    “This game is a lot of fun. The toys and playfield are very well done. I am very impressed with the build quality of this game. It is one that I would certainly love to have in my collection. I've played it a lot at a friend's house.”

  • PinFan4Life has this game on the wishlist.

  • “How I got it
    Had the chance to trade my nib walking dead (my wife didn't like the theme for our kids), for a mint - 30 plays on it Wizard of Oz - Emerald City Limited Edition #753. It came with the following extra's: side mirrors, couple of mezel mods (winkie target / tornado / emerald city), a broom mod, al cliffy's installed and the original castle walls from back alley creations. Produced in May 2014, so with the new led boards in it and most of the teething troubles solved.

    Looks, build- and finish quality
    What a beauty this pinball machine is! Unmatched in terms of build and finishing quality. It stands in my game room next to my acdc premium and star trek le. Still like those games a lot, but not comparable to WOZ in terms of build / finishing quality and bang for your buck in my opinion. Even can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise, if played both (JJP-WOZ and Stern) in a home environment. For the money you'll get a lot more pinball machine (lcd / invisiglass / shaker / lots of toys / lots of flippers / lots of magnets / RGB leds) than with Stern, but all comes down to liking the theme and the rules, shots of course.....

    Playing the game
    If it comes to playing / liking WOZ in terms of theme, looks and layout, that's personal taste. A lot of the (more or less) negative comments on WOZ are because the gameplay is more stop and go, then it is fast (like a lot of recent sterns). Also ball times can be long, especially for more advanced pinball players. If I have friends over WOZ gets the most attention, play and positive reactions over acdc and star trek. It's such fun to work through the modes trying to get to over the rainbow. The lcd screen is a big plus in my opinion. It looks great but it also gives you very detailed instant info where you can see what's done and what's not. The modes are very variable and do not give you a repetitive feeling. I'm still learning the rules and must say the more I understand them, the more I like the game. WOZ is often compered to Twilight Zone and I think those games are indeed comparable. I loved my TZ, when I had a couple of years ago. Like WOZ more because it’s brought a TZ like pinball machine to the 21 century!

    Final thoughts
    I really love my WOZ (duhhh I made that point clear didn’t I? ;-), in my opinion it's one of the best pinball machines out there. In my small collection of three games, it‘s great beside two fast(er) games like acdc and star trek. Some of the negative comments on WOZ really surprise me. Maybe the difference in experience is explainable in the fact if you play on location or in a home environment. Last year I played a standard WOZ at a local arcade, beautiful game to see, not so to play (flippers where to weak, monkey didn’t work, couple of led boards were broken, had no idea what to shoot for, etc.) Then played one at a friend’s house and after a reasonable amount of games really got into the rules, understood how to play the game and really began to like it at that point. In the end liked it so much that I have one at home now :-). That could explain the difference in reviews scores on WOZ on Pinside, on the other hand there is no accounting for taste of course! Only thing that I can say (and that counts for every game you want to review / own): “play a machine that is technically ok and play it for more then let’s say 10 games or so, you get into the rules of the game. Then decide if it’s for you or not! For this moment WOZ is my opinion one of the best or maybe even the best.”

  • marvinmax currently owns this game.
  • 2 Pinsiders starred this rating review

  • “Cant get over the theme. Enjoy the game though.”

    “This pin is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully will prove to be the "future of pinball". Only negative I can really say is that the upper playfield is pretty dark (hard to play in the dark). I primarily bought this pin to encourage the wife and kids to play pinball, but that didn't work. Theme doesn't really work all that well for me.”

  • Bigbossfan currently owns this game.

  • “WOZ is by far the best pin ever made so far. It has raised the bar to the next level. The color changing LED's are awesome. The playfield was to dark originally but when you add the extra spots it takes care of that. The LCD screen is outstanding and I can't imagine that before long every new pin that comes out will have one. Ever since I got mine I hardly ever play any of my other pins which include TOM and TOTAN. They just are not as much fun, kind of like comparing modern pins to an old EM. Get one if you can!!”

  • bearsfan27 currently owns this game.

  • “Bad theme, fun game. Bad lighting, but great light show. Wide body makes for slow action, but the rules are great.”

