Twilight Zone (Bally, 1993)

Twilight Zone

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This game got 1,807 approved ratings and currently scores 8.789 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #3 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 8.911

Artwork: 8.789

Sounds/Music: 8.354

Other Aspects: 8.844

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There are 621 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
This was a difficult machine for me to get a good handle on, playing it here and there at shows. It wasn't until I had 2 in my possession for full tear downs and shopping out that I developed a full understanding of the rules and features and was able to understand why this is such a revered title. It is a LOADED machine with motors, diverters, subways, physical ball lock, and that fantastic powerfield. That is without a doubt the most entertaining mini-playfield in pinball. It is always satisfying when you make the top hole. TZ makes excellent use of the widebody geometry. The rules are deep for a '90s B/W title and the modes are nice and varied. I'm more of a "flow" guy so the game is a bit too stop-and-go which limits its visceral impact for me. Still, I know a masterpiece when I see one and TZ certainly is!
11 days ago
game I have is clear coated and plays faster than any other I have played. And even still I feel it plays sluggish/ Not as much flow as a STTNG . Still a great very deep awesome game. Top 2 not with all the new gems coming out still.. The game has good toys and gimmicks . gumball machine and magna flipper upper playfield but that is about it .
14 days ago
Probably my all time favorite pin. I would only put MM above it, due to the fact that MM is such a pure pinball experience. Twilight Zone is complicated, mystifying, and just jam packed with cool shots and features. Not leaving my collection, hopefully ever.
15 days ago
It definitely is great masterpiece and you can get quite easy 20min+ games with it, but overall its not that much fun as it looks. I have it at home and spent lot of days really trying to love it and understand the hype around TZ.

- possibility to play modes simultaneously which gets you in to game and make feel like "everywhere is something happening"

- deep and complex rules, but nothing you cant handle after while

- lot of sounds and music themes

- Powerfield with "magnet flippers" is fun

- One of smallest playfields ever (yes it is widebody, but actual playfield is tiny because of brutal waste of space)

- Few layout mistakes like bumpers too low and close to outlane, lot of hard spots close to flippers, this pin can be very unfair to player

- Quite repetitive gameplay after while because nearly all important shoots are from left flipper - right orbit "Gumball", slot machine hole, lock hole, right ramp "Powerfield", you can even shoot left ramp. The right flipper is actually only for shooting left ramp

- Useless toys and gimmicks which takes huge part of space on the field:
Mechanical clock are really only piece of junk to malfunction, you never look on it during play.
Gumball is almost same useless (ball goes in....and another goes, its amazingly smart piece of engeneering:)
Powerball (ceramic ball) is too light to play pinball with, so its just bouncing and jumping all around, falling from ramps, dont goes properly to Lock hole, jumps over flippers etc. Its not fun its simply stupid!

Only good toy on TZ is the Powerfield.

- Theme is a little problem. TV series itself is cool no question, but almost nobody knows it these days so its weird connected with gameplay. Why Im collecting some robots or hitchhikers. Why Im shooting piano, camera or slot-machine. Why is some town square on playfield...
16 days ago
Really cool game with lots of depth and features. So much stuff going on (upper magnetic playfield, some weird clock, gumball lock) Really cool pin. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did! If only the price was decent
28 days ago
Great classic game and a nice challenge to play. I do think that it's a little too full of gizmo's though, which does not add to the gameplay. Owned it twice, sold it twice.
36 days ago
Even all these years later, still the creme de le creme of Pinball machines.

It certainly lives up to the moniker of "pinball excess", but for all of the pinheads out there, this is exactly the game we would all design if we had unlimited budget coming off of selling 20,000 Addams Family machines.

Not a flow game whatsoever, this game is all about making your shots and marching inexorably towards Lost in the Zone.

