Whirlwind (Williams, 1990)


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Game design: 8.274

Artwork: 7.898

Sounds/Music: 7.304

Other Aspects: 8.35

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There are 258 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
I love my WW and it will never leave my collection. The fan is awesome when the storm is coming. The speech and music are great, I never get bored with it. Really fun game to play, everyone seems to like to play this when they come over. Really bright playfield, especially with LED's. Pat really did a great job with this game!
31 days ago
Very unique theme and art. Great layout. Probably one of the best sys 11s. I believe it is rated just a little high though.
39 days ago
A true classic. Love the sound and music. Flow is great, feel the power of the wind.
43 days ago
Whirlwind has always been one of my favorite machines. The spinning disc in the center and fan topper has always intrigued me and the Million Plus shot, in my opinion, has a really satisfying jackpot sound and animation. The music and sounds are awesome, like most WMS games of this era, and the scoring is pretty balanced. I don't know, it's just something about this game that I absolutely love. Maybe I'm a bit partial to it since it was one of the first machines I played.
55 days ago
Good pin from the era. Fan topper is one of the most creative aspects of this game.Fun pin able to be enjoyed over and over. Not overly flashy just solid fun.
63 days ago
One of the best System 11 games and ushers in a new era of pinball as the one of the final alphanumeric display games but starts to feel more like the machines that would come after it. Beautiful artwork, really cool (literally) fan topper, and great sound package. A really fun game to play with lots of neat shots and of course the three spinning discs that really change up the game. They are the ultimate wildcard to make or break your game.
79 days ago
Great rules for a system 11. Has a wizard mode. Excellent shots. Making the 3 shot combo is an achievement. Played a lot in the wild so hard to find a decent “survivor”. One of the best bang for the buck pins in my opinion. Similar rules to Earthshaker but having both is a treat.
80 days ago
Cool game, but not a keeper for me.
3 months ago
All around great game! Can't seem to get tired of it.
4 months ago
Classic game by pat lawlor. Good rules for the time and a very satisfying side ramp shot. The spinning discs on the playfield are pretty cool and the huge fan topper is super unique. Overall a pretty fun time.
4 months ago
great game. classic system 11
4 months ago
Fun pin with fairly easy shots to achieve multiball and quite possibly the most difficult jackpot (multi millions) shot. Great for a small or large home collection
5 months ago
This game is my favourite. Great music, solid sound, superb gameplay wrapped in a package that simply appeals to me. I simply love it, and if a friend didn't have one, I'd be scouring the market for my own.
5 months ago
Just picked up a second WW. The first go around was early in my pinball collecting a few years back. It kicked my tail and I just didn’t get into it at that time. I couldn’t pass up a very nice HUO recently, so WW is back in the stable. I appreciate the game more now that I am a few years farther along in my pinball collecting and playing.

The game requires a soft touch and precision shooting. With no ball save or kickback, one has to be on point from the first plunge through the last drain. Got to hit the shots when they are there. Any miss will require great skills to get the ball back under control. I now see more ways to score than my previous one-dimensional approach of starting 3-ball multi-ball.

I lived in Overland Park KS for 13 years and married a great gal from Kansas. The theme resonates well. Love the “Welcome to Kansas” sign on the translite! The spinners and cloud fan add great elements that really plays into a storm effect.
5 months ago
Absolutely love it. It's a tight playfield, fast and there is no daydreaming while playing, or it's a quick drain!!
6 months ago
Whirlwind is has good rules, cool features, and good playfield artwork. But, I have never liked the theme, backglass art, and cabinet art.
7 months ago
very fun pin! i love the drop targets and shot channel through the bumpers. very tough shots but very rewarding. the additional flipper really makes this a a top 20 game. this game is not for beginners, and really demands attention to the mode you are in. overall, very stimulating and fun to play everytime.
7 months ago
A really fun pinball machine to play. The gimmicks of the spinning disks and fan are very immersive and raise the excitement level of the game. This game can play very fast and be difficult at times, but it's very rewarding to master the different shots. The rules are great for this era of pins and the super cellar bonus is a nice goal to aim for beyond the typical multi-ball jackpot. The two sets of pop bumpers on the game are also neat and help differentiate this game from others.
7 months ago
Lightning effects.
Music and sounds.
Hardest jackspot shot ever, but most satisfying.
6 popbumpers.

This was my 2. Pin and i have alot of love for it. Well designes,nice coding. Great 80s music. Satisfying shots, this pin is brutal as F but really really really challenging/fun to play. One more play appeal.
I really understand why its rated SO high here. Great players loves this pin. Average players dont understand the rating ;-)
True classic and a top 10 pin.

Just make sure ALL 3 flippers are strong, makes a big difference.
7 months ago
This is a very Nice Pinball.
12 months ago
Whirlwind is a classic. Anybody that doesn't like it is dead inside. The rotating circles in the playfield, the fan, etc. really fun and unique. Backglass artwork is mediocre at best but I haven't found many games that are more fun to play.
12 months ago
Nice fun little title with spinning disks around the playfield and even a fan on top of the head to blow wind in your face. Can feel a little empty at times due to placement of objects on the playfield but still is enjoyable to play.
1 year ago
Man, this is one tough game! You better be able to place the ball where you want it and be able to feed the upper flipper (then actually be able to hit that shot consistently) if you want to score well. A lot going on in this game and a lot of things to shoot for--but it isn't overwhelming like TZ. Really a great old-style classic pinball game. Very much ahead of the curve for its time, a portent of things to come. Some cool and some tricky shots, good rule set, excellent artwork, very good music, super light show (especially with leds), great sound effects and call outs that fit the game perfectly and really add to the overall experience. Dare I say it, for a Lawlor game this is almost "flow-y"! TZ may be Lawlor's greatest achievement, but Whirlwind may be Lawlor's best game. WW will always keep you coming back for another game.
1 year ago
This game has really shown its charm since purchased. The theme of whirlwind is flowing through the whole machine. The playfield art, translight, cabinet, spinning disks and the fan topper really brings the experience together. The gameplay is really some of Williams best gameplay for the system 11 machines. The spinning disks really play a key part of the game changing ball reaction to keep each game fresh. The topper fan blowing on you during key parts of the game really brings the storm theme together nicely. All in all its a great game and wish I would have bought one sooner
1 year ago
Great game. Tons of fun and very challenging.
There are 258 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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