Twilight Zone (Bally, 1993)

Twilight Zone

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Game design: 8.904

Artwork: 8.766

Sounds/Music: 8.325

Other Aspects: 8.813

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There are 688 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
It took about 2.5 months for things to “click” for me on the Twilight Zone. Now that they have, I can fairly rate it. I’ve always been a big fan of the show, and the game presents it as a pinball very well. The rules aren’t intuitive and it takes a little while to get the game opened up. But once it’s revved up, getting multiballs going, hitting some jackpots, surviving risky shots in the pop can be a rush! It’s stop and go, but in a good way. Allows you to see many animations and enjoy the jackpot sights and sounds. My only wish was that there was more show content represented since there were so many more iconic shows available. Will look to add the TV mod with black and white episode clips to fill this void for me down the road. For now, Ill keep playing it an try to get over the 1 billion point threshold.
10 days ago
What to say is a great game and will stay in my collection.
12 days ago
Quite the challenge lovely table been number one for decades for a reason
29 days ago
A really excellent game that just doesn’t justify the price tag. Great coding and art though.
40 days ago
The powerball is very unique. Upper playfield works well.
73 days ago
Superb machine. What possessed me to sell mine? :(
77 days ago
A classic and rightly so. A widebody filled with different shots, multiple features and that (sometimes infuriating, but unique) powerball. Is a bit 'stop start', but merits its place in any pinball collection.
80 days ago
It's considered the pinnacle of pinball design for a reason. Not even Pat Lawlor himself has managed to top it yet. Timeless theme, fantastic artwork, fantastic sound, widebody design, some stop and go, but because of the incredible depth your flipper fingers need a momentary break anyway. Any weaknesses like incandescent lighting, monochrome DMD and low power sound are easily overcome with today's technology. Endless mods and personal customization options. An available home ROM with the unique ability to pause a game! An upper playfield to battle with magnetic flippers! The POWERBALL! Modes galore! Reasonable pricing everything considered. What more could you want? There is one annoying screeching sound, but it's meant to be annoying so you work hard to complete the mode quickly. The only issue might be reliability and maintenance on location. I've played about half a dozen machines at various locations and only one felt like it was playing correctly. But, the game is now 25 years old, so it needs a permanent home as a well cared for collector's item instead of location abuse anyway! Afterall, if you owned a Ferrari, you certainly wouldn't rent it out for 50 cents, would you?
86 days ago
First played it when it came out in the 90s, and loved it so much that I bought it in 2017. What a fantastic, timeless machine. The piano, the clock, the gumball machine, and battling the Power! The added bonus of the ceramic ball completes a game that doesn't lack for mode after mode of replay-ability! Always has been in my top 5, and continues to be! Don't touch the door!
3 months ago
After owning and playing TZ for the last 5 years game has proven to hold up well for playability! However game is not difficult to master! Can't sell it unless I am ok with taking a beating from family who absolutely love this game! Ok I love it also!
3 months ago
Ask yourself: if you had to pick only one game to play for the rest of your life, between The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone, which would you choose?

My answer's TZ. I will say that objectively, they're almost the same machine when it comes to the shots on the playfield; TZ has a weaker upper flipper shot and a less interesting skill shot, but adds in the upper playfield. But there are two main differences that I believe sets TZ well apart and ahead of TaF.

First is the graduated overlapping scoring; while there's progress towards a Wizard mode in both games, there are so many more detours in TZ, including more than one mode going at once, that it makes for an N-squared number of possible approaches to the game. We all know there are certain shots in TZ (as well as TaF) that are very dangerous to make, and yet the multiplicity of scoring modes offer them as a temptation so it's not really possible to lie in the weeds (which in my experience is possible in TaF with its easier ramp shots).

Second is theme integration. As appealing and amusing as TaF is in its great encaspulation of the movie's version of the Addams Family quirks, and with the actual celebrity voices on it, The Twilight Zone takes it one step further by having a mixture of call outs to the actual television show (which was longer-running, more complex, and weirder than The Addams Family) and some things that *seem* like they should be in the show, but were actually invented for the game in the style/as inspired by, the show. You very rarely see liberties being taken with a theme that way, and despite my occasional disappointment they didn't get more of the original Twilight Zone's classic episodes incorporated, it makes the pinball machine more of an extension of the theme inspiration than a mere hommage to it.