    “As a bold new step in pinball, this table is really exciting. As an actual table, it's a little underwhelming.”

    “I've enjoyed this much more than any of the new Sterns I've played. Despite the video screen and the crazy amount of gimmicks it feels like an evolution of the great 90s tables and really made an effort to add unique elements to pinball such as the outlane ball save modes.”

    “Took me several months to warm up to this table, but now that I am used to it, I can safely say that it is one of the best ever made. The innovative outlane saves ALONE make this a modern classic!”

    “This game is either a masterpiece or a dog depending on your skill level. For novices, there is no better machine- a universally recognised theme, a variety of cool toys, unparalleled lighting effects (they really are spectacular), a forgiving layout, excellent playfield art and an LCD screen. Great for getting new players interested in pinball.

    Unfortunately, when I say this game is ideal for novices, I really do mean novices. Even casual players will find this far too easy and ball times tediously long. The ruleset is bloated and confusing. Serious players will find the LCD screen unnecessary and some other features gimmicky. Special mention should go to the outlane features which give the player a chance to save the ball (presumably included to discourage bangbacks) by giving the player another ball to complete a series of playfield tasks before continuing with the game. Ball times are long enough without stupid innovations like this.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “This game is to bright”

    “I'm torn on this one. I don't really love the theme, but I knew it was one my wife may enjoy. I have had it for about a year now, its overall build quality is good and could be great but the board issues is a problem. I have the 5.5 volt boards and I'm starting to have problems. JJP should have just sent out new boards to all owners. The game is regularly updated which is great, it has gotten better. I will keep it as my wife really likes it but I find the "cheap build" Sterns I enjoy way more, Metallica, AC/DC, Star Trek blow Wizard of Oz game play out of the water at least for me. This game shines on material quality that is play field, cabinet, and the attention to detail on these., just those pesky boards hold it back. However for a first machine JJP did a great job”

  • jsandjs currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “The cabinet artwork on the LE is top notch. The multicolored LED playfield lighting is beautifully done. The implementation of completing the outlane objective(s) and being able to get your ball back is a nice touch and adds extra fun into the game. Of course the LCD in the backglass is very nice, so much better to look at and get info from than the traditional red dot displays.”

    “Unreal just wish I could afford one”

    “75th LE #137. Awesome game!!”

  • Crrispy currently owns this game.

  • “overall this pin is outstanding
    don't let the theme turn you off - it is used in thoughtful and creative ways
    the fun quotient of this pin is sky high
    if I had to pick a criticism - music gets repetitive but
    it will go down as one of the greats”

    “I played this game in New York, really is the best modern pinball ever. It has everything, the lights, the music, is fun, great theme. This is definitly one of my top 5!”

    “The LCD is a nifty idea, but it's really for the audience. I've never had time to watch it while I am playing. The theme while well done is not anything I am interested in and so that diminishes the awesome toys and light show a bit for me.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “I've owned the game for 1 year now, and still loving it. The rules have come along to a stage where you know what to aim for and when, you can stack your multiballs for huge points (and sounds), and play the side game (horse of a different color) if you choose. I know the theme annoys some, but with 3 little girls and a wife that adore the movie, the theme is well integrated and loved. I have it next to TZ, and I would say both play similarly - wide body, occasional stop start, but a deep rule set. The lights and LCD set this game apart from my other 12 machines, and it will be a keeper for a very long time.”

  • dendoc currently owns this game.

  • “pretty good. had lots of great lights sound and animations.”

    “Great game to stand back and just take it all in. Almost mesmerizing. This game just pops out in the line up and says "Start here, I'm bright and shiny with new ideas--these others are not like me..." Start playing and that all changes. Poor (and dim) GI, confusing monitor, cluttered playfield, slow game play, are all negative distractions. Worst distraction--the ball is hidden from view nearly as often as it is visible (either by objects or lack of lighting). You think a game like CFTBL has the ball hidden too much at the back of the playfield--wait 'til you play this! There is a lot to do--maybe too much to do. You'd have to really like the theme and be willing to spend a lot of time with this one to really be able to enjoy more than the beauty of it. And by all means this game is beautiful, just wish it were more intuitive and had a little quicker (and more visible) game play.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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