White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.538

Artwork: 8.273

Sounds/Music: 7.531

Other Aspects: 8.573

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Found 365 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 365 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Absolutely Love this Pin.
1 year ago
I did not think I would like this game. I found it on location and ended up playing it for hours. Found another one on location the next day and played it for hours. now I want one! Love the back glass. Rules are good and rather easy to follow even playing for a few hours.
1 year ago
I wanted this game for a long time. When it finally arrived it did not let me down in the least bit. Really Love the theme and it's original. Someone else had said the game is like a miniature little world under glass and to me that is exactly right. Only thing missing is a little mini train set to go around the mountains! A classic that has flow and rules to boot. Update, I've been playing this game non-stop for almost a year and loving it more and more. I have to say its my favorite now and it won that spot against some heavy compitition, Perfect game for home use IMO. Love the way you have 2 locks lit and have to manipulate the boulder garden to light 5X playfield, then avoid "No way out" shoot up the "Spine Chiller" to the 2nd level to start 5X before you lock in ball 3 to start "Whitewater" Classic B/W gameplay. Your not going to get vacation jackpot often either but it is within reach enough to keep you coming back.
1 year ago
This is a great game that can be frustrating until you have the rules and sequences down pat. Then it's just a great game that keeps you coming back. A WH20 with crystal clear new ramps is a real thing of beauty. Loved this game when I had it and one that I regret moving on.
1 year ago
very fun game , i didnt care for i when it came out but do like it now after playing it at pinball expos,fast and fun
1 year ago
Lucky to own a fully reworked White Water with clear coated play field and full LED mods. This game is just Fun Fun Fun. I must admit to being a bit of a bit of a Ramp Hog so this game does it for me.


- Ramps Ramps Ramps (did I mention Ramps)

- The upper play field just works a treat, really an integrated part of the whole experience and a great change to a stock standard mode hole, i.e Addams Family or Twilight Zone.

- Theme. Okay you love it or hate it but for me it just works and is such an out there idea. I mean imagine pitching the idea of a pinball game based on White Water Rafting. The fact its not licence based really shows in the creativity of the artwork and sounds.


- Okay as far as toys go the bigfoot is a dud. However its not really trying to be anything special so thats okay.

- The theme and music is not for everyone and I can appreciate others having negative views.

- No save ball

- Some shots punish you unfairly. Doing a clean Boomerang Bend 100% precise and having it drain down the middle sucks.

All I can say is find a White Water in great condition and spend some time with the table. It is different experience to any other game I have played.

Deserves to be in any collection (If the theme appeals) would I have it as my only pin hmmm probably yes but hey I love ramps.
1 year ago
Simply put, the best value game in its price range!
1 year ago
Fast game play, not a real pretty game to look at, not too bad either. Lots of ramps and upper playfield flipper shots are fun. Game moves quick with good flow. Not my favorite game, but worth keeping. Ive had mine for 15 years, so i guess it will stay till the end.
1 year ago
Very fun pin to play. The music completely killed it for me though. Very dated. Bigfoot hotfoot is very fun to go fun. This game has lots of satisfying shots to hit
1 year ago
The machine that demonstrates the finest ramp design in pinball history. Also sports one of the longest ramps in pinball history as well. The game truly has "flow", just like its market slogan. One of Dennis Nordman's greatest design achievements. The music heats up the further you get down the river with each level of raft. I have owned three of this title is 25 years of collecting, and I am done selling it now. Learn how to backhand flipper the ball into No Way Out for maximum scoring, and max out your scoring multiplier with Insanity Falls practice BEFORE multiball, if you want to here the Wet Willy dog "howl" and "TRRRRIPPPLE JACKPOT!". ARWHOOOO!

If you think the game is too hard or you do not under the ruleset, learn to play pinball.
This game is not that complicated, if you know how to bounce pass, backhand, and the machine itself is in good repair. I have a tendency to crank my incline angle on this machine around 11 degrees.

"W-E-L-C-O-M-E to Wet Willie's"!