As with TaF, the only time I get bored with TZ is if the machine isn't tuned or if something's broken. Unlike TaF, the machine still surprises me from time to time. And that is, in the end, why it rates a bit higher.
3 months ago
Absolute classic, and for a reason. Master the left ramp/right ramp/piano and you're close to set. Never gets old.
3 months ago
In my opinion this pin should be at the top of the list for any collector. Once I get my hands on one it will be the last pin to leave.
3 months ago
No doubt about it, this is a great design for its day, but in my opinion doesnt hold up against some other designs. Its less about the toys and more about the fun for me, this is a great theme that I really wanted to love that just never held my interest. Still, this is a cherished table for alot of people - just not my cup of tea. I find alot of Lawlors other efforts that Inwould keep over this, including RBION with a similar layout.
4 months ago
I Love this game!! So much to look at so much to do..
The layout is great, the gameplay is fantastic and the art is awesome specially the translight.
A real superpin in my book.
4 months ago
I just got done refurbishing mine. What an amazing machine. I know it is the best game I have ever owned. So many different shots. Very challenging.
4 months ago
I've played this game since it first came out in 1993. IMO, it was the best game ever produced (in 1993). I purchased one, for myself, in 1999. 25 years later, I still think it is still one of the best machines ever produced. I haven't played MM and TWOZ as much as I've played TZ, but, I will say they are the only 2 machines I've seen in the last 25 years that seem to be of comparable outstanding quality. I'll be interested to see if TWOZ stands the test of time as well as MM and TZ have.
4 months ago
Very creative.
4 months ago
Twilight zone is a great game with lots of features. I enjoy the wealth of things to do on this game and it has plenty of cool gimmicks and toys. In the top 5 pins for a reason.
4 months ago
One of the best out there no doubt! However i can't justify paying $6500-8k for a machine that's almost 25yrs old. The twilight zone song gets a little repetitive as well.
4 months ago
Twilight Zone definitely belongs in top 5 all time. This is the best adapted TV-movie themed pin ever made. Game Design. Adapted from Successful TV series the game has all the action. Wide variety of difficult shots for the true pinball player. Theme. You are connected to the theme through the machine. Fun factor. From battling the magnet pulls to blasting the rocket to ramping up the gum ball lock. You are shooting so many difficult shots to some of most exciting pinball gaming ever created. Multi-ball is insanely fun with all the sights and sounds to match, ceramic ball is very cool. Play-field. Artwork is on point. The tv-movie themed characters are dialed in. The playfield shines With mystery and fright. Don’t shut the door is freaky and fun. Sound and Vision. Flashing lights from upgraded LED packgage is truly blinged out. Sound and commentary are fantastic. Best flashing led back box of any pin. This game is a top 5 machine. Who would argue as no 1? Nobody!
4 months ago
One of my favourite games ever! Pretty simple, straightforward rules, but something about it just draws me back again and again...
5 months ago
Twilight Zone is, and always will be, absolutely iconic. The layout from Lawlor is nothing like anything else that came before or we've seen since, and the toys are superb in both operation and the way they're factored into gameplay. Music is top notch, every sound is a classic pinball sound now, and the art overall is excellent. I wouldn't want to own it if I'm honest, there's nothing bad about it, I've just played it so often and seen everything there is to see. My only minor gripe is that on rare occasions you find yourself with nothing going on...if no modes are lit or running, no locks are lit and the powerball is elsewhere there's a definite droop in pace...but as I say, super minor, and If anything it just encourages you to get stuff going again. The grandfather of a diverse family of modern games.
5 months ago
Twilight zone is a great machines. All the magnets. The powerball. Upper playfield. Gum ball machine is fun. It’s a lot of fun to play. Playfield is jam packed and can feel clunky at times but it’s a blast to play.
5 months ago
What I love about Twilight Zone is that there is so much on it - it's an exceptional machine for it's time. Lots of toys - the gumball machine is awesome and the powerball is pretty cool. A lot of stop and go action though so if you like high speed flowing games I don't know if I would recommend this for you.
There are 688 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 28.

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