As time has progressed, this game has become what I call the AR-15 of pinball machines; infinitely modable. Hell, it's getting harder and harder to find TZ's for sale that HAVEN'T been modded! When you combine the amount of toys the machine has to begin with with all of the mods available for it, you can certainly cross the line into the ridiculous.
39 days ago
This game is THE perfect game. If they ever make a remake, this one should be it. The theme is timeless, the music and sound package are top notch. The ruleset is deep and challenging and getting to Lost in the Zone is very satisfying. The Gumball Machine, the Power mini playfield, the multiballs, the call outs, the layouts, this table was innovative and has everything that makes pinball great. The best jackpot sound package in all of pinball.
44 days ago
2nd best truely. Got into pinball years back after playing medieval madness. Recenty run into one with cheer good luck. Played with my mind for a week with all the faults, ran into my wallet deep. But All worth it. with only the Clock to fix. Having owned some machines this one truely amazed me. Got into the zone and finished the game at some point this week which was a happening, some drain, some games really last. Magnets, gumballmachine, the ceramic ball and its different play and not to forget: Battle the Power. still love it. The wide selection of shots, the dept. and if u adjust some things you keep a decent over vieuw of the playfield, eventhough you can mod it like money burns. Really great machine. Not sure i'll ever part. Felt bad after selling my Tales from the Crypt. Iam afraid there's no match fot this theme. Just works for me.
50 days ago
A classic and easily one of the most jammed pack playfields in the history of pinball, their is something for players of all skill levels to shot for and see. However I have owned 2 and each time I have struggled to keep it around as compared to other classics I find TZ a little shallow and dull once you have seen everything it has to offer.
51 days ago
I love everything about this game except the week plunger shot, for some reason it bothers me.
57 days ago
When you play a TZ the first thing that hits you is the art and play field quality. This game set every standard for how games should be made. Variety, ingenuity (ceramic ball !) and magnetic flippers still make this the best playing "franchised" theme of all time ! Kudos to Rod Serlings wife for dropping his trademark cigarette from the back glass art too. Truly hard to find a flaw for this game.
65 days ago
Simply the best game ever made. The rules are perfect, the layout is perfect, the art is beautiful, the sound design is excellent. It can't be beat.
66 days ago
One of the best games ever built, PERFECT. Very fun and the sound is amazing.
68 days ago
I think the machine is a bit overated. I can enjoy playing it on occasion at someone else house, but I can buy a lot better pinball than that with 6k dollars to sit in my own basement.
77 days ago
Lots to do and great fun. These days though, the rules are a bit shallow, so once you've done everything, then that's about it. Sure, it's hard to get everything done, but it is a bit "one damn thing after another".
83 days ago
good pinball
88 days ago
Very deep and enjoyable game to play. Many different modes, skill shots, toys. Tie in to the theme is excellent. Every game seems to expose something new.
3 months ago
This game didn't click with me, but I can appreciate it's iconic status.
4 months ago
i understand what people
love about this game besides the super fast POWERBALL!!= Engaging battle with
the power!!= it would be fantastic if they would include a new goal to the
ruleset= Defeat the power more than 4 times!! And three or more jackpots on
powerball mania= i do not know why it is called that, it does not incluude the
Audio is superb= who does not like to hear Powerball being
pronounced that way and getting teased by the power= Tooo hot to handle?? this
machine should remain in the home and not the arcade!! still do not understand
why so maany people call this the best Pinnie ever made! The problem is the
POWERFIELD=invisible magnets YARG!!!!! they should have made a miniplayfield like
the one in the shadow!! The feeling of getting that powerball mania jackpot is
unforgetable!! Smart idea to stop the powerfield timer during powerball mania i
also love the regular multiball and the relight! Sure is the best
DMD widebody!! Why are people calling it slow??! this game is waay ahead of its
time! why doesn't stern make games like this? i finally understand the thing
with the battlefield1 It also has one of my favourite upper flipper shots-the
piano! The art is very nice. It looked funny to see Rod Serling without a cigar!
(the feeling of getting a three way combo is INDESCRIBABLE!!
4 months ago
The best!
4 months ago
This was my favorite pin in my collection. Just an overall fantastic game. Good variety. Lots of fun. Wish I still had it.
4 months ago
This is a great pin - especially for it's time with innovative things incorporated into the playfield design for that time period. It is typically the pin that others are compared to when you have a pin with a lot going on and deep rules/modes. I would play this at a location every time I would go. A lot of fun to play. Someday I hope to own one in good shape. I have heard of a few common issues with these that need to be looked for when you buy. Both my wife and I love it. It would be a long term keeper in or collection ... some day.
4 months ago
One of the best games ever built. Period. Many shots to make, even more modes to complete. The music, sounds, voices, and animations completely embody Twilight zone and are grade A. A little stop and go mixed good flow keeps the game from being monotonous. One look at the play field and one cannot help but be drawn in at all that is going on. Fun house: terrific game, Addams Family: incredible, Twilight zone: takes it to the stratosphere.
5 months ago
Pat lawlor is a genius
TZ is the bally wms greatest game of all time
There are 621 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 25.

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