Old Simple 2005 Review:
RAMPS, RAMPS, and More RAMPS! Strategic "thinking" pinball at its best! Welcome to "WET WILLEY'S"!
1 year ago
I bought what I thought would be a keeper for sure, but I was wrong and it quickly went from owned to sold. The rule set confused me, the ball would disappear and reappear to quickly to try and save it, I also feel like there is way to much going on art wise on the playfield. I can't really say that it's a bad game, it just isn't for me.
1 year ago
This one is on my wish list. I can not think of any other machine at the moment I would rather have (other than the ones I own of course).

The ramps are the coolest feature and hitting the upper flipper to get to the other two ramps is very satisfying.

The rules are fairly straightforward and you can understand what is going on pretty quickly. I like that. A game does not need to be overly complex to be fun.

It's just a great game to play. The theme and sounds maybe aren't trend setting but when you hit some good shots and just nail the ramps with perfect timing it feels good.

Definitely a top 20 game and for me top 5. Can't wait to buy one.
1 year ago
Whitewater is "a player's game" by which i mean that it's hard: the home ROM version has a ball saver, but the original didn't; any shot to the orbits is dangerous as it can end up in the bumpers, which, being so far forward, are a real drain hazard; and unless all three flippers are set up properly, you're gonna have real difficulties making all the ramps - in particular the jackpot shot that is designed to hit the glass on its way down the waterfall towards you from the upper pf.

It's great fun once you know what you're doing, but nowhere near as easy as it is playing it on your phone on The Pinball Arcade - it's a real challenge to try to get to Wet Willie's AND to get to Class VI Rapids, so to try to do this as well as all the modes (Man Overboard etc) and then start a multiball is incredibly challenging - i've only managed it on TPA and not in real life so far.

The sounds of WH2O are instantly recognisable, the music is one of the best in pinball, the game has lots of shots and looks beautiful. Dennis Nordman looks good as bigfoot and is understandably proud of this, his best work. If i was a better player i'd probably give it even higher scores, sadly i'm just not good enough for my games to last very long on this machine ...... but that keeps me coming back for more.
1 year ago
Perhaps I need to spend more time with this machine but I just do not understand the high marks for this Pin. I got bored with it very quickly and found myself walking away to other machines. I'll give it some more plays and update accordingly.
1 year ago
Some of the coolest ramps in pinball. Great theme. Love the topper. Fast play the way I like my pins. A top ten game in my book.
1 year ago
This game has angles that caused drains consistently. I think had something play field, but I hope to play other machine to find out, then relate it needed.
1 year ago
Had this pin for a few years.
1 year ago
It feels like this machine should spit out tickets.
The ramps are cool however, the jet bumpers are hidden beneath rocks.

It was fun for 1 game, after that, I felt like I was playing something that should be in Chuck e Cheese.
1 year ago
Have it for three years. Playing it provides lot of fun and it is a big challenge to get the jackpot. When you have it, the light and sound effects are so good! Great pinball with funny theme.
1 year ago
White water is a cool looking game but its pretty simple and kind of easy to get a decent score on it.
1 year ago
Fun game, maybe a bit repetative. I will throw a game or two in it whenever i see one.
1 year ago
Man Wh2o is probably one of my favorite games of all time. I've owned a lot of games in the past TZ, TAF, STTNG, CFTBL, LOTR, you name it and WH2O clearly is in a category of it own.

Great game, if you find a nice one don't hesitate to pick one up if you can..
1 year ago
I've now owned my White Water for about half a year, and it has quickly become one of my favorite machines. The shots are so satisfying...especially Big Foot Bluff and Insanity Falls. I think Insanity Falls is probably the most fun ramp in pinball. The rule set is plenty deep for me, and I like deep rule sets. The game and theme are just fun! This one will be sticking around in my collection for a while...
1 year ago
cool ramps and mini playfield
but not a top 20 !!!
1 year ago
Excellent pinball machine and great atmosphere
Fast table with good flow and great layout. I love the miniplayfield
Some challenging shots and this machine has a great "play again" factor
There are 365 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 15.

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