White Water (Williams, 1993)

White Water

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Game design: 8.494

Artwork: 8.217

Sounds/Music: 7.512

Other Aspects: 8.538

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There are 325 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 months ago
Can't connect with the theme at all which doesn't help - but doing my best to leave this aside I just don't get it. Some cool up & down ball returns that are interesting for a few games, & then boredom sets in. Maybe it's a good one for the kids, but I just don't like it - IMO a massively over-rated & downright dull game.
1 year ago
This was my first pin and bought it with out playing it but I did my research thru pinside . I am very happy with the machine and is bolted to the floor.
1 year ago
Im netiher here nor there on this game. I'll play it in others collections, but wont own one.
1 year ago
Very cool pin, I always look forward to playing this pin. Must own one one day.
1 year ago
Absolutely love this pin. Close to the top of my faves currently in my collection.
1 year ago
This is a great game, one of the best of pinball.
1 year ago
Fun game really fast though. Fast ramps. A bit more intense than some others. Really liked this one. Always having problems with WH20 at the arcade. Ball stuck and resetting. Must be hard to maintain!
1 year ago
Super pin very Nice to play al lot of Nice shots and ramps
1 year ago
Overrated pin, Bigfoot looks like Wario covered in fur, most White Water pins are in poor shape, I like the theme and backglass, but rules and layout are subpar, cabinet is bland, the pin runs like Mater from Cars.
1 year ago
For me this one should be in the top 5!
One of the best pinball ever made, very nice theme and very nice ramps....
Can play this one for hours...
1 year ago
Excellent !!! classic game from my childhood. Will not leave my collection. While it is heavily in favor of left ramp and loop shots. you will find yourself always coming back to this beautiful game.
1 year ago
My grail pin which I managed to get a few months ago after a long wait and it still pays as I remember all those years ago.
Most people forget to mention the music which builds and builds as you move up the rafts.
1 year ago
Great game! I can play this game for hours and never get bored.
1 year ago
Many mini PF’s in pinball, but none more important for the main objects of the game that this one. All others you could remove being only a small side element, but your mode start and reload are both from the mini, not to mention implementation for the MB (all jackpots), and the Whirlpool MB.

I LOVE the progressive music, something not touched on much by people. The main theme song picks up speed and elements to the song the more rafts you get (more instruments, livelier sections), until for Wet Willies, the song is completely different, great idea!

Many side things to do, and a tough main wizard mode. Only 6 modes, half don’t involve any play, man overboard only wants you to hit a shot towards the raft you need anyway at the time, MB one is a good one, and 5x PF is by far the most important and unbalanced thing to achieve. The rules IMO need more diversity in modes, and some type of achievement to start something as lucrative as 5x PF, so rules for me only got a decent.

I love the overall PF look, 4 returning flow shots (two ramps, two orbits), very usual design all in all that works great. Topper looks fantastic. Very fun and addictive WPC, glad I finally got one with no PF planking (as with BSD, hard to find).
1 year ago
I got tired of this one fast. They did great with the them, but the upper playfield took up way to much space. This had too much instant bounce back.

Edit: if you work on your skills this one gets good.
1 year ago
I enjoyed playing this one, but I don't understand why it's rated as highly as it is.
1 year ago

Now that I've owned this game for a bit, I can give it a better review. If anything, I like it more now than I did before I got it.

Layout: Fantastic. At first glance, it appears to be quite cluttered. In reality, it's a speedy flow-master with just a tad bit of clunk. The upper playfield is really cool, despite only having two possible shots, both of which are effectively 'gimmie' shots. This is the best collection of plastic ramps in pinball. The layout fits the game perfectly.

Rules: Once you grasp what you're supposed to accomplish in this game, the enjoyment you get from flipping the table magnifies. It's got a a few great multi-balls, a couple of wizard modes (one most people - myself more than included- may never get), and some other mini-modes you start by shooting the lit whirlpool shot. Plenty to do rules-wise, and it all makes sense within the context of the theme.

Sounds and music: A lot better than most people realize. As you move down the river, the intensity and complexity of the composition continues. Each mode and multiball has it's own tune, and there are lots of call-outs to add to the adrenalin building excitement. The quality isn't DCS level, of course - but the compositions and choreography they create are a pinball masterpiece.

The lights, big foot gimmick, and molded mountains add to the experience to make this one of, IMO, the best pinball games ever made. If you have only one Nordman pin, this is the one to have.

Previous review:
One of the best pin games ever produced. It's hard to think of ways it could have been made better...
1 year ago
Once I learned to play the game, it became a favorite! Lesson learned? Don't judge machines based on the fact that you, as a player, may be ignorant of how the game is played...
1 year ago
I just love this machine. I wish it had better backglass art, because what it has is kind of hokey. The playfield is better, although I find the rocks/cliffs to be sort of chunky and plasticky and I wish they had come up with something a little sleeker that allowed better visibility at the top of the playfield. That being said, the layout is GREAT, and the upper playfield skill shot is a fantastic touch. I love hearing the ball crack against the glass when you hit it down the left side and it goes over those steep hills. This machine has fantastic layout. I like it when the play is about more than just shooting the ball up the middle over and over. I think this machine would be a bigger hit if the artwork was just a little COOLER looking. I volunteer my skills as an illustrator to make this happen haha!
1 year ago
Another great game to play; accuracy is a huge factor in playing this one well. Dial in the shots, and a Vacation Jackpot of 200M (+ an Interface Screw - note from Tv Tropes) is very possible. Many things to do as well, including a few multiball modes and standard Boulder modes.

If you do attempt for the Vacation Jackpot, "Say yer prayers!"
1 year ago
I really want to love this game. But I've put too much time fixing it.
1 year ago
This was a family favorite for quite some time back in the early 2000s. There is a lot of variety in this game and overall a lot of fun to play. While I sold this machine, it is definitely one that I would buy again.
1 year ago
Great theme , always fun to play. And with some leds ,really makes it pop.
1 year ago
A nicely thought out game with even flow throughout play.
1 year ago
Great fun game when in good shape. Truly original. Not sure about the lastability, but only time will tell.
There are 325 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 13.

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