Twilight Zone (Bally, 1993)

Twilight Zone

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Game design: 8.913

Artwork: 8.774

Sounds/Music: 8.341

Other Aspects: 8.819

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There are 658 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
great theme and playfield. this game being a widebody is awesome! its a bummer some of the playfield is so obstructed, but overall the right side is open and really fun to shoot the targets. i like the programming and shot selection, which is easy to figure as a casual player. lots of variety in the shots, and the modes are simple, yet satisfying. the lighting could be better on this one. the price of this pin is too high, but thats just the market speaking. i think this is such a popular pin just for the theme, although i like it for other reasons.

the speech and music are pretty bad, and just don't promote the fun factor enough. they could have really done better by creating a better sense of mystery during gameplay, but no...
11 days ago
My second pinball, and what a game...
No games are the same.
Very fun to complete door panel and enter LITZ
Lots of customization possible
And more quality than the new stern pinball.
19 days ago
I need more games on TZ I had really high hopes but got chewed up and spit out over and over. The mini play field is very cool but I dont like that you need to use the two top flippers so much. It had me stressing to make those shots in a rush all the time.
25 days ago
Very fun game with a deep ruleset.
31 days ago
Tough game to master , challenging this machine is a treat !!!
32 days ago
Very cool game. Jammed packed with all kinds of neat stuff. For real , Pat Lawlors best , next to Dialed In by JJP.. The ModFather.
35 days ago
A great game but not #1 or #5 in my opinion. Tons to do, I love battling the power. For some reason though I get to playing and I just start to get bored.
39 days ago
One of my favorites.. Classic game, looking to add it back to my collection. Sorry I sold it.
61 days ago
This is a game that will suck you in and keep you playing for years.
I've owned this one for 6 months, and played it before that. The rules are deep and the theme is well integrated. I doubt this would be a game I'd ever want to sell.
63 days ago
One of the best games I've ever played.
78 days ago
Love this game. The rules are deep and make sense when playing. The gameplay is challenging and a lot of fun. One of my favorites for sure! Happy to have owned it.
3 months ago
Classic game, probably mine and many others' favorite. Don't touch the door!
3 months ago
So, I'm a huge all round TZ fan, so I'm a fan starting with the theme. But what a game! About as deep as one can get with a pinball rule set. Also, the availability of mods for collectors is vast and varied in both scope, quality and good taste. A pinhead can add to this game to satisfy any taste, which is awesome. This allows a collector the opportunity to buy fun stuff for their game rather than having to go out and buy a new game in order to scratch that purchase itch we all get as collectors. The play is great and things like the powerball and the Zone Mode make this game unique and fun for every leve of player.
3 months ago
Really terrific, except for the whole being fun to play thing. Theme, art, toys all great. Playfield feels cramped to me and I don't like the shots.
3 months ago
Among the best of all time, though I do split hairs over exactly how close it should be to number one, as my rating number shows. Excellent layout, variation, rules. Entertaining, though sometimes frustrating. The theme can seem weird because the show was different every episode, so the game is a hodge-podge of otherwise unrelated gimmicks, shots, and toys (camera, piano, gumball machine, robot). I've played this game countless times over the years, and while I've enjoyed it, I've also passed up the opportunity to own one. I think I like it better as an occasional game than an all-the-time game. (If I had a much bigger collection, I'd seriously consider including this one.)
3 months ago
Not much can be said that hasn't already been said here. I will say that in the age old discussion of TAF vs. TZ, I lean towards TAF...maybe because I'm not that good of a player, and TZ seems to eat me up! A great game for sure, and one that's been duly canonized as such. A theme that integrates very well with gameplay. Add to your collection with confidence.
4 months ago
Simply put: a classic on every single level. The stylish and colorful playfield art. The DMD animations. The audio with dialogue from episodes from the show. The extremely deep rule set. The theatricality when the game rewards the player for hitting a jackpot or a ramp or multi-ball. The toys. Everything about this table is absolutely beautiful. The machine is as beautiful as a 60's American muscle car and just as much fun to experience. No disrespect to Monster Bash or Medieval Madness but this, to me, is the #1 table of all-time.
4 months ago
Hard to ask for a better game than Twilight Zone. It may be a little confusing and complicated for beginners (which is why I didn't love it the first few times I played it), but that's also why it's a great game to keep on figuring it out long after you have figured out most other games. It has just about every kind of shot and not a lot of unfair-feeling's usually my fault when I lose a ball. I do like how many different mods there are for it, keeps it interesting as time goes on. If I could improve anything, it might be to make hitting the clock target feel more substantial. I like having a big target to hit up the play field, like the castle in MM, the crate in SS or even Frankenstein in MB, and it feels like TZ lacks that and it would have taken much to put that in.'s just a great game. TAF was the first game I played much of so I'm probably biased towards Lawlor games, but I do love them!
4 months ago
Awsome, the perfect machine, very deep.
4 months ago
Words cannot describe accurately how amazing every aspect of this game is. Personally I think it has an edge on MM in terms of depth of play, artwork, lighting, theming and especially MODS, which don't clutter the playfield as much as you'd think. Hoping to add one someday before they are 20 grand for a fully restored machine.

The more I play this the more I want one. Love the TV mod. The lighting just amazes me every time I play it.
4 months ago
Added an extremely nice TZ to the collection quite a while ago. I've waited a long time to rank it. This game is incredible. I believe I prefer it slightly over Indiana Jones, though both tables are incredibly fun wide bodies. I absolutely love the rule set and the shots in TZ. It also has the great combination of punishing you if you're not on, which I like. Keeps you coming back and absolutely deserves a high rating. For me personally, monster bash doesn't even come close to TZ.
5 months ago
A very popular game with a deep rule set. Lots of toys on the playfield but it doesn't feel cluttered due to the wide body. Nice use of magnets.
5 months ago
Twilight Zone is one of those games I always come back to. Yeah, it can be a brutal game but once you learn the danger zones you can have really long ball times.

There is a very nice selection of modes to play. Enough to make every game interesting and different than the last but not so much that there are modes unreachable by the average player (given enough time/games).

The art package on the game is incredible, you can spend hours studying all the different theme emelents crammed in. Speaking of theme the game fits its theme perfectly.

There are two primary toys and both are well integrated into the gameplay. First there is of course the clock which times your modes and has several dedicated modes of its own. Also while in attract mode it serves as an actual functioning clock which is pretty near in my book. Second there is the gumball machine and while it has a lesser role (powerball storage and advancement), it is probably one of the coolest mechs in pinball.

I was also thinking it probably somewhat helped with playfield wear as it would always keep 3 of the balls on a slowe rotation through the game potentially subjecting them to less wear. Thats just some therory that popped into my head though and it probably isn't actually enough to matter.

Its only weaknesses are a small area in front od the clock that doesn't have any art and therefore looks bare... but the piano mod does a great job of finishing that area. Also the pop bumpers can be overly dangerous... but when tuned they are not too bad. Still there are some machines I have played in the wild where it is literally impossible to escape the bumpers with your life and thats no fun. Don't worry though, you can adjust it with the right runbers and outlane opening so that they remain dangerous but are not automatic death.

I'm happy to say that I have finally added this game to my collection. Having it at home with time to really familiarize myself with it has only deepened my appreciation for this gem of a game.
5 months ago
Lot of interesting game play, but didn't last. Playfield was well designed- makes you feel queasy like right in the middle of a show. I would put a few quarters in once in awhile, but wouldn't look to add.
5 months ago
Undoubtedly the number one under every point of view!
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