White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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This game got 957 approved ratings and currently scores 8.302 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 8.527

Artwork: 8.243

Sounds/Music: 7.533

Other Aspects: 8.563

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There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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Rating #76 of 35 1 year ago

Gotta love a game with Bigfoot !

Rating #76 of 15 1 year ago

Hard table, but fun.

Rating #76 of 7 1 year ago

This game is so much fun! A great game for all ages and player experience. WHITE WATERRRRRRRR!!!

Rating #76 of 19 1 year ago

Nice game with great flow. Very good Dennis Nordman game. Lots of great flowing ramps. It captures the theme really well.

Rating #76 of 7 9 months ago

Played this and really got into it. sought after and price going up. Will add to my collection one day. Now in my collection.

Rating #76 of 78 1 year ago

I wouldn't mind owning one, but not too fussed it is a good game with good ramp shots and fast........ it hold sentimental value as its one of the first pins I played as a kid.

Rating #76 of 9 1 year ago

White Water is a slightly odd theme that works pretty well as a pinball machine. The rules and the ramps are really what sets it apart. The lure of the vacation jackpot keeps you coming back.

I find the sounds a bit grating and there is a lot of waiting for ball locks, VUK shots, and of course the long ramp. It is furious action and pauses.

Multiball is really fun, though. It's tough to keep the balls in play and shoot for the jackpot at the same time, since the upper flipper is so far away from the lower ones.

A good old friend that is always fun to play with.

Rating #76 of 68 1 year ago

Doesn't hold up against the newer Stern's, music is really bad but the game is fun to play not a keeper for me.

Rating #76 of 22 1 year ago

This game is awesome! My father picked one up recently with all leds and the things looks amazing. The ramps are fast and love the way the ball smacks the glass on left ramp coming down. Love the original theme. Great machine. Classic feel and difficult. Makes you work for the upper playfield shots. If it leaves his collection it will go directly to mine.

Rating #76 of 47 1 year ago

Love White Water. This is one I will own one day. Awesome ramps and caves. This should be higher rated than what it is. Possibly a top 10 machine. Love BigFoot too. LOL Is there a better topper in ALL of pinball?

Rating #76 of 13 1 year ago

I am not big on the theme - but it has been integrated well. This one really shines with shots and all those awesome ramps. Quite a buzz if you get into a rhythm. Really has that one more game feel to me. Don't think it will leave my collection - unless I can get a better example. Fairly good rule set when you consider the era. Keeps me entertained that's for sure !

Rating #76 of 29 8 months ago

For me is one of the top ten.

Rating #76 of 15 1 year ago

Very deep and fun game. Still have not hit that elusive Vacation Jackpot.

Rating #76 of 58 1 year ago

Unique playfield layout and theme.

Rating #76 of 10 1 year ago

This machine grows on you,the theme doesn't initially grab you and draw you in, but great how its been intergrated into the gameplay artwork,animations sound and light.

its worth serious consideration in a small collection will keep you interested..

Rating #76 of 7 1 year ago

Great game, feels very smooth while playing and im not sure why people complain about it being difficult to follow the ruleset. Seems very straight forward to me. Love all the ramps, really like how its SOOO easy to mod, if you wanted, you could change the entire look of the game with the white mountains and Yettie. Overall, I really enjoy this game and I cant see it leaving my collection anytime soon.

Rating #76 of 54 2 months ago

Fun game, rising in value. Thought of as one of the best set of ramps on a pin ever, for good reason. Very satisfying to hit the whirlpool shot, etc. I feel there's not much to shoot at on the left and everything goes around to the cool looking "boulder" bumpers, but overall a very solid, top 30 all time pin.

edited: have played the game a lot more and really love it now. Love the skill shot uphill...the ramps are among the best ever and I totally get it now.

Rating #76 of 57 1 year ago

Didn't like the music. didn't like the sounds.didn't like the callouts.

Didn't like it. Looks popular, I don't get it I guess.

Rating #76 of 58 1 year ago

It is well done for an older model (1993). Good flow with a wide variety of shots from the two main flippers. In addition, the upper playfield is challenging with the upper level ramps. Overall solid pin but it doesn't keep me interested for long.

Rating #76 of 7 1 year ago

Really gaining appreciation for whitewater. it's a great tournament game but definitely requires game knowledge.

Rating #76 of 75 1 year ago

this seems to be the next pin sky rocketing in value, I would like one of these, but at yesterdays price, I would lay out the money on another title if I was purchasing a pin at this time, It is fun and humorous!

Rating #76 of 22 1 year ago

Fun game, original design, great artwork!

Rating #76 of 16 1 year ago

Great game. My wife's favorite.

Rating #76 of 39 1 year ago

The overly intelligent ruleset for its time. You could compare it to Professor Frink from "The Simpsons".

There's a wide assortment of shots on this game, and all of them are required for the huge Vacation Jackpot payoff, a 200m+ award and an insane light show that makes the game looks like its going to explode. The flow caused by making these shots, particularly the ramps, makes this game one of the best early 90s machines (it's up there with TAF and TZ IMHO). Always go for those 5x Jackpots, or, if nothing else, 5x Multimillions or 5x Wet Willie's Stage 1. It was the first double-playfield done right (BK2K was kinda meh). Best 3-way shot combo (eg. FH, TAF) in a machine. Even though multiball is unbalanced in scoring, it gets tougher to activate. Awesome music, I love how there's a different tune for each raft. EB target is unforgiving!

Cons are relatively low. The mountains at the top of the playfield often look like they were crushed by the foot from Monty Python on some examples. The lock stand ups take a major beating. The 5x Playfield timer is a bit too short, and I hate how it still runs during the Whitewater Multiball intro. The Lost Mine provides suicidal kickouts and is impossible to hit. Awarding Class VI River in Mystery Canyon sucks eggs. The end of ball bonus is a joke.

Great game by Dennis Nordman and one of my personal favorites! Indy 500 is more of the same, and also one I really like.

Rating #76 of 257 1 year ago

Great game, always worth a few quarters. Although the theme is a bit off the wall, it holds up well on the playfield and the art. Love the whirlpool. Very cool addition and fits the pin well.

There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 12.

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